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Jack Daniel's is not Bourbon.

Not many are aware of the Catholic History of the US, but Bardstown and Bourbon are tied directly to it. The French King in exile, Louis Philippe d'Orléans of the Bourbon dynasty was a supporter of a second diocese in the US other than Baltimore. Bardstown became the second Catholic Diocese in the US. The church sent Trappist (Cistercian) Monks from France in the early 1800's to establish faith in the region. The trappist monks became permanently established around 150 years ago ( Those leaving Pennsylvania after the Whiskey Rebellion of the Washington administration moved into Kentucky and Tennessee and assimilated with these communities. The proto-Cathedral in Bardstown has many items donated by the French Monarch and as he was considered important, the drink of choice was named for the dynasty, Bourbon, the last name of the French Kings. Louisville is another example of the French influence in Kentucky. The Trappist Monastery in Bardstown, called Gethsemni Abbey is the largest consumer of Bourbon Whiskey in the State of Kentucky today. They use it to produce Bourbon fudge, Bourbon cakes, etc which can be purchased on line at

Oct 31, 2011
wolfc in Spirits