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Lunch@Yonge and Bloor?

A great new addition to the Yonge and Bloor area - Ravi Soups! They look like they are ready to open soon in the old Gourmet Burger location just west of Yonge on Charles. I can't wait

Das Gasthaus

Walked by yesterday with intention of trying them out. Unfortunately still not open even though website says "it's finally time to get your kraut on".

Restaurant was dark but there was someone inside, chairs and tables all set up and a sign in the window which says they are just waiting for their liquor licence.

Hopefully they'll be up and running soon!

Kathi Roll Express

Delicious, unique and a welcome addition to the culinary wasteland that is Yonge and Bloor.

Every time I have gone it's been very quiet so it's nice to hear they're keeping busy. The portion sizes are not big enough IMO.

Please help find my fav Soup!

I have the same problem! I'm also a big fan of #270 but havne't been able to find anything similar at other pho places.

It's not satay, it's more of a Laksa which is not generally served at vietnamese restaurants. I also found most laksa is done with seafood instead of beef. I love how Pho 88 is so generous with their beef.

$10-$15 dinner around Yonge and Bloor

Just thought of a few more:

1) Crown and Dragon: Yonge by Davenport. Wings here are good and more importantly, cheap! Excellent wing deals 3 days a week for half price wings. Check out the website for more details

2) Bishop and Belcher: pub on Hayden and Church. Decent pub food with a small south facing patio and daily specials. Wednesday's is 3 lbs of wings for $9.95! Possibly the best wing deal in the city! The wings themselves are big but a bit dry, be sure to ask them to make them extra saucy.

3) Yummy BBQ on Yonge at Wellesley. Good for Korean BBQ and also offer soups and stews but I haven't tried those yet.

$10-$15 dinner around Yonge and Bloor

King Palace on Church just north of Bloor

Where to Breakfast on a Saturday-Yonge/Bloor

Lola's kitchen for brunch, so good!

$10-$15 dinner around Yonge and Bloor

You could try out Wow Sushi on Charles West but it may be slightly over your budget. I have also heard nothing but good things about Fabarnak by Church and Wellesley but have never been personally. The Salad House at Cumberland Terrace at Bay and Bloor is known to have excellent salads, great value for money, but it could be only open for lunches.

Big Smoke Burgers is excellent for burgers, I would say one of the best places in the city to get burgers.

Best Bread in Toronto

I know it's a chain but Cobs has some excellent breads. If you're looking for a rye, try their German Rye for a dark, dense bread. I've also tried their walnut sourdough and plain sourdough which has been delicious and also their cape seed loaf.

Highly recommended!

Pho in the 905?

Top Saigon on 2nd floor of Times Square is decent

Mideastro location in Yorkville

Just got an email from Dining Date Night about this restaurant. They are adding it to their list of participating restaurants. Basically, if you pay $10, you can get 30% off at the restaurant. They have some other great participating restaurants as well:

Seems like a good deal if you intend on trying it out!

Vietnamese food : which one?

Huge fan of Anh Dao! The pho broth is amazingly flavourful. I also love their rice paper wraps, bun and this starter they call "vietnamese spaghetti". It's essentially udon-type noodle with meat and vegetable, coconut milk and fish sauce. Be sure to try it should you visit.

Kim Bo is not as good in my opinion, not as authentic. Been to the Richmond Hill Times Square location.