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Best Upper East Side Delivery Places

The Thai place on 77th & 1st is Sa-Woy. I have eaten there a few times and was impressed and satisfied.

1479 1st Ave, New York, NY 10075

Jul 27, 2007
wka in Manhattan

Value Of The Chow Digest

Something that would increase the value of the Digest to me would be the ability to see the region/board name in the headline or elsewhere (as a tag/category) in the Digest's RSS feed. They are currently missing; the item "LOS ANGELES AREA: Putting the Tex Back in Mex" shows up in the feed simply as "Putting the Tex Back in Mex."

With the board/region name, I can just read the Digest items for the boards near me.

(I posted about this before, with no response.)

Mar 08, 2007
wka in Site Talk

Digest feed missing board/area name

Items in the Digest feed at are missing the board name, which is prepended to their titles on the Digest's web page .

For instance, the most recent posts appear on the web page as
LOS ANGELES AREA: The Best Liverwurst In a Long Time
OUTER BOROUGHS: On Roosevelt Avenue, a Mexican Metamorphosis

but in the feed, their titles are the following:

The Best Liverwurst In a Long Time
On Roosevelt Avenue, a Mexican Metamorphosis

Looking at the rest of the data in the feed items, I do not see the board information anywhere. It would be nice to have, either in the item title or elsewhere in the feed, to make filtering easy.

For instance, I would like to read digest items regarding OUTER BOROUGHS and MANHATTAN, but not LOS ANGELES AREA or others. If the feed items contained this information, I could filter them on my own.

Feb 22, 2007
wka in Site Talk

What hummus flavors do you create?

I've gotten compliments after making Black Bean Hummus. To make it, take a basic hummus recipe and substitute black beans for chickpeas and lime juice for lemon juice.

Feb 22, 2007
wka in Home Cooking

RSS formatting and a question

Let me just second the desire for feeds for search results and feeds for My Chow updates.

I think being able to, say, being able to search for a restaurant name and get a feed of posts that menution that restaurant, would be very helpful.

Also, it would be useful for people who are interested in posts about a small area which is covered by a broad board. For instance, much of the talk on the Pacific Northwest board is about Seattle, and most of the posts about food in Portland, OR, contain "PDX" in the subject. So a user interested in only Portland posts could subscribe to a search feed for "PDX".

One more request: a feed for replies to a specific topic would be nice, too, for users who do not want to use My Chow.

Oct 26, 2006
wka in Site Talk

"Bookmarking" made difficult

Thanks very much for the quick change!

Oct 23, 2006
wka in Site Talk

"Bookmarking" made difficult

I enjoy being able to bookmark threads I find interesting and see them appear on the "my CHOW" page. I see that bookmarking has moved to the new "Topic Options" menu at the top right of each thread.

Previously, bookmarking a thread would take one click -- just clicking "bookmark" beneath the first post would do it.

Now, bookmarking takes 4 clicks:

1) Click "Topic Options"
2) Click Bookmark
3) Wait for Bookmark dialog box to appear. Click the "Bookmark this topic" checkbox.
4) Click "Close" to get rid of the dialog box

I think this is several clicks too many. I realize you probably want to explain bookmarking to users in the dialog box, but doing so every time a user wants to bookmark a topic is overkill.

If the user has never bookmarked something before, perhaps the dialog box should be displayed. Otherwise, why not just allow bookmarking with 2 clicks?

1) click "Topic Options"
2) click bookmark

Oct 22, 2006
wka in Site Talk

red hook soccer fields: still open?

The vendors are located at the corner of Bay Street and Clinon Street.

Here's a map:

Oct 05, 2006
wka in Outer Boroughs