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Ordering in a yakitori restaurant

Thanks so much guys, this is exactly the kind of information I'm looking for!

I plan to have a very good night at Fuku, but then, every night in Tokyo is a good night. :)

Nov 01, 2011
mishkah in Japan

Ordering in a yakitori restaurant


I've been to Tokyo a few times and will be there again in December. Hoping to get to Fuku (will book via my hotel) but I've always wondered about yakitori ordering etiquette at a more restauranty yakitori place (as opposed to a casual stall like in Yurakucho where it feels perfectly fine to bark orders at the grill dude); my question is this: is it more normal to order all the skewers you want in one hit at the beginning, or progressively through the meal?

And, at Fuku, do you tend to order by the skewer or by the dish? ie. if I ask for "ni hon no tsukune", am I going to get two skewers of tsukune, or two orders/dishes?

Thanks for any advice

Oct 30, 2011
mishkah in Japan