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reservation at tickets and waitlist?

Hi, best tactic -- just turn up. Best turn up at 8, will give you a clue of how things are looking, and expect to be bumped to an hour or more later, depending on which day of the week. During the hour or more go explore the barrio -- loads of places to eat, drink and be cheerful. It's Barcelona - be happy. Regards

Nov 26, 2011
BCNBill in Spain/Portugal

Cochinillo in Barcelona or Valencia recommendations?

Hi, they prepare cochinillo at Can Cargol, a traditional Catalan restaurant at Carrer Valencia, 324. Here's a link: i couldn't see it mentioned on the website but I know they definetly do serve it, but not every night. Give them a call and ask ahead of time. And, I'm pretty sure that for parties of six or more they serve up the whole pig. I have a photo of one somewhere in the bowels of my old laptop but I couldn't retreive it for you. ¡Bon profit! Enjoy Barcelona.`

Nov 18, 2011
BCNBill in Spain/Portugal

Barcelona with a toddler

You shouldn't have any problems at any restaurant or bar in Barcelona (except, perhaps, for a few snooty hotel restaurants). You'll find most people here, including restaurant staff, are very family friendly. You may encounter bars where the staff will want to 'borrow' your child and indulge them with snacks. In our local bar, for example, the owner keeps a stash of Chupa-Chup lollipops to give to the youngsters while moms and dads enjoy their drink. Many restaurants will have highchairs (and even kid-sized plates and cutlery). You'll possibly see kids as young as four out on the street, or in a bar or restaurant with parents or grandparents as late as 10:30pm, and much later during the summer. You very rarely see toddlers here having temper tantrums, or needing to be chided by their carers - occasionally, sure, but it's not common by any means. And, now, a question of mine. A Catalan, Spanish, English and French speaking friend of ours (he's 20 years old with quite a bit of experience of looking after youngsters) is thinking of setting up a babysitting service for visitors from English speaking countries. The idea being to book ahead on the internet and he'll liaise with the hotel or apartment rental company and bring along English language (and Spanish/Catalan language) DVDs, books and games. This would give couples with young children at least one night 'off' during their visit. Suggested price at this time is between 10-15 euros an hour, including travel. As a traveller with a toddler - in theory - would you use such a service? Obviously they would make themselves known to hotel staff etc and provide English references. An honest response would be much appreciated. I know the lad well, and with the 'creesis' , and current youth unemployment levels (nearing 40%) I admire his entrepreneuralism and want to encourage him. I think he could be onto a winner, and help cushion his ride through university. Many thanks, and enjoy your visit to our beautiful 'city of marvels'.

Nov 17, 2011
BCNBill in Spain/Portugal