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Low to mid price birthday for foodie?

Hello friends!

I actually grew up in Atlanta, but haven't been there in about 5 years, so I'm not sure where to eat anymore!

I'll be visiting for my birthday and having a group of about 6-10 people. My first vote would be somewhere like Bacchanalia or Woodfire, but I know some people in my group will be on a tighter budget. Are there any places in the downtown area that will satisfy my foodie needs for the 10-15 dollar range for entrees?

Not everyone in the group is a foodie, so if I have to bite the bullet and eat at a chain I will, but I'd definitely prefer some good grub with my aging self.

Apologies if this has been asked before, I couldn't find something that is quite this topic.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween!

Oct 31, 2011
poorcollegefoodie in Atlanta