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Victoria and Vancouver breakfast, lunch and dinner

I'll chime in, though keep in mind I've only been to Vancouver and Victoria a few times (and enjoyed it immensely) but ultimately the locals would probably know a lot more than I do :)

In Victoria, there's the famous Red Fish Blue Fish. We went there 'cause, well, everybody goes there. For a place that got "big", their quality, I find, is still quite solid. Lines can be quite long though.

Devour is a pretty good place for a solid lunch-- casual, well-made food, and for a small-ish shop they usually have a variety of things to offer (always a vegetarian option too, if that's something you're looking for).

If you're in the mood for a quick Japanese meal, Uchida Eatery is a very good option. They focus mostly on cooked foods though (and their small menu changes everyday), so not a lot, if any, sashimi or sushi.

Ulla gets a lot of justified love. They're a little pricier but I found the place to be worth it. They're very creative with their methods, but back it up with the execution. Open for lunch too.

And if you're in the mood for South Asian food, Cafe Ceylon is highly recommended. The Seafood Pot is a must (I prefer it with the rice noodles as opposed to udon). Now I haven't had a lot of that cuisine so I can't testify to its authenticity, even if it tasted amazing, but a Sri Lankan friend of mine tells me it's the real deal.

As for Vancouver, I didn't stay for long, but my girlfriend and I loved YEW at the Four Seasons. Great seafood dishes. And the GF, who is a allergic to quite a few things (she's basically a nut-free vegetarian), was catered to wonderfully.

We also stopped into Cafe Nuba in Yaletown for a quick bite. Very tasty Lebanese food.

Hope this helps!

Jun 28, 2013
sugearl in B.C. (inc. Vancouver)

Must eats. Toronto in four days.

If you're ever in Stouffville and don't feel like going too farl, both Fishbone Bistro and Lemon Bistro serves up stellar food. Fishbone is right on Main St. Stouffville, while Lemon Bistro is on Main St. Markham, which is about a 10-15 minute drive, depending on traffic.

They probably won't have the "wow" factor that the downtown restaurants do, but if you don't want to trek far for a solid meal, they'll more than do the job.

Late June Honeymoon in Victoria/Vancouver/Seattle - A little help please.

You're most welcome!

We had a wonderful time at Abbeymoore. Granted, it was only our second stay at a B and B so we're far from experts, but from what we gathered from other guests the consensus was that it's definitely a great place to stay. The rooms and common areas were gorgeous and very well kept. The innkeepers were genuinely warm and friendly, and also a great source of local knowledge. At the same time it's not a place that forces you to socialize, so you can be as chatty or quiet with other guests and the hosts as you prefer.

The breakfasts were also excellent. I'm sure you've probably read up on this already, but just in case-- they consist of fresh juice, coffee/tea, fruit with yogurt and granola, a baked item (those were always our favorites) and a hot dish. Everything tasted great, and the portions were generous. But we didn't skip lunch as we thought we might in some days, just because we usually finished breakfast at around 8:45 and we had a very walk-heavy itinerary.

Enjoy your honeymoon!

May 30, 2012
sugearl in B.C. (inc. Vancouver)

Late June Honeymoon in Victoria/Vancouver/Seattle - A little help please.

I'm not from Victoria, but my girlfriend and I visited last fall and had such a wonderful time at all the restaurants we went to. So, just to add a few more to the list for your consideration:

Stage: They call themselves "small plate" (so, tapas, I guess) kind of restaurant. Everything we tried was great--especially the trout. My girlfriend, a vegetarian, loved the veggies dishes. Surprisingly, I (the furthest thing from a vegetarian) did too.

Paprika Bistro: I know you mentioned you're not really looking for beef dishes, and that is Paprika's forte I gather, but this is a solid restaurant all around. It's a little out of the way in Oak Bay, 15 minutes drive from the B and B where we stayed (Abbeymoore's). I tried the Tartare, the onglet Steak, and since I was really hungry that night, the pasta (I think they change their pastas quite often). Everything was delicious.

Ulla: We really, really, wanted to try Ulla, but alas they were on vacation when we were in town. Nonetheless, from what we've researched about the restaurant, it seems like everybody (including a few newspaper/magazine critics) loved it.

Devour: It's a good place to grab something light(er) around the afternoon if you ever get hungry. There are a few tables, but it seems that they're catered more towards takeout. They change their menus daily, but there's usually something in every category. In fact, we liked it so much that we went there again the day we left town to grab some food for the plane ride home.

May 25, 2012
sugearl in B.C. (inc. Vancouver)

Newmarket / Aurora / East Gwillimbury / Uxbridge

Mexicanada in Bradford is still very good. Apparently the place is popular to the point where dinner requires reservations-- I can't vouch personally though, I've only been for lunch. Though they seem perenially short staffed, so be prepared to wait a little to be served.

Solo Sushi Ya in Newmarket is also still delicious as usual. Really really fresh fish. But sadly, the rumors are true that sometimes-- sometimes-- the chef can get a little snippy. We're semi-regulars, and have never experienced this ourselves, but we've seen instances of it.

Big Bone BBQ, also in Newmarket - probably can't really compare to the downtown joints, but still very serviceable if you're craving that kind of food.

Place to meet for coffee near Downsview Subway Station?

I'm not too familiar with the area so I'm not much help. But from what I remember the few times I've been around... yeesh, good luck.

Stouffville?? Lunch and Dinner Ideas

Long time lurker, but your post has given me enough impetus to sign up, since I'm a Stouffville resident!


For light lunches, Red Bulb ( is very nice. Very chilled atmosphere with good pastries, some baked items, and wonderful coffees.

Fishbone Bistro (, coincidentally right beside Red Bulb, is good for a nice dinner (and apparently they're open for lunch now too). Great seafood dishes.

I've also heard some good buzz about The Cornerhouse (, but I haven't been there myself so I can't vouch for it.

If you want diner food, there's the Fickle Pickle. Good, simple diner fare. Nothing that'll wow you, but the food is pretty good for what it is. BTW these are all on Main Street Stouffville.

And if you do end up driving, head south on Highway 48 to Main Street Markham for Lemon Bistro ( Never had a bad meal there. The wait for food tend to be on the long-ish side though.

Lemon Bistro
76 Main St N, Markham, ON L3P1X5, CA