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Chicago Dog supplies in Atlanta?

I am wanting to have as close to an authentic Chicago Dog at a cookout at home. Trying to find retailers that sell Vienna hot dogs and neon green relish. Any help is appreciated!

Jun 26, 2009
runningwithtweezers in Atlanta

Bubble Tea in Atlanta

The best bubble tea I've had in Atlanta was at White Windmill, the bakery on Buford Highway. Green tea bubble tea was excellent and they had a wide assortment of flavors.

A dining plan for Mid-Town Atlanta...Good? Bad?

Richard Blais has been back from Florida for some time - he was chef at Element and then went to Chicago to compete on Top Chef 4, which is now airing. He is back in Atlanta these days - he consulted on a menu for Elevation in Kennesaw...but is not chef there. Word is he will be cooking at a place called Flip somewhere intown.

Vegetarian Restaurants in Atlanta

on Thursday through Saturday nights, Dynamic Dish - hands down. Its one of my favorite places - veg or non veg - for lunch AND dinner. Plus, its BYOB with no corkage. Just a delightful little place. No website or anything...just call and ask what the menu for the day is.

Atlanta - restaurants near the Carter Center

Reviews on P'Cheen vary wildly. Might be within price point and atmosphere for what martyparty is looking for. Me, personally...I would go to Righteous Room and Manuel's any day of the week over P'Cheen....or even N. Highland Pub.

Atlanta - restaurants near the Carter Center

You are very close to a short stretch of good to very good restaurants. All of them on N.Highland Avenue or directly off of it:

- Sotto Sotto for what many consider the best Italian in the city.
- Fritti for more casual Italian and pizzas on a great patio - owned by the same person as Sotto Sotto
- Pura Vida - excellent South American tapas
- Zuma - decent to good sushi in a cool environment
- P'Cheen - hipster bar fare
- Wisteria - Southern influenced food
- Righteous Room - pretty good bar food with the best jukebox in the city (some would say)

Sushi in Buckhead


Nothing else needs to be said. Incredible.


Without question. Outside of Quinones, their more expensive restaurant, Bacchanalia is the best meal in town. There really aren't any suggestions to be made...except to tell you to dine there. The menu changes every there aren't specifics one can give you. Three constants on the menu, though...and they are all winners: the crab fritter appetizer, the cheese course (definetely do that and worth the $10 supplement), and the molten chocolate cake. Cant go wrong with any of them. Enjoy!

Former ATL resident wants to Bachanalia

Bacchanalia is as good as it always was...if not better. If you have the time, the budget, and the desire to experience Bacchanalia on steroids, try Quinones Room. A more Southern influenced, more lavish yet subdued - and more expensive - restaurant owned by the same people. You can see a sample menu at

Atlanta for Aussie Group - Help please!

Hi there :) Glad to see you're revisiting our city! The South and Southern cooking is en vogue now and has been the subject of numerous magazine stories and profiles. Both Bon Appetit and Gourmet have run stories about Southern Cooking this year...and this month's Bon Appetit has a profile about Atlanta in it. Might be worth checking out for you as a general reference if you can.

I think the idea of Wisteria is a fine one...although I am not as impressed with Wisteria as others. I also think it may be a bit small for you considering your size group...and I also think Wisteria can be a bit loud.

My first recommendation would be Quinones at Bacchanalia. Its the top tier of fine dining here in Atlanta, so I'm not sure how that works with your price point. It's the creme de la creme of food prepared with a Southern slant using local and seasonal ingredients. They also have a private dining room with a long communal table. I'm not sure how many people it seats...but I'm guessing 20ish. You can find the website at

You could also take a look at Watershed. Scott Peacock has been hailed as the king of Southern cooking here. I don't love it as much as some....but I am definitely in the minority on that one. They have a very extensive wine list with something at all price points. You can find the website at

Another highly acclaimed Southern-ish place is Restaurant Eugene. In the same realm as Quinones but not *quite* as good. If you are able to dine on a Sunday night, he does Sunday Supper that is VERY Southern and quite reasonably priced. Their site is

Lastly, there is a new-ish place called JCT. It's gotten quite a bit of publicity and is quite popular. A beautiful space with Southern-inspired food. They could probably accommodate a large group of people and the prices are quite reasonable. The room *does* get loud, though. They are online at

Let us know where you end up going! :)

Atlanta Next Week


what is the name of the vietnamese place? sources for intown vietnamese for few and far between...a new one would be great...

Atlanta downtown dining recs


what is the extent of your vegetarianism? do you eat seafood, etc...or just veggies?

Atlanta downtown dining recs

Cameli's on Glenwood has been closed for years. Unfortunately, nothing else you listed is remotely close to downtown.

Traveling to Atlanta For Business

It may not be too late for Bacchanalia and Quinones if one uses OpenTable or if you call and see if they have a cancellation. I have gotten last minute reservations at Bacchanalia through OpenTable numerous times.

Unfortunately, the stuff nearest to the Mart are not culinary destinations. You could have a *decent* meal at the Pleasant Peasant. There is also City Grill, which allegedly is good..although I havent been. Near to downtown is Inman Park, Va-Hi, and Midtown...which gives you some more choices: ENO, Enoteca Carbonari, Shaun's, Top Flr, Nam, Nan, The Globe, Sotto Sotto, and Fritti.

ATL need Olive Oil recommendation

I cant - I use an unfiltered EVOO from TJ's for everyday - but I can tell you who can help you. Savor - a gourmet store in Buckhead - has a wonderful selection of Olive Oils. January, one of the owners, is very helpful and she did a tasting for a group of foodies here one time. My fave ended up being a very reasonable bottle that sold for about $10 a bottle. She could steer you in the right direction as far as taste and price.

Birmingham: Cafe Dupont and Daniel George

I have reservations to take my sweetie to Cafe Dupont (i wanted to go to Local but - alas - its not to be) but then remembered that Daniel George was also on my list of want-to-try spot. Any opinion on which one is better?

Atlanta near Woodruff Center

Unfortunately, there hasnt been a lot of buzz lately about Table 1280 since the most recent chef set in. From all accounts, the food is solid but not terrible inspired. That having been said, its a beautiful space and so convenient to your destination.

The other bad part is...there are only a few spots within walking distance. Nothing in the meat n three category. Rent is too high in that 'hood. What you *do* have nearby is Tap, which I have been two a few times.Its on the corner of 14th and Peachtree. Its not going to change your eating paradigm or anything...but its solid and nowhere near second mortgage ( Ive had a good little pub burger there on an english muffin and some other casual dishes.

From the same restaurant group is Trois, which is more upscale (you can find their website on that same URL). French cuisine that has been written up in many publications nationally this year. If I remember correctly, they have a pre-theater menu that might suit your needs.

On the other side of the street is Tamarind Seed, the new location of the most popular and most widely acclaimed Thai food in Atlanta. They moved to that location and opened about 8 months ago (maybe less). They dont have a new website yet...but they are also on the corner of 14th and Peachtree but on the other side of the street.

The last option that I can think of is Shout. It was, when it opened, a very scenester place...small plates, martinis, etc. I haven't heard anything - positive or negative - in a long time about the place. Im sure they have a little of everything on the menu for everyone...but I cant vouch for the quality of the food or the experience.


Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner near Atlanta Aquarium

I second the recommendation for Star Provisions - delicious, high quality sandwiches, pastries, and fun food items. The website is Downtown, there is also Spoon...which is a Thai place. Very good and open for lunch most days I believe. Their website is There is also a nice upscale "sports bar" type place that serves a wide variety of types of food. It's called Stats (the restaurant group has a website at I havent been yet...but the initial review of the food is fairly good.

ATL - where are you spending New Years Eve?

The boy and I have decided to stay home and make our own lavish dinner. I've had too many run ins with bad service on a regular night in ATL as of late...much less amateur night. Not looking to continue my streak :)

However...I was helping some friends find a place for dinner. Re-past's menu looks interesting...and for each course they have a dish with truffles that you can add (for an upcharge, of course). Food Studio looks nice..and its out of the way/off the beaten path of most knuckleheads. The menu at Shaun's looks nice...some interesting dishes...and again - off the beaten path and sidewalks full of knitwits.

Good luck and happy new year :)

Best Pie In Atlanta

I havent had their desserts in a while...but Southern Sweets in Decatur used to make a wonderful Key Lime and a good Apple pie. You can dine in there or get it to the slice or a whole. I'll try to think of dine-in places that would have good ones, too. :)

East Atlanta Village

Iris closed...and so has the restaurant that replaced it after that. It is now on its third establishment...and its more bar/casual food than Iris was. The chef from Iris, Nicolas Bour, is now cooking at The Farmhouse at Serenbe...which is about 30 min south of downtown Atlanta.

BOS Chowhounder Seeks 5-Star Recommendations in ATL


im so glad you were able to experience Quinones. I just dined there last night and it was perfect and exceptional - as always. I'm happy to hear you had the same experience.

sushi in birmingham?

It does help. Thanks.

I love its nice to know that is an option there. Do either Kimono or Jinsei have a website? I can't find one for either place.

Thanks again.

- t*

sushi in birmingham?

i have searched for a thread specifically about sushi in Bham...but didn't find one. Maybe I've missed it. Anyhow, I was in Bham this weekend and really wanted sushi. I wasn't sure where to we skipped it and went to Cocina Superior (great margarita and eh food). I have seen Jinsei (spelling?) over at Soho...but that's about it. I'm not interested in Surin - been there and its only okay...both in Birmingham and Atlanta. Any other suggestions? Thanks!

good brunch in birmingham?

as someone new-ish to spending time in birmingham, i am looking for some different options for saturday and sunday brunch. my boyfriend and i always end up at cosmo's. while i *love* the bloody marys there and the food is pretty good, it's not fabulous by any stretch and the service there is getting to be ridiculous (read: annoyingly slow). does anyone out there have any recommendations? we just want a place with solid food, good brunch cocktails, and nothing terribly fancy. thanks!

Vegetarian Restaurant in Atlanta?

I second the fact that most midlevel to upscale places in Atlanta are veg-friendly and will have a few entree and app choices for one to pick from. I tend to order veggie-centric dishes. I can say that I loved the beet ravioli dish at The Globe (which is in midtown) recently. You could also do Woodfire Grill - they have a wonderful vegetable plate that I often choose over meat dishes when I go. Most places worth their salt in Atlanta will have something delicious for you to eat.

Atlanta, Thursday & Friday night

I have a particular fondness for Les Fleur de Lis. The atmosphere is as close to an authentic french bistro as I've been to since Bar Tabac in Brooklyn. As much as I love the place and the indie spirit it has, the service there is...well...horrendous. I have been several times - for lunch and dinner - where it took twice as long as it should have. On several occasions, they were out of several wines in one evening. Food is good...but the ship needs to be tightened A LOT.

Element would have been a winner...but it unexpectedly closed...and now Chef Blais is on the Left Coast for the time being...

Vegetarian Restaurant in Atlanta?

Let me also add Beleza to the recommendations below. It's fairly new...located on Juniper in Midtown...and is a very cool spot that has great cocktails and wine...and a very unique, healthy menu. Lots and lots of vegetarian dishes - I think the only animal on the menu is the fish, which is done sous vide. Smallish plates so you can order a couple and try a few things. I dined there and enjoyed it a lot.

Oyster Bay NZ Sauvignon Blanc

This has become - as a huge lover of NZ SavB - my new favorite wine. While I still love to splurge on the Cloudy Bay when I can...the Oyster Bay is so delicious and worth well more than the $12 I pay for it here in Atlanta. I'm glad to see others taking note of it.

Oct 23, 2007
runningwithtweezers in Wine

Rathbun's vs. Wisteria vs. Watershed

I wouldn't consider Rathbun's "Southern" by any stretch...but golly it's good :)

I am going to be the dissenter and say that I would take Watershed over Wisteria....based on my last two experiences at Wisteria. It was a place I really loved and used to go quite a bit...and my last two dinners there were off the mark...and the service on my last trip was so gratingly annoying that I was practically chewing my arm off to get out of there. It *is* a cute place and in a nice hopefully your experience there will be better than mine.

Watershed is all about Scott Peacock and his history of Southern cooking. The space is nice and subtle yet modern...great wine list...and the cooking is spot on. Too bad it seems to be too far away from you.