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Though they aren't technically a food... The drinks and teas here are delicious! try the Original Taro Tea

I NEED to eat REAL BBQ in South Florida. Where do I go?

Thank you everyone for the feedback I appreciate it!

I NEED to eat REAL BBQ in South Florida. Where do I go?

Please do not suggest Shortys, Sonnys, The Pit, or Shivers. These places have all been major let downs to me. I usually only eat BBQ once a year and that's during RibFest in the homestead area. But they haven't had one in 2 years and now ive got the itch.

I'm looking for some real, been slow cooking over fire and smoke for hours on end type of BBQ

I want pork and I want beef.

The other BBQ. Threads are outdated so I'm curious to know if SoFla's BBQ scene has changed any For the better.

Best BBQ in Miami

EMac it's been three years since you've made this post. Have you found any good BBQ contenders I'm looking for a new BBQ place to try

Barbecue Competition at Bedners

Thanks for sharing this... I've been waiting for some good BBQ and since they haven't had rib fest for 2 years now i've been losing hope.