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NYC Restaurant Week... Where would you go?

I know this might be a very vague question to ask, as there are hundreds of restaurants on the city that participate in Restaurant Week... but if you could go to only one for dinner, which one would you go to, and why? I'm fairly new to the city and am looking to expand my dining I.Q. of the city.

Jan 23, 2012
juliesobo in Manhattan

Birthday Dinner in Riverhead, Long Island...

Right, food isn't that important to me either... as evidence of me locking down a restaurant two months in advance clearly illustrates! Haha. I will certainly give a full report after the meal!

Birthday Dinner in Riverhead, Long Island...

The reservation is for March 3rd (I probably should have specified that in my original post!). I just like to plan ahead, and I got really excited about everything when I booked the room/wine tours for the weekend! But if anyone is still interested then, I most certainly post a review about it!

Birthday Dinner in Riverhead, Long Island...

Thanks for the input! I made reservations at The Riverhead Project, mostly because of the ambiance (it does seem perfect for a celebration!) I'm really excited for our meal!

Birthday Dinner in Riverhead, Long Island...

For my boyfriend's birthday, I've decided to surprise him with a wine getaway weekend to Long Island. We'll be staying in the Hilton Garden Inn Riverhead Friday and Saturday night. I'm looking for a nice restaurant for a special birthday dinner. I am not really familiar with the area, but we will have a car, and I'd be willing to drive 15 minutes to go somewhere!

Budget is around $200 for the two of us, including a bottle of wine. We're not picky when it comes to cuisine, just as long as it is tasty! Thank you in advance.

Going to Tanuki Tavern this weekend... suggestions?

Using Savored, I made a reservation for 2 tomorrow evening at Tanuki Tavern. I was wondering if anyone has eaten there, and what dishes would you recommend? We're usually looking for sushi, but some of their other dishes seem really interesting... Thanks!

Tanuki Tavern
18 9th Ave, New York, NY 10014

Nov 04, 2011
juliesobo in Manhattan