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one night in DC - and it's a sunday!

Thank you for all the suggestions. I think I've narrowed down the choices and I am ready to make the reservations. Thanks chowers!

one night in DC - and it's a sunday!

I didn't notice the 'all day brunch' on Sunday at B&B - thank you for pointing this out! Although the restaurant looks very interesting, brunch is not what I'm looking for at 7pm. So I guess I'm scratching this one off the list. I'll save it for another trip!

Rustico looks interesting but nothing speaks to me on the menu. Pastas, pizzas, chicken, I'm sure are all delicious, just a little typical and I could find a similar menu in any town.

Also trying to find a 'not-to-miss' kind of restaurant...

one night in DC - and it's a sunday!

hello fellow diners! I'm going to be in DC this weekend and need some help choosing a restaurant for Sunday night. I've been skimming the DC board and I'm having a hard time making the right choice. I am looking for a great restaurant, American/Modern American, farm to table in style. As much as the food is important, I would also like a great atmosphere.

I've narrowed my choices down to three:
- Birch & Barley
- Virtue Feed & Grain
- Vermillion

Which would you choose? Or is there another one?
I'm staying near Aurora Highlands and I will have a car so I don't mind driving up to 30 mins.

Thanks for your help!!