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Downtown Naperville & Naperville Area Restaurants

Hmmm. As a longtime resident, my 2 cents is that while the Downtown Naperville once offered a sliver of interest or character, it has now become a place where rather uncreative,
borish, and non-thinking persons the thousands. And by thousands, I mean that I can't even navigate out of my neighborhood in a timely manner, thanks to the obnoxious traffic; leading to the highway by miles (this is also in thanks to what is going on with highway construction, of course).

I'm uncertain if it is due to a zero percentage of customer loyalty or good ol' fashioned bad taste; but, most any business offering a good product at a good price, coupled with excellent service; absolutely cannot survive in the current economic climate around this area.

My friends have all closed up shop; in their place: over priced and completely un-inspired food; and, in many cases, laughable service.

You might brush my words aside; no one wants to hear disgruntled rumblings; I understand that you won't take my word for it. Also, take note, there's still a few good finds here and there. Bangkok Village is still a pretty darn good Thai establishment. Rosebud is great (if you can get past that "possibly not made on premises" flavor). Giardano's moved in, you can't go wrong with their Chicago Style pizza.

But the atmosphere? The draw? As a resident, I understand that, next to Reykjavik, Naperville is the safest place on planet earth. Besides that point; I really don't see what people are attracted to.

I've noticed mentioning of Ted's. In most cases, the concept of a wide-scale chain does not mesh so well with the proper operation of a fine, finer, or even casual plus dining experience. Ted's is an ultimate case in point; almost to the extent that it would be unfair to use that establishment as a comparison to a well operated restaurant. I gave their Naperville location a chance a good thrice times. On all occassions; food preperation and presentation was of Baker's Square quality. The service was obnoxiously clumsy (during slow hours). Furthermore, I had the chance to speak with one of the managers; she went into detail about the problems she was having with her staff members....non-sense of urgency, no desire to make an effort, whining, complaining, and an absolute lack of teamwork. After already experiencing what Ted's has to "offer", I wasn't really surprise by the information she relayed in my direction.

I have worked in the service industry; running a successful restaurant is a good 60% marketing or high foot traffic. The other 40% is brainless: Provide good food (price is often not even a concern) and provide good service. Good food is at the hands of a chef or kitchen manager and their line cooks. Good service requires such little effort or wits that one shouldn't really have to put up with a horrendous experience, as it will most assuredly be the fault of management, based on either non-organized scheduling or misguided hiring capabailites.

Sep 13, 2007
robov in Chicago Area