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Kimchee for Novices

Don't forget about fresh oysters- Yummm

Mar 10, 2013
ajk11 in Home Cooking

Kimchee for Novices

Yes, kimchi is good with EVERYTHING- or at least anything that needs a balance of a sour, salty, spicy, pungent, and bright aspect. Here are some ideas that no one has mentioned yet:
-It can make something as unappealing as canned corned beef hash (fried until nice and crispy with caramelized kimchi) into something sexy and delicious! add a runny egg too
-Even great with tuna salad (helps balance the richness of fish and mayo).
-Delicious chopped up finely mixed into fried cheesy arancini balls (again helps balance the richness)
-Kimchi juice mixed into a blood mary
-Nothing cures a hangover better than a shot of kimchi juice:)
-Summer radish water kimchi with korean pears (like a refreshing cold soup)
-Ritz cracker+cream cheese+chopped kimchi topper= So wrong but so good
I can go on and on....

Mar 10, 2013
ajk11 in Home Cooking

How do you take your hard boiled eggs (when you eat them as-is)?

Hi All- This is my first post but I've been a LONG TIME follower=)
I like them with:
Cho gochujang
Soy sauce
Salt & Pepper
Kewpi + Rayu chili oil
Korean jangjorim style

Feb 17, 2013
ajk11 in General Topics