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Breakfast Casserole Challenge

Hi Gang. I'm looking for the perfect breakfast casserole recipe. Here are the requirements / challenges (if it was easy - I wouldn't have to ask the experts).

-I want the eggs, cheese, tator tot kind of thing.
-I do not want plain milk or cream as my family is somewhat lactose intollerant. Cheese is okay.
-I'd like to be able to make it the night before, refrigerate, and bake in the morning
-I only use soy meats, no regular meat, chicken, sausage, bacon, etc.

Can you help?

Sep 24, 2009
texasmensch in Home Cooking

Kosher Meat Indian in Manhattan

Are there any kosher Indian fleshig/meat restaurants in Manhattan?

May 05, 2008
texasmensch in Kosher

Kosher Restaurants in Dallas

Just to confirm, Stuies is indeed closed. Some of the restaurants do catering delivery, but no one would deliver an usual 10 or 20 lunch meal.

Nov 28, 2007
texasmensch in Kosher

parve chocolate chips or baking chocolate

We love the Wal-Mart branded chocolate chips. I think they were dairy for a while but are back to parve. OU.

Nov 25, 2007
texasmensch in Kosher

Slow cooker problem?

I disagree with the other posters here. Sorry gang.

We have a slow cooker and use it 1-2 times weekly. You have to adjust recipes to the crock pot.

I would recommend chicken with skin and bones - both are important for the juicyness, not to mention flavor. I make chili and never cook it for less than 4-6 hours and some times as long as 8-10 hours. I do cook it on low and I either turn it off manually or set up a regular electrical timer to shut off power if I'm going to be away. If it starts to burn but the flavor is not right or the meat isn't tender enough, I add water, beer, wine, or tomato sauce.

In short, make sure you have plenty of liquid and are cooking at the lowest setting while still getting the food hot enough to meet the minimums for safe cooking. If you like, post a recipe here and everyone can give you ideas about how to cook it. See if this helps. Good luck!

Oct 16, 2007
texasmensch in Home Cooking

Grand Central Station NYC - Shabbos Kosher

Thanks for the suggestions everyone. Keep 'em coming and I'll report back mid-July when I get back from my trip.

Jun 13, 2007
texasmensch in Kosher

Grand Central Station NYC - Shabbos Kosher

Hounders - I'm going to be in NYC for Shabbos in July and need to get some cold food to go Friday afternoon. I'll want to pick it up Friday afternoon and I'll have a fridge in my hotel room.

Any advice for where to go to get takeout? I don't need traditional Shabbos food, deli would be fine.


Jun 12, 2007
texasmensch in Kosher

Kosher catering for interfaith wedding?

If it were me, I would have an amazing dessert buffet with all kinds of cakes, cookies, a chocolate fountain/fondue, assorted sweets, and wine or champagne. These are all fairly easy to do kosher (and veggie) and lots of fun. Totally appropriate for a mid-afternoon wedding.

Feb 27, 2007
texasmensch in Kosher


Please be careful with a liner. When we use ours for so long (like from noon on Friday, for 24 hours or more), the liners tend to melt. We skip the liners but when Shabbos is over, we rinse out the pot (no scrubbing) and then fill it with water and dishwasher soap and leave it on high for 1.5-2 hours and it cleans with very little effort and no worry about melted plastic.

By the way, for our cholent, we use some combination or potatoes/beans/barley/rice, meat (we use smoked shwarma or flanken or whatever), broth, and onions. We add carrots and any other seasonings to taste. I would suggest keeping it simple and building from there.

Be careful with rice as it can make things mushy. We love it but it is too mushy for some.

Nov 07, 2006
texasmensch in Home Cooking

Where can I get kosher wax lips, wax bottles, and other kosher retro candy like these?

I don't know about either of these wax items, but I know that many other nostalgic candy items are kosher. I think your best bet would be to find a store (online or brick and mortar) and find someone who will either let you look at the cases that the products come in (with appropriate kashrut information) or find someone at the place who is familiar with kashrut. Good luck!

Oct 30, 2006
texasmensch in Kosher

pareve baking chocolate

Great news. Scharffen Berger is going mostly parve. Some, but very little, will be DE. Baking will all be parve.

Oct 04, 2006
texasmensch in Kosher

Kosher Fruit Slices - Where to get them

The most famous fruit slices are from Boston Fruit Slices. For a special/color request, I would call a manufacturer and see what they can do. Another manufacturer is Cavalier Candies in Canada.

Sep 28, 2006
texasmensch in Kosher

parve mashed potatoes

Soy milk could be parve, dairy, or dairy equipment. You have to check the label on the specific milk. However, I find most soy milk to be a little sweet, which I wouldn't appreciate with my mash potatoes.

Sep 19, 2006
texasmensch in Home Cooking

spaghetti squash?

We bake them and serve with a little margarine or put spagetti sauce on top (any works) for a low carb/healthier meal.

Sep 14, 2006
texasmensch in Home Cooking

Kosher Certified Wasabi Peas

Can you tell me what Fairway is or what the full name is? Do they have a website? I don't live in Ny....

Sep 10, 2006
texasmensch in Kosher

Excess Oranges

I need some way to store oranges. We overbought and have been eating them like mad for the last 2 weeks. I just need a break from oranges for a while.

Now we need a way to store them or freeze them or something. I was thinking about adding them to a little water and then boiling them for a while and freezing them to later make a sauce. I guess I could juice them and freeze the juice. This is just off the hip. Any one have other ideas? I'd rather not peal the slices, but I'm open to suggestions.

Sep 05, 2006
texasmensch in Home Cooking


I regularly freeze 1/2 and 1/2 in small batches. I let it thaw in the fridge unless I'm in a hurry and then I thaw in warm water.

Sep 05, 2006
texasmensch in Home Cooking

Kosher Mint Tins

Amusemints is scroll-k (parve, I think). Try "" and you can go from there.

Aug 15, 2006
texasmensch in Kosher

freezing peaches

We do this all the time with great success.

Slice them and lay them, single layered, on wax paper. Freeze overnight. Once they are frozen, put them into a freezer ziplock or equivalent, squeeze out the air and you are ready to go.

Let them come to room temperature naturally, don't microwave them as they dry out. Enjoy!

Aug 15, 2006
texasmensch in Home Cooking

ideas for smoking meat/fish?

I love smoking briskets. Let them come to room temperature, apply a dry rub. For the rub, I use onion, garlic, paprika, crushed red pepper, salt, white pepper, black pepper, chili spices and just about any other like spice I have in the rack at home. I put the brisket on the cold side, hickory on the hot side, and cook 8-12 hours. Let it rest and then slice it up. Freezes well, but looses some of the smokey flavor in the freezer.

Jul 19, 2006
texasmensch in Home Cooking

Kosher Ice Wine

Thanks! I think Biodynamic is a bunch of junk, but a small description is below.

Biodynamic agriculture was inaugurated in 1924 by Austrian scientist Rudolf Steiner. It is the oldest, non-chemical agricultural movement and pre-dates organic agriculture by some twenty years. Biodynamics does more than avoid chemicals and seeks to actively work with the health-giving forces of nature. Biodynamics is a world-wide agricultural movement. Farms may be certified Biodynamic by the Demeter Association, an international certifier

Jul 14, 2006
texasmensch in Kosher

Kosher Ice Wine

Is anyone aware of a kosher ice-wine?

What about a kosher bio-dynamic wine?

I know this is out there, but I'm curious.

Jul 12, 2006
texasmensch in Kosher

Japanese eggplants

I love these cut longways in 3-4 inch strips with a some soy sauce (I use low-sodium), garlic, and a little ginger. I add chopped green onion at the end (optional).

Jul 06, 2006
texasmensch in Home Cooking