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MSP Authentic Mexican and Margaritas?

I have always liked Salsa a la Salsa for the authentic food (especially the caldo de pollo with fresh cilantro sprinkled on top). They also have a nice atmosphere and pretty good margaritas. My favorite Mexican, although it's a bit of dive is Pancho Villa on Nicollet...the food is very authentic and they now have a full bar. I haven't tried the margaritas there, however the mojitos were excellent.

Best Sushi/Sashimi in Minneapolis/St. Paul?

Origami for sure...All the uptown places(Sushi Tango, Fugi-Ya, Chino) really don't compare. I always sit at the sushi bar and ask for a special rendition..they are pretty good at that. I've always found the service very accomodating, however maybe it's because I rarely get a table.
My second chocie would be Nami.

May 16, 2008
andre5 in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Suggestions on authentic mexican in MSP

I am looking for suggestions on really authentic mexican restaurants in the Twin Cities. For years I have sworn by the food at Pancho Villa on Eat Street, however more recently I have noticed quite a few "not so authentic items", like the Caldo de Pollo (chicken soup), which is served with more of an Asian flare. I do love the tacos, the pozole, and the ceviche, but am interested in hearing other ideas as there are just too many Mexican restaurants to choose from in this area. (Excluding all the eateries in El Mercado Central, as I do frequent there quite often). Suggestions?

MSP - Temple Closed

Wow...I guess the naked sushi was a last shot. I only ate there once but the food didn't inspire me enough to come back. I liked the bar area though and always wanted to come and hang there for happy hour..

(MSP) New places since the summer?

The newest place is the new upscale Mexican restaurant called Indio that just opened in the old Pizza Nea space in Lake looks interesting, haven't tried it yet though. I always thought upscale Mexican was needed in this area

[MSP] Quiet dining suggestions?

I would reccommend Lucia's, Cafe Alma, or Duplex. I don't believe Lucia's plays any background music, and people tend to have quieter table disussions there than most places in my experience.

Breakfast in Minneapolis + 'Burbs

Well you've already been to Hell's Kitchen, my personal favorite for breakfast...however some other greats are Maria's (East on Franklin Street) where the food is delicious and VERY reasonably priced. French Meadow on Lyndale in uptown is always a local favorite. I like Key's as well but have noticed I like it less and less lately. Not sure if its because they are heading downhill or if the more recently opened breakfast restaurants are just that much better.

Apr 20, 2008
andre5 in Minneapolis-St. Paul