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Diners, Drive-ins and Dives in Edmonton

I'd suggest a lesser known place called Swiss2Go, which is a European sandwich shop out near West Edmonton Mall. All delicious sammies, soups, and desserts made from scratch and with high quality ingredients. No cheap stuff in there. I could just see Guy eating an Italian Bride and having the oil run down his face. Just my two cents.

Freybe Bavarian Smokies in Edmonton

Anyone know where I can find the Freybe Bavarian Smokies in the 2kg vacuum pack? It seems they have fallen off the face of the earth in a Edmonton. Normal retailers don't seem to stock them. I've sent a message to Freybe, but am waiting for a response. Any confirmed sightings would be appreciated.

Rodeo Burger Fans in Edmonton

FYI...Rodeo Burger is opening up a second location in Namao Centre in the new year. 160th Ave and 97th Street. Yippee! No more U of A nazi parking fees to eat a good burger.

Blair's Death Rain chips in Saskatoon?

More often than not, I tend to find them at the local 7-11. Go figure!

Nathan's Dill Pickles

The latest is that they do ship UPS. I need to contact customer service at the factory to see if they can ship to Canada. (800) 245 2696 8 AM - 3 PM M-F ET. More to come..

Nathan's Dill Pickles

I got a reply from Nathan's. They suggested that I contact Hermann’s Pickles (877.674.255) out of Ohio to see if they ship to Canada. Thanks all for your advice. The hunt continues...

Nathan's Dill Pickles

I looked around, but I didn't see a place to order food stuffs aside from hot dogs. Could you provide a link?

Nathan's Dill Pickles


I am starting my Christmas gift shopping early as I have a family member who is tough to buy for. He has mentioned his love for Nathan's pickles, which are only available in the US. Being in Edmonton, I don't get down to the US often.

Does anyone know if there is anywhere in Canada that imports Nathan's food products? I know we can get Nathan's hot dogs at Soda Jerks. So, there is a way to do it, but I am not sure where to look.

Any advice would be appreciated.

-- xcalibur2572