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What will/did you have for Christmas dinner?

We had the following:

crackers with cranberry chutney, brie, mint and sugared cranberries to start
Black and White soup - black bean on one side and cheddar on the other
quinoa arugula salad with radishes, mint, tarragon, pecans, dried cranberries
scalloped potatoes
asparagus with browned butter/balsamic/soy sauce
grilled lamb marinated in garlic , rosemary, and dijon
pecan tassies

Dec 27, 2011
almagh in Home Cooking

Anyone Else Planning for Thanksgiving Already?

My menu:

appetizers - shrimp cocktail, spiced nuts

soup - butternut squash soup with cider cream (epicurious)

potatoes - mashed and scalloped

dressing - herb dressing (half with oysters, half without)

bread - sister shubert rolls

vegetables - spinach madeleine, Roasted Root Vegetables with Thyme and Marjoram Vinaigrette (epicurious)

turkey - one smoked, one roasted

Holiday salad - strange sweet concoction made by my mother, but the kids demand it


desserts - pecan tassies, buttermilk pecan pie, pumpkin pie, rum balls, bourbon balls, frozen peanut butter pie, black bottom banana cream pie (epicurious)

Nov 01, 2011
almagh in Home Cooking