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Looking for Pomona's Universal Pectin in Toronto

Kensigton Market Health food stores.

Brisket Questions

Rationallawyer,I think that the most important part of making Pho would be the broth,so I would suggest getting yourself some beef marrow bones,the type of beef you use should not really matter that much.After the broth is made I have used raw eye of round sliced very thinly,and put it in my soup when serving.
When making soups the most flavor are in the bones.

For the banh mi,get some chuck,or top round thinly slice,add lemongrass,brown sugar,oyster sauce,and chilly,marinate,and then panfry.

Brisket Questions

I'm with you on this one filtered,I also buy my briskets at European meats because they give you the whole brisket intact,at 3$ and a bit.I wish they still had their location at Kensington Market.

Costco has it but they are all trimmed,and it looks like they only sell the you the the flat lean part of the brisket.

ISO hulless popcorn

Anyone know where I can find Mushroom popcorn?

Chipotles in adobo sauce?

For sure they have it at Fresh Co and some No frills,also
K Market in the Mexican stores

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Wow Prima you really like your old school desserts.I had been looking for a place that sells a good Black Forest cake for my Fathers B day,but could not find any.

You can never go wrong with wanting more Trinidad doubles.

I would like to see more Authentic charcoal cooked Jerk chicken.

Mexican Torta Sandwiches.

Rice pudding.

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Franco is and Owner and partner always has been,hes no Chef.

Let's go back to the main topic.

Let me start again.

More creative and great chefs!

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Our pallets have not evolved because or tv or internet,you can't taste what you see on a screen,but it has made us want it and try it out.Now suppose they where showing something on tv about Polish food.what they showed looked tasty,but don't know what is in the dish.I go on the internet and research Polish food and about Poland and find about their entire cuisine,traditional dished,culture,and their influences from neighbouring countries.I google polish restaurants in Toronto,and hey! there is one around my neighbourhood, I never knew that.
So I hope you get my point.

The 80's and 90's had Canada's best and creative chef?
I do not know, I was born in the 80's,and people old enough to remember would argue with that comment.

But I ask you this,where are those Chefs now?and if they are so great,and where are their Sous Chefs?

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I think Torontonians have evolved and are much more knowledgeable about food and the world around us than they where 10-15 years ago,maybe due to the internet,food tv shows,increase in the variety of authentic ethnic food products available,and immigrants.

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Yes to craft beers,

More artisanale and local cheeses,chocolate,charcuterie,
wines,coffee roasters.

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I just saw them this week in the Fortinos flyer.

They call them Sweeties.

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I have seen them at Fortinos,along with other unusual varieties of citrus.

Know where else I can buy them?

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It's called Lo mein with bbq pork and bokchoi :P

Usually the places that have bbq pork hanging on the front
of their windows have it.

looking at that pic is making me hungry.

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The great white Oro Blanco grapefruit a cross between a pomelo and a white grapefruit.

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More heirloom varieties of vegetables and fruits.

Charcuterie shops.

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Bok choi,Lomein noddles and bbq pork.

I believe you can get that at most chinatown restos.

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I totally agree that there should be a place where great chefs come together and collaborate and make something
brilliant,and who knows what kind of amazing techniques
or new flavor combinations would be created.

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Reading the enjoyable, Less of this in 2014 thread,got me thinking of what kind of food,food products,restaurants,eating establishments,and produce in groceries and supermarkets I would like to see more of in Toronto.

These are my choices.More:

Bakeries, like the ones you find in Europe,selling hearth breads,and laminated real butter pastries.

Northern Chinese food.

Singaporean food

I would not mind more bbq joints,and sandwich shops.

More independent cafes,that know what they are doing.

Cara,Cara oranges,and red pomelos.

More varieties of mushrooms.

I would like to know what others would like to see more of.

Food Truck Bylaw Debate at CityHall

A well setup food truck,should not have a problem with the amount of customers they serve,given that the have (Should Have!)A space(restaurant,or commercial inspected kitchen) where they pre-prep to load on to the truck.I could not imagine a truck not having a home base where they can stock,or call someone when they are running out of food.

I also assume that if they give out license of where you can set up your food Truck it would have to be at heavy foot traffic intersections.I would not imagine any food truck owner wanting a license to sell at the corner of eg. Dupont and Shaw st

Chinatown Supermarket looks close to opening

Can someone give specific street names,intersection,or address please of the location please.


Jan 15, 2014
Spanglo in Manhattan

Food Truck Bylaw Debate at CityHall

My comments on permits,and food inconsistency are in two separate sentences,and are two different points.I in no way
meant that they should limit permits because,they would be

Food Truck Bylaw Debate at CityHall

Did not know that ,thanks

Food Truck Bylaw Debate at CityHall

I want to get peoples opinion on this issue.

Does Toronto really need to follow the trend,with the likes of Vancouver,Montreal,and cities in the U.S.of allowing food trucks
to sell anywhere in the streets of Toronto?

I would like to see them be able to sell,but they should limit how many permits they give out.

Food truck prices seem to be the same,if not more than in the restaurants.

I find that Food from trucks are inconsistent due to limited space,and
amount of supplies and prep they can hold.

What would be the consequences of of the bylaw if it goes through.

Is it really worth it?

Here's the article from the Glode and Mail.

Looking for a Grease Keeper

That is interesting,I have never seen one before.I do not see the point in having one.Any lard or duck fat that I have I keep in mason jars in the fridge.

Cast Iron Skillet [moved from Ontario]

A Cast iron skillet ,that has been seasoned is good when you want to sear,and put a nice brown color in the outside
of a piece of meat you are cooking,since it is thick and can
distribute and retain heat evenly,you can even put it directly in your oven,and bake with it.

Since I cook alot it is justifiable to me.

You can get a cheap cast iron skillet at walmart for 12-15$,

Jan 12, 2014
Spanglo in Cookware

Less of this in 2014 thread

1,Never had a problem at a Chinese restaurant,but one thing you have to do is to get their attention,same when you are in the supermarket meat or fish counter,get their attention right away,make your presence know or someone will cut in front of you.

2,Most Japanese AYCE,are owned by Chinese or Korean,food,and cost control need to be very tight,and a need for high customer turn over.Chinese and Koreans are very good at this(This is what I was told by a Chinese friend).

3.Again cost control.Maybe they pay their new immigrant wait staff under the table.

4.Don't care for FroYo. 5.Agree

6.There will always be this no matter where you go in the world.

9,I don't get?explain this? 10,It is what it is.

12,If its that expensive,just drink water and drink wine at home:)

13,I have no loyalty to any supermarket,although I frequent
No Frills,and Fresh co,because they are the cheapest on marked prices,other then that I just buy from other stores what is on sale that week.

14,I have not problem with Costco,but I wish they had more variety,like in the U.S.


16,17.I strongly agree with both these points.I stopped going to both these places,because frankly they are more expensive than grocery stores even the high end supermarkets like Loblaws and Sobeys, They are now considered in my mind Tourist and new comers to Toronto

18,Cronut! nuff said.

Most tasty desserts of Kensington Market?

I cannot recommend any desserts down in KM,but what I will tell you is,do not go for the Dutch apple pie at Wanda's.

Not good at all.

ISO: veal bones

May I ask what are you using them for?If it is for stock you can easily use regular beef marrow bones,and they are just as good to make Demi -glace.

If you local supermarket has a butcher counter, they may have some,or may be able to order them for you.

Is Smoke House BBQ Deadpool?

It is kind of funny how Barque and this place have some similarities,as in one of the partners was also in marketing,and he also to a course,but to become a bbq competition judge.

Potatoe Buns

Sadly I have not seen any potato buns sold at any grocery stores.You could try making them,otherwise just use a standard Wonder bread bun.I find that the bun is just a vessel for the meat.