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Declining quality at Costco?

It wasn't frozen, it was fresh ground beef. :P

But whatever my local store was doing, shouldn't that be against the law? Grey oxidized beef in the center w/ pink fresh looking beef formed around it? It was like a turdurken of pink and grey!

Aug 27, 2015
mushroomaffairs in Chains

Declining quality at Costco?

I did have good experiences w/ Costco but it's literally gone downhill w/ some product or another from every purchase I made starting around April of last year. This is not one bad orange or a couple of moldy berries. This is

Entire bag of cara cara oranges that have that dried overly ripe taste, avocados that ripen brown and grey, entire bag of carrots with black mold, Thanksgiving cranberries with literally half the bag rotted (I picked them out by hand so I know half the bag was spent), chopped bagged kale I bought and opened to blackish mold at the ends, rotting pears that weep all over the other pears....

But I don't get the ground beef and it happened not once but twice.

And one time I bought croissants that tasted like artificial lemon cleaner. On the day I bought them, I know something happened in the bakery area because things where clearly being shifted around (some sort of accident must have happened). When I got home, I could smell the cleaning solution but wasn't quite sure until I ate a croissant and it tasted like cleaning solution. I don't know WTF happened, but I was the recipient of that byproduct that should have been removed and not sold to unsuspecting people.

The last straw was the ground beef

Aug 27, 2015
mushroomaffairs in Chains

Declining quality at Costco?

I have been a member for maybe a year and half and rarely go, not because of the size of things but due to poor quality which I really noticed after about 6 mos. in.

I go to the Norwalk, CT store, my friend goes to the one in Port Chester, NY.

I've experienced pretty much all types of rotting issues, esp. their pears and avocados.

The worst was not one but two different times I purchased ground beef for parties. Very pink and fresh looking on the outside, but when I brought them home to separate the sections, each package had this outer layer of fresh pinkish red beef but the inside was TOTALLY grey, like they took old oxidized ground beef and then wrapped fresh stuff around it to make it look good.

If this is the case, I can't imagine this being legal trying to hid ground beef going past it's prime. The first time I wasn't sure what to do so I still made burgers out of it because my party was the next day. The burgers were all mottled looking.

The second time I just got pissed off and had my boyfriend return the entire package. I didn't even bother to keep it in the fridge. I left it out the entire night.

I can't get a refund on membership since I split it w/ my neighbor but I pretty much don't go anymore. My neighbor also said the prices have risen substantially and she's been a member since the store opened.

I can also get access through work, not to buy groceries but office and breakroom supplies. I know for a fact the coffee went downhill because I complained about this on this board a few years ago (big brown can of Colombian, we no longer buy any Costco coffee). And people on this board actually defended Costco as if they're immune to anything slight of hand.

Aug 27, 2015
mushroomaffairs in Chains

Casual Lunch Near Rittenhouse Square

Yay for Parc, prime people watching. I used to have to do day trip business meetings right off Rittenhouse. I love the whole mini restaurant scene in that area -- it's like going back in time because people dress so Sunday best there.

Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY Thread - August 2015

NAY -- Campari tomatoes. They look like they'd be sweet and delish but they're hard and flavorless.

YAY -- Sugar snap peas, sweet and crunchy. I love them.

YAY -- Big green papaya. I made thai papaya salad for my visiting family and it was a huge hit

NAY -- Avocados. Small, rotting grey, worthless, pathetic

NAY -- Skim milk. Twice I've bought and twice it's soured in less than four days.

YANAY -- Good Saturn peaches, then bad Saturn peaches, then good Saturn peaches, then bad Saturn peaches

YAY -- Super dinky potatoes. So dinky, yet so super.

NAY -- Giant box of blueberries. They may not sell them anymore but I bought a box and the berries were small and sour.

Aug 26, 2015
mushroomaffairs in Chains

Name a dish that you cannot find anywhere in town that you have to make yourself???


Name a dish that you cannot find anywhere in town that you have to make yourself???

Why?? It's not like it has pickles in it or anything??

Jul 29, 2015
mushroomaffairs in Manhattan

Name a dish that you cannot find anywhere in town that you have to make yourself???

Not that I would make any of this myself but really old skool dishes that I came across as a kid

Escargot with blue cheese, not garlic butter, in puff pastry
Trout Almondine
Some vile aspic dish
Turkey tetrazzini
Ambrosia salad*

*I've been obsessed with this since I was a kid, the crazy redhead woman fed it to Edward Scissorhands in the movie. I've never had it, never made it, have no interest in making it but am dying to try it still to this day

Jul 28, 2015
mushroomaffairs in Manhattan

Lefteris in Tarrytown, what the hey

Dried out Gyro meat and watery, wilted Greek salad. At least there was lots of feta in the salad. And the old guy was a dick.

John's Pizza on Bleecker

I've always gotten a hot artichoke slice, never cold or room temp, and I've bought frozen pies a couple of times in the past from Food Emporium, but one time I got a slice and for some reason it was exactly like the frozen, just plain flat and not thick and creamy. If you like pepperoni, you'll ❤️ Prince! 100% worth the stray.

Jul 08, 2015
mushroomaffairs in Manhattan

John's Pizza on Bleecker

I did a pizza crawl with my brother and his friends last year. We went to John's, Joey Pepperoni, Artichoke (my pick), Prince St. (my pick), and Motorino. I think we all have cheap tastes because Motorino was everyone's least favorite. I never really liked Motorino, it reminds me of pizza from the Midwest and strays to far from being normal to me.

I think John's is good in a normal way, certainly not bad but my favorites are still Artichoke and Prince St. Oddly, I thought Artichoke was doing something weird with their pizza for a while but it's back to being thick and ugly the way it should be. :)

Jul 08, 2015
mushroomaffairs in Manhattan

upscale Asian

I've eaten at China Blue twice last year and I thought it was really really good. Of course, my bf and I were like the only people in there but I really liked the atmosphere. For some reason there's quite a bit of complaints on Yelp about service but we didn't have any issues other than being weirdly empty during brunch hours.

It reminds me of Spice Market with way better food, there's a certain elegant ambience (imperial colonialism?) to the space that brings you to a different period which I absolutely I loved. Plus it's right off the W Side Hwy.

I don't remember much about the food (yeah, I know..) other than it being really good.

Jul 06, 2015
mushroomaffairs in Manhattan

Sicilian pizza in Stamford

Hope St. Pizza or Nick's? I have only had Sicilian at Hope and Darien Post but neither in a very long while. I have only had regular pizzas at Atlantic, Mario and John but I really like Atlantic St.

I'll come out and say it. I can't stand Colony and I pretty much hate Coalhouse. Don't do Coalhouse take out unless you like soggy pizza with crust that is so thin and stretched out that makes you want to change their name to Cheaphouse.

Moving to 388 Greenwich - any lunch recos?

There's also a Food Emporium close by (are you in the big Citibank building next to Hubert?) but that store is highway robbery. If you go north on Greenwich there is a couple of Japanese restaurants and I think a juice bar. Sweetgreens like Throckwood stated is really popular with the junior banking set but there's always a long line out the door during lunch. There is also the random street festival, it's on Beach (I think) going toward the highway. There's also Greenwich Grill (major happy hour and afterwork dine and dash place), Sarabeths, Tribeca Grill, Locanda etc.

Bubby's is not too far on Hudson w/ the rest of the higher end places.

Here is the weird warning about Cornerstone Chicken and Ribs -- the owner is a really nice guy but while he's handing your food he's also eating it. Don't ask, you've been warned.

There's also a small farmer's market a few blocks down but depending on how many blocks you want to walk, it might be kind of far.

Jun 27, 2015
mushroomaffairs in Manhattan

Eating stale food

You're going to lose your left leg.

Louro closing

I don't know much about restaurant or commercial retail operations but isn't a 70% increase against the law and should he have signed a longer lease term?

Jun 04, 2015
mushroomaffairs in Manhattan

Where's your favorite place to get your crêpe fix?

I don't like crepes (I grew up eating and hating a lot of overly sweet blueberry and cheese filled ones as well as Suzettes) but the French Market has a creperie.

May 26, 2015
mushroomaffairs in Manhattan

Bourdain Market - What do YOU Want to See

I didn't realize Anthony Bourdain was doing a market but he should include Caribbean or island food and some tropical drinks, or get vendors that focus on international specialty and seasonal drinks, esp. for the summer. I would also like to see a place that could make good use of more tropical or exotic fruits rather than strawberries and oranges, and how about some weird vegetables....and those steamed foods wrapped in leaves.

And an international snack, junk food station, junk food from around the world.

Middle eastern desserts and sweets vendor.

May 07, 2015
mushroomaffairs in Manhattan

Pronunciation-checked at Penzey’s

q-min or Q-min, either way is fine by me

Your favorite junk food or guilty pleasure?

chocolate chip cookies (a weird two week craving)

Snyders of Hanovers honey mustard pretzel bits -- me o my yo

Sonic in Milford

young lady......who you callin' a dude?

Sonic in Milford

Ok, thank you everybodeh. I was confusing Sonic with In-and-Out.

Sonic in Milford

I didn't know there was a Sonic in CT until I saw a picture in my local paper. I have never had Sonic and don't really eat fast food but For some reason, it is something I've always wanted to try. Animal fries. Has anyone been? Is it worth the trip up? What else to check out/ take home?

Where to get creamy fettucini alfredo in FFC?

I just looked at Café Sylvium's menu, they have fettucini dishes but not the plain simple (Italian-American?) dish I'm looking for. I always forget this restaurant exists due to it's odd location. I used to go to Royal Guard nearby for takeout but also have not been in a very long time.

Can you help me map out my eating plan?

Smorgasburg at the Flea? Depending on which flea, either the ferry or the train.

Mar 26, 2015
mushroomaffairs in Manhattan

Where to get creamy fettucini alfredo in FFC?

I know, I should make it myself but knowing what goes in to the sauce I'd rather pay for the dish and enjoy the richness pretending I don't know all the butter, cream and cheese that's in there. I did make it once when I was a little and I remember it came out awful. I think I just used heavy cream and nothing else but I do specifically remember that it didn't taste normal.

Where to get creamy fettucini alfredo in FFC?

*gasp* No cream cheese? Then what do you put on your bagels? That's just crazy.

I think I know the thread you started as I may have contributed to that post about a restaurant in Stamford that I had a great meal at before it moved to a different location and went downhill, of course I can't remember the name!

Why remodel a kitchen and put in an electric range?

I grew up in an apartment with gas and pretty much every place I've ever rented had gas. Not until I bought my current place do I have electric. Call me Miley Cyrus but I think electric is way better than your average gas stove. For some reason, boiling a giant pot of water on my stove is much quicker than on many a gassy ass stove. My 'rents even notice this when they come visit. It takes only a couple of minutes or so to bring 16 quarts of water to a rolling boil where as on a gas stove it takes forever.

Haha, my stove is better than theirs.

Mar 25, 2015
mushroomaffairs in Cookware

Where to get creamy fettucini alfredo in FFC?

Awesome, thanks, exactly what I was looking for, just wish the restaurant was closer (should have specified lower FFC) but will have to make a trip up one weekend.

What do you mean you're not fan of alfredo? What!?!?!?!

Where to get creamy fettucini alfredo in FFC?