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Best Cheeses from Trader Joes [moved from Los Angeles area board]

What are some of the tastiest cheeses to purchase from Trader Joe's? I'm building a cheese plate and need some suggestions. Already on my list: Smoked Gouda, English Cheddar with Caramelized Onions & Toscano Cheese with Black Pepper. Any others?

Jul 20, 2012
jahn702 in Chains

What's the best thick-bottomed heavy pot?

le creuset french/dutch ovens. hands down. it's a bit expensive but it will be the last pot you buy and last you a lifetime. It's also extremely versatile. I've roasted chicken, cooked chili and even baked corn bread in it.

Dec 22, 2011
jahn702 in Cookware

Trader Joes with Frozen Potato Pancakes in Stock?

Culver City TJ's has em. They were serving them in the store today with apple sauce. Yum.

Dec 22, 2011
jahn702 in Los Angeles Area

New year's day brunch poolside/patio?

There aren't that many great options walking distance from the Magic Castle. The one off the top of my head is Yamashiro which is right next door but a little ways up a hill. If you get seated near the window you'll have great view of Hollywood. It's Japanese cuisine so I'm not sure if Brunch is best here. For places close enough via public transit, I'd recommend Eveleigh in West Hollywood on Sunset. They have a beautiful patio and the brunch is really delicious. The London West Hollywood also has a great rooftop restaurant. You definitely need to make reservations for this one since you aren't a guest staying at the London.

If you have a car, Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica has a great patio dining area with a perfect view of the ocean. Their brunch is always good but I would call ahead for reservations. They usually have set menus for holiday brunches and seats tend to fill up pretty quick.

The Huntley in Santa Monica also has a rooftop restaurant that's gorgeous. It's a little sceney so if you're looking for something more casual, I'd go to Shutters.

Hope this helps jumpstart your search. Enjoy LA!

Dec 22, 2011
jahn702 in Los Angeles Area

Last Minute Christmas help for Korean Parents in SFV or near by (LA)

Hi There,

I'm Korean and my parents really love Crustacean when they are celebrating something special. It's an upscale Euro- Vietnamese fusion restaurant in Beverly Hills and the decor is really beautiful and unique. The entrance is built on a glass aquarium so you're literally walking on top of a river full with Koi fish.

In the Valley, I really like Kiwami which is also part of the Katsu-ya Family. They offer traditional sushi with really great twists. An example, they have a yellow tail sampler with 4 different types of yellow tail all prepared with truffle in unique ways. The atmosphere is not much more than your regular sushi place, but the food is top notch.

You could easily dine at both locations with a $300 budget. Hope this helps!

Dec 21, 2011
jahn702 in Los Angeles Area