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Scenic Drive from NYC to Boston..

Route 8 is the cusp of the Berkshire Mountains though, you have the peaks, valleys, the river, etc., it's like driving between two mountains for a really good stretch. Route 7 does offer more food and shops but until you get past New Milford, it's not all that happening. Route 7 has the falls, downtown Kent, the gorilla that hangs outside ice cream shop and Henry Kissinger, I'll give it that.

Scenic Drive from NYC to Boston..

If you go through CT, there is a chocolate shop in Brookfield, CT called Bridgewater Chocolates that makes the most serious chocolate covered toffee I've ever received as a gift. I've always thought I hated toffee type candies but these had the most buttery crispy candy covered in the smoothest chocolate I've ever tasted. I def. recommend buying a box or two or three. Brookfield is also close to the CT Wine Trail also. I did visit one vineyard that is or was owned by a gynecologist, Di Grazia Vineyards. I don't know much about wines but this vineyard does not add sulfites if that means anything to you.

And before I get screamed at, if you decide to take I-95 N, pick Route 8 over Route 7. You can hit either Mass Pike or Route 2 in MA right over the CT border for a scenic drive. Route 8 totally gets ignored, but what a BEAUTIFUL drive. And you can stop by ESPN in Bristol, CT. They might not let you in to their complex but worth a shot.

Yet the yelling begin.

Wine identity please

Lol, that's it. Terrible speller and memory.

Sep 16, 2014
mushroomaffairs in Wine

Wine identity please

Thanks sun and moto. I found it on wine.com. It was Chateau de Meusial, not a red but white Bordeaux. I must be color blind also. :). There were a lot of different wines, this was the only one I tried. Also, there are not one but two lions flanking a crest.

Sep 16, 2014
mushroomaffairs in Wine

Wine identity please

Oh, it was at my neighbor's anniversary party. I spoke with one of them earlier and described the bottle, unfortunately she had no idea who brought what or that particular bottle since a lot of people brought wine.

I do remember that it was a French Bordeaux. The only reason why I tried it because I just assumed it was probably on the more expensive side and not a $9 everyday bottle. I only tried a sip and was surprised at how good it was.

Sep 15, 2014
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Wine identity please

First, I try not to drink alcohol due to a mild allergy, but I did taste a French wine over the weekend that blew me away and I hope you can identify the brand.

It was def. French and a red. The labels mostly white with a blue outline? Maybe some gold and a little bit of red somewhere. And there was a lion standing on its hind legs. I think the lion is the house's signature but I'm not sure. I think the bottle may have been a blue tint also but I'm not sure about that either.

Does it sound familiar, and is it a good wine? To me most alcohol tastes like alcohol and not much more but this stuff was smooth.


Sep 14, 2014
mushroomaffairs in Wine

"Cute" inexpensive lunch spot in Southern Fairfield county?

Did they really? I walked by during the art festival but didn't pay attention since all of the food trucks were stationed on that street.

Wait, was SoNo Caffeine also a music store or didn't they sell something other than coffee? I have a really weird recollection of that place.

Recipes for better beans

I find with beans you need a little bit of both acidity and sweetness. I love bean salads. I dice different vegetables, carrots, peppers, onions, tomato, parsley, other herbs and spices, whatever and apples. I usually premix with some sort of salad dressing, but since you don't want to add salt, try using sherry vinegar and lots of pepper. If the apples aren't sweet, I'll add chopped raisins. They add a nice chewiness. I also add crushed nuts for more texture.

You can squeeze lemon and add a little oil, maybe sprinkle a little sugar if it's too sour or add mustard or honey mustard. Def. add some sort of raw onion, chive or acallions, cilantro, parsley.

When I make bean salads, I make a huge batch that can last for a while, and with everything mixed in, it's already set to go.

Trader Joes has already shelled edamame with adds to the mix. I love the texture of them.

There's a recipe for black bean brownies. I tried bean brownies with red, black and red adzuki. I do blend them and it makes a really dense earthy fudgy brownie.

Anyone been to Denny's yet?

FidiR, who eats there? Not knocking the place, just curious about the people who have been during your visit, if there were 'hood types, students, tourists, curiosity seekers or a mix? I think it's a little too hidden away from people going down Fulton Street and people visiting the Brooklyn Bridge to cause any kind of late night uproar and I doubt anyone visiting the WTC Memorial will seek it out. That part of Nassau is a dead zone, thoughKeith McNally is scheduled to opening a place around the block??

Sep 04, 2014
mushroomaffairs in Manhattan

The Marshal - Is This The City's Best Bread and Butter?

That's really porno. It even has a hump.

Sep 04, 2014
mushroomaffairs in Manhattan

food trucks near Wall St/Bway?

Battery Park has Brookfield Place crossing the WSH. It reminds me of a mall food court and it's a little depressing (that just my personal opinion but others will differ) but you can take your food outside and sit at the waterfront instead of sitting inside. It's good for options and a quick bite.

There's also the Shake Shack behind North End Grill and the Conrad hotel. It's located in the pedestrian tunnel on Murray Street. Whole Foods is also close by and they have surprisingly good ethnic take away dishes if you like Indian, SE Asian, etc.

If you don't want to cross the West Side Highway, just go to Stone Street, salads, pizza, burgers, pub food, Mexican to upscale Irish-American. Stone is the backend of some of the restaurants on Pearl St.

On the side between Stone and Pearl are three takeout joints, a popular deli called Bingo's, Terra Fish and Chips (and lots of seafood dishes) and a Burger Burger for a quick fix.

Maiden Lane has some chain fast food places. I'm not familiar with the food truck scene down there but I know other posters are familiar with it. There's a taco place on Maiden that's part of a really popular Mexican restaurant (cannot remember the name) but don't bother. The place sucks surprising ass.

Sep 03, 2014
mushroomaffairs in Manhattan

"Cute" inexpensive lunch spot in Southern Fairfield county?

I hope it's not too late but Chocopologie in South Norwalk is really cute and small, and they have salads. The decor is like kind of like Anthropologie for men. The places you mentioned are not cute by any means. Tabouli Is really excellent, the chef is CIA trained from what I was told when I first went there, but the decor is functional, not cute. Cotto in Stamford is really cute but I've only been for dinner. It may be a little bready for your friend. Try Dinosaur BBQ, it's not cute but really cool soaring space and they have gigantic salads.

I reaLy hate this place but Capriccio has great Al Fresco dining. The last time I ordered a salad I got brown chopped romaine but my friends salads were good. I was the only one who was given a wilted dish!


I was just going to say Stew Leonards as I bought some over the weekend, but sadly they were eaten before I got to try any.

Rincon Taqueria in Norwalk - Wow

Where on earth is this place exactly? I happened on the reviews for Rincon while my bf and I were on a trip to Home Depot (god I love that store, and I found the old poster jfood's yelp review!) and for the life of us we couldn't find it. Two cellphone maps with street views, car GPS, four eyes, Kohl's plaza, carpet store or whatever store it is where Rincon was supposed to be, it's like the place doesn't exist, lol.

We found Rio which also had good reviews but didn't go.

Where to get Chinese takeout in Old Greenwich/Stamford/Norwalk?

Thanks, I've never heard of Panda Garden but will have to check it out. I forgot there is a Chinese place in OG right off exit 5. went there once when I first moved to the area but don't remember much.

Would you add parmesan cheese to lobster risotto?

Hell yeah.

Jul 28, 2014
mushroomaffairs in Home Cooking

Where to get Chinese takeout in Old Greenwich/Stamford/Norwalk?

The Chinese restaurant Pearl East for takeout in Stamford burned down and is still closed. I really liked their Chinese food the best. I don't like Tengda, although I've only had their Japanese dishes, I don't like how their fish is always fishy tasting. Kam Pei I love for Japanese. I tried one of their Chinese dishes and it was really fresh tasting but oddly bland.

Does anyone know when Pearl East will reopen?

The Pavilion in Union Sq, when did this open?

I went to the farmer's market over the weekend and I didn't realize a restaurant had opened up there on the north side of the park. The noise coming from there was seriously deafening. I remember there used to be a restaurant or bar there when I was young but I had forgotten about it so I was pretty surprised. I just read a couple of reviews that made the place sound like crap.

I bought a baby cactus for $4.

Jul 22, 2014
mushroomaffairs in Manhattan

Which 4 breakfasts in Lower East Side would you choose?

There's a new place called Root & Bone about 3 blocks away from CSB if the wait is too long. It's really inexpensive and has biscuits, eggs, coffee, etc. and chicken and waffles. I've never watched the show but it's run by two Top Chef contestants. I think it was only open a couple of weeks when my bf and I went.

A really cute spot with great brunch and chicken and waffles is Monument Lane in the W. Village. I love this place for dinner also, lots of small plates, American food.

I've been to Co-Op in your hotel for a party 2-3 years ago but I thought it closed. At the time it was very trendy, a really beautiful place, black chandeliers, etc. It 'd be worth checking out since you're staying there, but the East Village is really pretty ugly in general with lots of great food, lol.

Jul 22, 2014
mushroomaffairs in Manhattan

Craft Beer - Financial District

2nd The Growler and Ambrose Hall for beer (or in my case a nice diet soda) and happy hour. The Growler has great bar bites and kind of meat heavy items. Ambrose Hall is also really crazy post work. It's has a weird setup that's kind of spread out. Also not too far is Jack's Ale House, dark and divey.

There are a lot Irish pubs. I haven't been to any of them but if you walk around you'll def. come across them. Some seem really quiet but that may be for a reason.

Vintry on Stone has good food.

Just reread your post, all of these places are noisy and crowded.

Jul 11, 2014
mushroomaffairs in Manhattan

Di Fara Pizza HORRIBLE

That's not pizza, that's human body decomposition in the form of frostbite.

I'd still eat the side where the man's basil hands are.

"No lie." -- Drake

When was the last time you cleaned your fridge?

The last time I cleaned my fridge, more like a Windex wipe down, was right before Easter this year since I had people over. But for three years straight, 2010 - 12, I had to do massive cleanings because if all the crazy storms and massive outtages.

I found the best odor eliminators was a mix of old tea leaves and coffee grounds I didn't like and refused to drink, esp. flavored ones mixed with baking soda on paper plates. My fridge would smell like artificial vanilla, raspberry tea and coffee.

Every so often I take out bottled stuff and run them under hot water and in the sink to remove gunk or fingerprints.

Anti-aging recipes and ingredients?

How about tea and coffee for super foods? Avocados, adzuki beans, anything red, purple or dark green I suppose. Watermelon?


To put on your face or hair? No idea! Mayo has been forever mentioned for hair, almond or salt scrubs, olive oil for skin. There was the famous scene in Sixteen Candles of the older sister rubbing her elbows with lemon, so lemon.

My parents always talked about old Hollywood glam and female actresses taking milk baths, but for what I never had a clue.

Jun 10, 2014
mushroomaffairs in Home Cooking

Tomato plant with only one tomato

Thank you for all the answers and replies! Very resourceful for me!

The planter was left behind by the previous owners who I bought my house from. I filled it with two bags of potting soil from Home Depot, maybe 15-20 gallons equivalent worth of dirt? I think it's really meant for small trees but I thought if I planted it in there, it would grow really big but it wound up growing arms and legs horizontally and no tomato until the very end. It sound like def. a determinate tomato, exactly as daisy described, about four feet tall.

I don't recall seeing any flowers, just lots of leaves.

I wound up planting flowers in it this year. :)

May 29, 2014
mushroomaffairs in Gardening

Tomato plant with only one tomato

Oh, I'm a novice, almost reluctant gardener. I never fertilized but my yard does get a full days worth of sun. I did water it because I had read that tomatoes needed consistent watering to avoid splitting? This tomato was very watery and jellied on the inside. A collapsible fruit. :)

May 29, 2014
mushroomaffairs in Gardening

Tomato plant with only one tomato

Lol, I bought the plant from a farm thinking I'd get a great return. From April to mid -Sept. I had to wait for this one. At least it was the size of a grapefruit.

May 29, 2014
mushroomaffairs in Gardening

Tomato plant with only one tomato

Last year I bought a tomato plant that only grew one really large yellow tomato. I don't remember the name (it was an heirloom variety) but it came out late in the season and took forever to grow. When I bought the plant it only had leaves on it. Is there a reason only getting one fruit? Is that normal for heirloom variety?

The one positive is that the tomato was really big and heavy, really sweet but also really really watery. I wound up cooking it and it pretty much disintegrated. Too much water?

I forgot to add that I grew the tomato in a really large planter and it was really really leggy.

May 29, 2014
mushroomaffairs in Gardening

Sad to report the passing of Veggo

So sorry to hear about this! For me, Veggo was one of the more recognizable and lively names on this board and I remember his posts as being fun and playful. My thoughts go out to Veggo's family.

May 29, 2014
mushroomaffairs in Site Talk

Who offers better food, Caribbean cruise or all inclusive resort?

I've never been to a resort where meal packages are included but I've been on three cruises w/ Holland America, Princess and Celebrity. I liked the food just fine but I think you have to study the menu and pick wisely. The Princess cruise was years ago and I was still in my teens. I had my first taste of caviar on that cruise. It was an appetizer dish I wound up ordering almost every night for dinner, a taste of Beluga, Osetra and Sevruga and some cheap red large pearl roe.

Knowing the cost but not knowing the taste, I just had to because whenever would I come across the chance to order luxury items so freely with additional requests if I wanted?

Anyone who has been on Princess, do you remember this dish? And the dessert cheese plate? One night I asked for a pile of blue cheese and got it with a pile of walnuts. :)

Good times.

Challenge: various diet requirements and various locations

This is the wrong board but how about Olea instead of Walter? Olea has a small menu with a fair amount of fish and non-meat small plate dishes (roast chickpeas). I've been to Walter in Williamsburg and remember it as being a somewhat heavy meaty menu.

There's another place in <whispers> Brooklyn that serves a lot of salads you might like. I can't remember the name but begins with an A, something like Arilia or Aroola, Areoli, sorry, cannot remember..

Apr 24, 2014
mushroomaffairs in Manhattan