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Proposed Portland List - Need a vet from you vets

Hokusei is the best sashimi in town.
No one else is even close.

How to handle in-laws using my home instead of theirs for their party

If you don't put your foot down now this will just keep happening over and over again.

Politely and firmly let them know that this is not happening at your house.

If you really are feeling generous about compromising then at the same time let them know that if they choose to have a gathering and cake at *THEIR* house you will show up so your son can greet his family but can stay no more than an hour.

Assuming they don't have keys inform them that the house will be locked.

If they do have keys, change the locks.

Help me narrow down restaurants for a 3 day visit!

I wouldn't suggest Tanuki for non drinkers. While the food gets talked about it is unmistakably a very divey dive bar and the food isn't really "dinner" so much as it is very aggressively salty/fishy bar snacks meant for binge drinking.
I've seen a lot of people who don't drink go there for dinner and leave very unhappy.

Pizza delivery charge

Where I live most places actually do charge a "to go" fee to cover those. Usually between 50cents and $1 per item.

Pizza delivery charge

Most places pay mileage reimbursement.

That is, the delivery person does pay up front for their car's needs but the reimbursement comes as a per mile rate on their paycheck.

Average rate is about 29-41cents per mile.

NYC hound looking for some quick PDX recs

Just wanted to say the write ups you've been doing of your trip are wonderful uhockey.

Etiquette question

Actually the OP DID say it:
"He immediately went to get the hot sauce. I followed him into the kitchen "

That he went meant he got up. That the host followed him to the kitchen means the boyfriend went to the kitchen. That the host had to follow him to do this usually means permission wasn't asked beforehand.

Etiquette question

That is a ridiculous strawman argument monavano.

Etiquette isn't about axe murderers, or life and death. It is about basic common manners.

And what I pointed out is that the rudeness is less in how he chooses to season his food than in getting up from the dinner table and going through his host's kitchen to get things that were not offered to him.

That is considered rude in just about any culture.

Much like if your host had ice tea on the dinner table and you got up and started looking through his liquor cabinet instead.

A grip. Get one.

Etiquette question

Yes it is rude to criticise a guest but a "guest" should never get up from the table and start rooting around in the kitchen cabinets of his host to grab something that wasn't offered.

When the boyfriend did that he broke the host/guest dynamic.

Since the young man obviously was raised with no manners or consideration someone needs to place limits on him.

Perhaps the best way, instead of criticising his choice of condiments would be to chastise him instead for his rudeness in helping himself to things not offered.

Heading to Portland - narrowing the list, or perhaps expanding it?

They changed policies and started taking resos a couple months back.

Heading to Portland - narrowing the list, or perhaps expanding it?

They (at Apizza Scholls) don't advertise this fact but they make a very limited number of "personal size" doughs every night. If you go early (they run out very quickly) ask them if they have any small doughs as you are dining alone.

I’m in 7th Grade and Looking for Ideas for an Authentic Japanese Dish for a School Project


This is a web cooking program where they instruct to make traditional Japanese home cooking style dishes. (Cooking with Dog in the title does not mean what you think it means, it's just a joke)

Servers (managers?) padding the bill

I'd have to take some exception to this statement: "you can't just randomly charge a fee unless it is written somewhere in plain view"

It is completely acceptable for a restaurant to let a guest know verbally of fees that are not in writing. In today's culture you couldn't make a menu that addresses all the common special requests without turning it into a book. But it must be mentioned, you can't just charge.

Servers (managers?) padding the bill

Seems like you are talking about two completely seperate issues:

Your last example split plate charges/top shelve booze upgrade-
you should never be charged for something that isn't either on the menu of mentioned at the time of ordering. If they're going to chage split p[late fees that is entirely reasonable but if they don't make you aware of it you are completely correct to ask for it to be removed.

The upgrade to the price of the cosmo seems to be working in reverse to common practice as well. If the cosmo is listed on the drink menu as $12 that is what you should be given and charged for unless they ask you to specify a brand and you do. Many people don't necessarily realise that once you specify a call brand the price will go up.
Example: You order a gin and tonic listed at $5, the server asks if you would care for Damrak gin, you say yes. The $2 upcharge is added making your drink $7.

The others sound like common mistakes and errors that, so long as the staff fixes the issue politely and without fuss, you should just default to believing the errors to be honest.

that said, you should always check you bill as these mistakes are really very easy to make.

did I get dissed with a 7:30 reservation?

There's always the possibility that the 9pm time slot is full. That is the simplest explanation.

Nov 23, 2012
RichardBreadcrumb in France

New to Portland - Help for foodies please!

#AS1 is one of my favorite dishes in Portland, JillO!

Why are all the authentic ramen in Toronto so salty?

Authentic ramen in Japan is in fact very salty. It is supposed to be.
As to whether a non-Japanese Asian is making it changes it- well- the Japanese got ramen from the Chinese, so I wouldn't sweat the flavor of Asian issue too much.

Noodle Box unconcerned of allergies [moved from B.C. (inc. Vancouver) board]

Pollymerase is 100% right.

Mistakes do happen, and a restaurant should correct that.

But you don't get to play the "they could have killed me with my allergy" card unless they were informed of the allergy to begin with.

Top 5 dishes portland area

Khao Tod Naem Kook at Chiang Mai
Tartuffo Pizza (add fresh basil) at Apizza Scholls
Shortrib Terrine at Ox
Brasied Lamb pasta at Toro Bravo
Shredded Noodle Soup at HaVL

Should you be charged extra if....[moved from Boston board]

Perfectly said!

Should you be charged extra if....[moved from Boston board]

As the owner of an Asian restaurant I'll address this as best I can.
There is a general perception amongst Americans that certain "ethnic foods" should be served in large quantities for very cheap. Again- I admit this is a generalization but it is a pretty fair one, putting aside some notable exceptions.

That Americans expect Chinese food to come in huge portions for a very cheap price means that the margins tend to be a bit tighter than cuisines where this expectation is not present. Now- the first thing many people do when I say this is exclaim about how cheap rice is. But even rice in bulk has tripled in price over the past few years- the price on wholesale going up faster than retail even.

So with much smaller margins there is less room for "freebies" which giving you a significantly costlier product for the price of the cheaper one would be, in essence.

The OP wanted lo mein. They were out of those noodles.
They could have just told the OP "no lo mein".
Would they really have really been happier then?

And I really agree with TeRReT's statement here:
"While I understand this sentiment, there is nothing worse then doing a one time nice favour and subbing a more expensive ingredient for free and from then on the customer finding they prefer said ingredient and in the future request the substitution and expect it free everytime."

I have run into this at my restaurant. It is a lose-lose situation for the business owner when a guest sets out to feel abused.

Do you ever order less because of obnoxious upselling?

What nearly everyone here is telling you olyolyy, is that it is standard procedure in a place that offers a full bar. It isn't upselling any mor ethan asking if you would like to see a dessert menu after dinner is upselling.

For people that like a cocktail or apertif before dinner they usually want it right away, while they are deciding on the menu. Why get yourself all upset over something where you are so far outside the norm? Why be snarky with someone for doing their job?

It is better to be offered something you don't want than to not be offered something you do want.

Tipping a bartender on an absolute, bare minimum, to the drop pour.

No where in the world is 8oz considered a standard pour of wine.
Standard pour of wine is from 4-5oz. A generous overpour is 6oz
Standard pour of fortified wine (port,sherry) is 3.5-4oz.

Kyoto solo?

Okariba is a must-try but you must be a very adventurous eater to get the most out of the experience.

Jun 09, 2012
RichardBreadcrumb in Japan

Where should I get a gift card from for an advanced home baker w/ limited supplies? I'm a professional cook and I get a great deal of my supplies there. They have just about everything.

Jun 08, 2012
RichardBreadcrumb in Cookware

taking over restaurant and CHARGE for CAKE CUTTING? Thoughts?

$50 flat fee for cake service fee for 80 people is really reasonable. Well below average. You should feel lucky.

Is not tipping illegal?

If the wording on the menu is "tip" or "gratuity" you can usually get out of it.

If it says "service charge" then you are legally obligated to pay it as there is no implication of something being at discretion or voluntary or as a matter of gratitude.

A service charge is just that- a charge for being there and being served. It makes sense to have this charge for large parties which are usually a lot more work and the tables tend to turn much more slowly. If the menu says service charge you are being charged a surcharge for being a party of a size the restaurant finds less than ideal.

Kaiseki in Kyoto

Not kaiseki, but you should definitely go to Okariba while there. Do omakase.

Mar 31, 2012
RichardBreadcrumb in Japan

Server leaving a pitcher of water at your table without your asking...

Wonderful of you to own up to your mistake and apologise to the server. Not many people would do that. Good on you!

Server leaving a pitcher of water at your table without your asking...

It sounds like the server remembered that you enjoy a lot of water and was attempting to do something nice for you. Also, many restaurants and bars have started putting pitchers or carafes on tables instead of frequent refilling because it is less obtrusive for the diner.

A serious over reaction on your part.