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Bourbon Bar

Not in love with American Whiskey, but Maysville is great.

Aug 12, 2015
JonChance in Manhattan

Pommes Frites and Sushi Park destroyed in east village blast

Just wanted to add that B&H Dairy (127) says they are open:

Mar 27, 2015
JonChance in Manhattan

Your best ideas for food that is past it or almost past it?

I always try different ones... just yesterday I made the ceci-roasted red pepper soup from Appetite for Reduction. It came out good but I thickened it with some corn starch because that's what I was in the mood for. Flavor wise it was nice - I do find I always need a little more salt than her recipes usually call for, but that's about it.

Sep 24, 2012
JonChance in Home Cooking

Your best ideas for food that is past it or almost past it?

I've made some delicious soup from red bell peppers that had gone wrinkly and sort of soft.

Sep 21, 2012
JonChance in Home Cooking

Liquor stores - Manhattan delivery area

Used to be that PJs didn't deliver liquor, only wine. Sometimes if you ordered a bunch of wine and wanted a bottle or two of liquor they'd throw it in. I'd call them to check.

May 15, 2012
JonChance in Manhattan

Buttermilk pie? Sugar pie?

I have had pie like you describe - my brother made it and called it Indiana Buttermilk Pie. His recipe is at home, but this one looks similar.

Feb 16, 2012
JonChance in Home Cooking

Alto Moncayo 2002

Hi all,

I saw in a local wine store a few bottles of the 2002 Alto Moncayo Garnacha (the one with the brown & tan tile pattern on the label). I can't seem to find any tasting notes online... how was this vintage? Is this still drinking well? It was around $30, which is a good price.

Thanks in advance!

Nov 08, 2011
JonChance in Wine

Help Me Find: Stuffing with Chestnuts and Sausage

I make this very stuffing each year - I think would be a small riot if I did not. People LOVE it.

It's delicious and seriously a meal in and of itself.

Nov 02, 2011
JonChance in Home Cooking