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Foods You Enjoy for Breakfast that are non-typical

im guilty of this constantly. It grosses people out, but i fail to understand how sliced tomato on toast is a perfectly acceptable breakfast while spaghetti (essentially the same concept-- tomato + starch) is "disgusting".

Nov 15, 2011
kentuckycook in General Topics

pizza dough recipe

+1 on Mark Bittman's recipe.

I always add a touch of sugar. This one is just so easy and I freeze it in single-serving balls.
Being a college student means often cooking for one so freezing it is a lifesaver

Nov 15, 2011
kentuckycook in Home Cooking

Trader Joe's Yea/Nay Thread - 4th quarter 2011 [OLD]

i hated that vanilla cinnamon stuff too--blech. threw away the box

Nov 15, 2011
kentuckycook in Chains

First-Time Sure-Thing Easy and Flexible Soup Recipe?

oooh. this sounds just lovely.

Nov 15, 2011
kentuckycook in Home Cooking

What's for dinner? #116 [old]

Long time lurker- first time poster!

Dinner tonight is a potato artichoke gratin loosely based off smitten kitchen's recipe. Basically involves layering potatoes and artichokes with cheese that i need to get rid of (tonight its feta, gruyere, and a bit of fresh mozz on top).

Smother all of this is a sauce of half & half, sour cream, and carmelized onions and bake. Light it is not, but definitely delicious.

This served with some leftover turkey & a salad to make up for the sinfulness :)

Nov 15, 2011
kentuckycook in Home Cooking