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Mamma Martino's ...Huh?

How much was your meal, probably less than a happy meal. Me an my family think the place is great and there is a reason the place is so busy. Good food and lots of fun, wich is lacking from a lot of other restaurants.

Mississauga restaurant suggestions

If you dont mind the drive, Thyme restaurant in Oakville is very good also there is Jonathans of Oakville. If downtown Burlington is not to far you can try Spencers at the waterfront, have not been here but herd good things.

Whole Roasted Foie Gras

I was hoping that someone could be able to tell me The process in which you prepare Foie Gras whole, like at By Mark. I am familiar with all of the other ways but i am having some people over this weekend and this is something really different.

Any help would be great.

Ottawa Restaurant Recommendations?

You should try Beckta, I have not been but friends of mine have and they said it was very good. I dont think they are part of winterlude but heres the website

Fathers 67th Birthday

Thanks The website looks good the food seems interesting and for sure there is no need to spend the kind of money that I was thinking, my Mom will like that. Is the beer very expensive? There wine list is not very interesting so I Guess we will stick to beer. Going during winterlicious do you think the quality will be an issue? I try to stay away from restaurants durning winterlicious, but my fathers birthday is on the 26th


Fathers 67th Birthday

It is My Fathers 67th birthday next wednesday and my parents are coming into town and there will be five of us going out for dinner. I was thinking about the Beer Bistro. I have not been and other than my wife we are all huge beer fans. I will not be paying for the meal but would still like to keep the bill around $700-800, for the five of us.

If anyone has any feed back the help would be appreciated

Thanks in advance

A weekend in Niagara-on-the-Lake

was there this summer and had a Great dinner at Tony Deluca, but if you have not been to the Charles Inn the food there is also very good both are about the same price.

Wine Classes???

Thanks for all of the help i will try the George Brown one out

fish /seafood rest in Toronto?

Joso's will also cook fresh fish selected by you table side. It is cooked over open flame and dressed only with olive oil, lemon, and sea salt. I have not been but it seems to be popular with a lot of people.

Underwhelmed and Overpriced at Harbour Sixty Steakhouse (long)

I am with you this is the way to do it. I think there prices are a joke. I dont mind paying for a good peice of meat but was there two weeks ago and paid $9 for a baked potato, thats robbery. H60 is made for Corperate big wigs paying with other peoples money. Would much rather way jayt90

Wine Classes???

I am pretty new to the wine game and have started a cellar, which now contains about 100 bottles. I find myself addicted to buying it, the problem I am finding is that I dont know enough about it yet. I found some classes at George Brown but they are post grad certification courses. Is there anything around a little less formal. I live in Oakville but will travel anywhere in the GTA,


What Happened To Rob Feenie?

I am an out of town hound from Toronto and fell like I just got back from the Moon. How far out of the loop am I ??? I am coming to Vancouver in mid Febuary and made a reservation at Lumiere, the only reason being I have wanted to taste Rob Feenies food for sometime, and now I hear he is gone from both of his locations. I will be in Vancouver for three days and than moving off to Whistler for another Four days can someone please shed some light on this subject and maybe reccomened weather or not I should keep my reservations at either one of his former restaurants.

Thanks In Adavance.

The Un-Official "Go To" Restaurant Thread

North 44 Yonge & Eglinton (when every possible) or Mama Martinos on the Queensway around Royal York

Girlie BD Italian Style

I am With Millygirl Mistura in my opinon is the best italian in the city. Old school classic technique with modern twists a perfect combo. It is also an added bonus to have Sopra just upstairs(I guess thats why they called it that).

Best sub-$15 wines at LCBO?

Try the Jim Jim (The downunder dog) Shiraz 2006. Its a great value at $14.95 a bottle I seem to recall Robert Parker Jr giving it a 90, how can you go wrong. The Vintages store on Dundas had a few bottles when I was there tonight.

Good Luck

Planning a 25th birthday dinner

I think that Mistura is the way to go. The food and service are fantastic.Sopra is right upstairs and great for before dinner drinks or after dinner lounge with great live Jazz(I dont recal a dance floor). You will pay top $$$ for food and drink in both places, but he will only turn 25 once

looking for the BEST.....

It Looks like everything is covered excep the beer. Try Old Credit Brewery, over 100 years old. Great Pilisner, and Amber Lager.

Lakeshore and Mississauga Rd.

Whistler Restaurants!!!

I will try the Wine Room as I am staying at the Fairmont. How was the party atmosphere at Bearfoot. I would like to check out the Champagne Bar after dinner? Is it hard to get in? That was one of the reasons that I wanted to eat there


Whistler Restaurants!!!

I was just wondering if any one had been to any restaurants in the Whistler Village? I am going to be there for two nights and I am eating atTrattoria di Umberto one night and the second night is a toss up. The choices are Apres, Araxi, or Bearfoot Bistro. Has anybody been to any of these places? I have been to all of there websites and am still at a loss price is not really a problem I just don't want to waste a good night.

Any insight would be great

Best Restaurant in Etobicoke/Mississauga

If you dont mind going a liitle farther down the road, try Thyme restaurant in downtown Oakville. The restaurants in Port Credit are nice but Thyme is much better.

Chef's Table recommendations

You should try one of the resataurants in the vintage inns. I was at the Prince of Wales this summer and seem to remember a seperate chefs tasting menu.

Did you mention to theses other restaurants that it was a special occasion? You should tell them that your famllies are in the business.

Good luck

Good weekend breakfast/brunch in Markham/Scarborough?

Try the Bluestone Bistro, it is on hwy 7 between warden and kennedy. The have breakfast starting at 7 on saturdays and sundays and there lunch menu kicks in around 11 so you get the best of both worlds

Anniversary Dinner in Mississauga??, Quiet, two people, romantic, great food and atmosphere??

Port Credit is a great place and so is Colossus, but it might be a little bit loud

Try Lago, a little bit more expensive than the others but worth it. They also have a nice lounge called Shore Lounge attached.

Long Branch, New Toronto, Mimico Restaurants & Food Shops

Try Gourmet On The Go in Port Credit, they have a great gourmet hot table during the week and there prepared foods are also very good. Lakeshore and Hurontario

cheese course...

I went to one about 4 months ago, it was great time for $20 its a steal. Great deals an all products when the class is over, that alone makes it worth it. Michael and his team do a great job there its a great place.

turning 30!

Try Mama Martino's on the Queensway. Great Pizza and very enexpensive. Went with 40 people for my rehersal dinner back in july the bill was about $1300.00 including the bar.

Dinner Date in Etobicoke/Mississauga

If money is no option you have to try Via Allegro. Dinner and wine can run you anywhere from $300 to the sky is the limit. Try the "Moody Chef" tasting menu. The service is great and the wine and spirit list is one of the best in the world.

Located at the Queensway and the 427

Can anyone recommend a great place for Brunch in TO

Marc Thuet is a great place for Sunday brunch. Get there early, there is no reservations. The Eggs en Cocotte with seared Foie Gras is fantastic

Trip to Vancouver/Whistler

I am heading to the west coast for a 5 day vacation in Febuary. Flying into Vacouver and staying at a hotel called Pacific Palisades Hotel for three nights and the Fairmont in Whistler for two nights. What would be the best way to get from the hotel in Vancouver to Whistler. We are thinking about a private limo but it will run us about $700 return. Is there a more econonical way of doing things, we don't really want to drive. There is four of us and even if we wanted to take the bus it would cost around $200 per person. We are coming from Toronto and do have a lot of info to go on. If any one can help me out that would be great.

Also if some knows the Pacific Palisades Hotel a review would be great.

The Fifth SteakHouse?

I was just wondering if anyone had any good things to say about the New Fifth. I have eaten there three times before but not since they sold out. I would like to go back but I was just wondering if it has the same elegance as it had before.