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Grocery Outlet October 2012

Thanks for weighing in. Should be a quality spirit, and strangely, I've noticed that most tequilas smooth out as you sip them.

Grocery Outlet October 2012

Love the WP sauce, especially the Arrabiata. 99 Cents only had that and the 4 Cheese recently. I especially appreciate the minimal amount of additive and preservative.

How is that tequila? A 100% blue agave should be a no brainer at that price!

Grocery Outlet October 2012

Berkeley. Saw it in Oakland and Pleasant Hill, too, so I think this one should be at most stores.

Smoke -- new BBQ (maybe) on San Pablo, Berkeley

No. So does Hillstone Restaurant Group (Hillston/Houston's/Bandera/Gulfstream/Grills), so do tons of people. Is it the pure way? No. But if you can't taste it, who cares, as long as the meat is actually being smoked in the first place.

I'm a fan of Smoke and had great experiences both times I went in there.

Grocery Outlet October 2012

Fantastic cured meat deal! This is the real deal, full nitrate cancer-causing stuff. This is high fat, more like sopressata and softer in texture.

Beretta 8 oz sticks of artisan salame in 2 flavors

Salame piccante (this stuff is quite hot and I love spicy food)
Salame with whole fennel (not all that fennely, actually)

These land in between a Columbus/Margherita stick and a true overly upscale artisan brand that would be $15-20 for 8oz

I recommend both highly. Fantastic deal at $1.99 normally selling at $8.99 (not that I've ever seen the brand anywhere).

Grocery Outlet - June 2012

Also: clearance 32oz Eight O' Clock Columbian Ground Coffee for $6.98 with a late June expiration. This won't be fresh, so the price isn't really a deal, but I suppose for cooking or someone who is in love with this fantastically overrated brand, it might fit the bill.

Grocery Outlet - June 2012

Now in Berkeley, two high end wines:
1) 2006 Ridgeline Cabernet Sauvignon from Alexander Valley at $12.99
2) 2007 DeLoach Sonoma County Zin 'Forgotten Vines' at $10.99

Even better with $3 coupons off. I bought both but haven't tried either. Lots of cab, not as much Zin. Both are suitable for taking over to wine snobs' houses. DeLoach was Wine and Spirit Mag's Top Winery for 6 years or something.

Grocery Outlet - June 2012

Most GO's should have 14 mo old aged Jamonodor Serrano (80% as good as 24mo aged Parma prosciutto, IMHO) for $2.99 for 5oz packages. This is 25% off a serrano price, but most good parma is $24/lb so I'll say it's a great deal. Nice quality and pieces are thinly sliced and separated by parchment in the package. I have been making sandwiches with that, their $1.99 Sargento Mozzarella, Semifreddis Ciabbata rolls I get for 50 cents locally and basil or basil peso...killer. And all for $1.80 instead of $7 (at least!). Also: Columbus Calabrese salame, 5oz, $1.49 Berkeley. Nice pepper flare but it doesn't take away from the substantial flavor. $1.50 Athenos Black Olive hummus in Berkeley.

Best $25 Steak dinner?

La dijonaise in Culver City $16, I believe...

Apr 25, 2012
runner0382 in Los Angeles Area

Grocery Outlet March, 2012

Michel-Schlumberger Syrah is good, apparently, as is the '06 Chalk Hill Sauv Blanc. I grabbed the last of the '08 M-S La Cime Cabernet Sauvigon which should be outstanding.

Grocery Outlet March, 2012

So, what is everyone buying for the GO wine sale staring Wednesday? Posted another thread but haven't gotten any responses.

Grocery Outlet Wine Sale 3/7-3/11 - What are you buying?

So it is here again. One of my favorite times of year.

Things I know are outstanding values BEFORE discount:
2008 Fort Ross Pinot Noir 'Symposium' IF you can find it. This wine competes with any Pinot I've had in the $35-45 range at a small fraction of the cost. I just visited Iron Horse and Fort Ross' Pinot is just as good.
Any of the $10 Atlas Peak Cab. As above
$7.99 Cosentino 'Edie Brown' Meritage (recently on WineSpies for $18)

What are your choices? IMHO, the sale is best utilized for $10+ bottles that are heavily discounted rather than getting that $2.99 Sauvignon Blanc to $2.39.

I don't know much about a lot of the French Red I'm seeing right now. San Pablo and Oakland look to have very solid selections and will probably gear up for the sale.

Grocery Outlet 20% off Wine Starting Nov 9 - Opinions?

My case purhases: Crinella Sauv Blanc ( also at Big Lots, same price before discount -91 pts WS editor's pick if you care) and 08 Kunde Viognier at $60 before discount. Stellar!!!

222 E. 4th Ave., San Mateo, CA 94401

Big Lots
3333 Mission St, San Francisco, CA

Grocery Outlet 20% off Wine Starting Nov 9 - Opinions?

Yes, he is. I have tasted it. Finished with too much smoke for me, but a well made wine and absolutely worth trying. I think the 05 Atlas Peak will be more up my alley.

Zapp's Potato Chips at Cost Plus

50% off Voodoo flavor only in Walnut Creek.

ISO Sapporo Black Label

99 Ranch usually has it.

99 Ranch
4299 Rosewood Dr, Pleasanton, CA 94588

bye bye black cod?

$19.99/lb at Berkeley Bowl. Bought last week.

Berkeley Bowl
2020 Oregon St, Berkeley, CA 94703

Grocery Outlet, November 2011

It was Vallejo before they shrunk their wine section. Low income = lots of markdowns on more expensive items that didn't sell. Just probably poor merchandizing by the franchisees. Bought a lot of prosciutto and buffalo mozzarella in the 2 years I lived there! Danger was getting good wine taken by those in the know driving to/from Napa. Had to drive to others here and there for the real wine scores that meritted buying a full case (pretty few and far between, but they did have a $5.99 Syrah that scored #7 on Wine Enthusiast's Top 100 Wines of 2010 that I bought 2 cases of) and a $15 ($90 retail) Grgich Hills 30 Yr Anniversary Chard (not my style) and 4-5 very memorable deals at 70-80% off retail.

Now? I really don't know. Pinole's big but lacks exciting stuff. Berkeley is okay. I like Oakland for volume and the wine/liquor selection...

Grocery Outlet 20% off Wine Starting Nov 9 - Opinions?

Most GO's don't do that, and if they do, it takes a LONG time, like 12 months+. I've monitored a lot of GO stores since I moved to the Bay 3 years ago and price drops are pretty non-existent. However, each store seems to set their prices, though prices are largely equal between stores. I emailed corporate about price disparities that I noticed and (surprise!) never received a response.

30% off at Safeway is a promotional gimmick. I didn't see anything that was priced lower than their better sale periods when they just don't market discounts via percentages. Retailers love screwing with pricing - look at department stores. Buy One, Get One Free one week, 50% off the next.

Grocery Outlet, November 2011

Any recs? Started a new thread for this. Anyone know the exact J.Lohr sparkling at San Pablo? Website says the only one they make is the non-alcoholic version...Good deal, regardless, I'm sure...

Grocery Outlet 20% off Wine Starting Nov 9 - Opinions?

Hi all,

FIrst post. Wondering if people have had any great stuff lately, made better by the additional 20% that is biannual. Only good wines I've had recently were some of the Normal Vineyards reds - cab reserve and petite syrah. Marked at $3.99...