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Where to find pasture-raised pork (bacon) in Toronto?

I came all the way from Germany to see the farm of Franz Seeberger (HOPE eco farm) in the Amish community in Aylmer, Ontario, Canada. Besides the pasture-raised pork, Franz also has organic flour available as well as honey. And what is also interesting is that Franz can connect visitors of his shop with other Amish farmers in the community who sell organic vegetables and meat and eggs for example.
The Amish don't use internet and therefore don't have a webpage but the farm is during daytime always available at 10737 Walker Road, Aylmer, Ontario, Canada and Franz also has a voice mail at +1-519-765-1031, ext. 3. If you leave your number, Franz Seeberger returns your call.
I can recommend to take a look - it's worth it also to see how farming is done with horses :-).