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Lunch In Millburn/Short Hills – Union - Maplewood – South Orange

Tried Corner Table Café in Whole Foods Union, NJ
This was a disappointment. They burnt my grilled cheese sandwich, service was slow, and food was not interesting.

May 05, 2014
EDANTES in New Jersey

Bourbon-Marinated Flank Steak

This recipe turned out really great. I used Bulleit Bourbon and Maille Rich Country Dijon, and everyone really loved it. It was a great recipe to fire up my new weber grill with! Thanks!

May 05, 2014
EDANTES in Recipes

Langostino tails

I got the trader joe's product and tried the following
Langostino Toast:
1 bag trader joes langostinos thawed and rinsed,
sprinkled with lemon juice, add mayo (1/2 cup), then diced celery 1 stalk. mince 1 clove of garlic and add to mix along with celery salt, chipotle chile powder, pepper, salt.
crusty French bread, cut into thin piece and buttered. spread langostino mixture onto this and bake in oven for 10mins at 400.
It came out quite good. Cheers,

Apr 16, 2014
EDANTES in Home Cooking

Middle Eastern near Film Forum 209 West Houston Street New York, NY

Does any have recommendations for middle eastern lunch place near the film forum?

Dec 02, 2011
EDANTES in Manhattan

August Visit to Mexico City, Zocalo

Have enjoyed Chow recommendations for years and finally trying to give back:
Recent visit to Mexico City with Family, we stayed at Hampton Inn, Centro Historico. Great location, good hotel as well.
First Dinner was at El Huequito, for tacos al pastor and ensalata nopales. Food was good, cleanliness was not, but service was friendly and the meal was a great welcome to the city.
Second day: Lunch at El Cardenal near Zocolo. very beautiful restaurant, but not a great place to bring kids. Staff was stiff and not terribly friendly although professional. Food was good, but not memorable:
Dinner at Cafe El Popular, which is like a local diner again near Zocalo. Aztec soup here is very good.
3rd day: Dinner at Potzalcalli, which is also a simple place for tacos, pozoles, Aztec soup (not as good as Cafe El Popular).
4th day: Dinner at Cafe Al Andar (Chow Hound Recommendation). We impressed our Hotel concierge by asking about this restaurant, which is more catered to locals. The clientele here is young and hip, as is music. Chef came to meet us, and explain the menu. We had chapulines here (deep fried grasshoppers) and also very good ceviche. The chef was proud of the organic ingredients and he used a lot of the flower stamens or pistols that were dried in the cooking and salad as a crunchy and apparently very healthy toppng. Very interesting vibe and meal. We were their with our kids (4 & 7) at ~ 8:30pm, and although we were not the only ones with kids, it is not really a kids restaurant, although no one was unfriendly. It is more like a bar/cafe with men gathered drinking and smoking and couples. My son enjoyed the Chalupines, he is a culinary adventurer.
Thx chowhound!

Oct 29, 2011
EDANTES in Mexico

trip report from Puebla, Mexico, July 2010

Puebla is really wonderful. We were there in August 2011 and benefited greatly from the Chowhound recommendations for both Puebla and Mexico City.

We took the ADO deluxe bus which was a great way to see the countryside from Mex. City to Puebla. We had a great lunch at Hotel Colonial with the Chicken Mole and agree that the food was excellent and quite reasonably priced.
We also hit Las Ranas for lunch and had the most awesome tacos aribes there (also very reasonable prices).
Thx Chowhounders for the tips, I've been using the website for years, and finally signed up to give back!

Oct 29, 2011
EDANTES in Mexico