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Moroccan Hospitality on Somerville Av

We had our first visit to their new location in Somerville last night. We enjoyed the food, I had lamb and my wife had chicken. The couscous was the best I ever tasted as was an eggplant side dish.

The service was just right and the owner came out and chatted with us while we waited for our dinner. This is a very welcome addition to our neighborhood.

We will be returning.

Sep 03, 2014
mrgrunko in Greater Boston Area

Kickass Cupcakes Is Closed

Man cannot live by cupcakes alone.

Aug 07, 2014
mrgrunko in Greater Boston Area

Is anyone going to boycott Market Basket?

If the store sells to Arthur T he will have a substantial debt and interest to pay = higher prices.

Other buyers might include Wal-mart. They can't site stores in the Boston Area because of union and progressive opposition. If they buy all or some of MB they get the business and the real estate and the right to open a Wal-mart and operate it. Also MB beats the pants off WM on price and quality.

Also Wegmans wants to expand in Massachusetts. They could be a buyer.

Which Boston-Cambridge restaurants have been around since the 1980s?

Ken's at Copley Sq
Pete's Place (now Pete's - new location) near Post Office Sq.

May 20, 2014
mrgrunko in Greater Boston Area

Good places to eat near Wall St?

We will be staying at the DoubleTree near Wall St. November 7 to11. Are there any good places for breakfast within walking distance. How about recommendations for dinner and lunch in Chinatown?


Oct 31, 2013
mrgrunko in Manhattan

Good South Shore Bakeries?

My friend in Weymouth complains that the only good (artisanal) bakeries are in Boston and North and West of Boston.

I can't beleive that someone hasn't opened a really good bakery that bakes great French and Italian bread south of the city. I don't mean Providence or New Bedford/Fall River.

Oct 16, 2013
mrgrunko in Greater Boston Area

Horse meat?

Just returned from a week in Paris. Horse-meat was all over the European news, except that the French were puzzled by the alarm.

I suggest that using the description: "ground mammal flesh" would suffice where ambiguity is necessary.

Feb 27, 2013
mrgrunko in Greater Boston Area

Daddy Jones Magoun Sq, Somerville, now open. First visit.

This is a very friendly place. The focus is on the bar. However, wife and I prefer to eat, not drink.
A short, Greek-inflenced menu. Hand-cut fries are terrific. Last night's special, Lamb stew, was delicious and the portion was generous. The Grilled Sausage Sandwich: the Loukaniko sausage was sort of bland, the roast peppers, and caramelized onions wonderful. A friend who tried their Mac Daddy (mac and cheese) loved it.

Desserts: Pumpkin Flan was light and delicious, Sour Cherries with vanilla ice cream wonderful.

They have turned the old Little Vinny's into a very warm place. We will be returning to check out the rest of their menu.


Nov 17, 2012
mrgrunko in Greater Boston Area

bearded pig barbecue

We acquired what is now our family recipe from the cook at a Bed and Breakfast in New Orleans. It is sweet, baked in an iron frypan and has a nice crust.

Aug 13, 2012
mrgrunko in Greater Boston Area

Amsterdam Falafelshop: New Restaurant Openings Boston

I have eaten there twice. The falafel is the best I have every eaten. The condiments are terrific. The fries are ordinary. The place is very busy, but with a little patience, I got a table both times.

Jul 26, 2012
mrgrunko in Features

Who killed Col Sanders?

Popeye's Chicken & Biscuits
1885 Revere Beach Pkwy
Everett, MA 02149
I hav not tried it. It seems new. The Popeyes in the Kenebunk rest stop on the Maine Turnpike is a regular stop in my summer weekend trips. It is decent, sometimes good. Too bad they don't have spinach.

Dec 31, 2011
mrgrunko in Greater Boston Area

Who killed Col Sanders?

It has been long time since I succumbed to any urge I had to eat there, but I just noticed that both the Somerville (Lower Broadway) and Cambridge (Inman Sq) locations are boarded up. The Porter Sq place closed 4 or 5 years ago.

I also noticed that there is a Popeyes open on Rt 16 in Everett (Southbound).

Dec 30, 2011
mrgrunko in Greater Boston Area

Dinner with a very old person

Jimmy's in Arlington Heights (ArLex) is a favorite place for many. No surprises.

Nov 04, 2011
mrgrunko in Greater Boston Area