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Madray's, then Barson's, then Hymie's Too, now Moe's...Lafayette Hill

Well...Moe's is now gone too.

Appears the Lafayette Market at the other end of the strip is the new owner... Will open in October.

Fingers crossed that the third, nope, fourth time is the charm..

Sep 24, 2013
GBak504 in Philadelphia

Breakfast Near Forbidden Drive?

you could hit the Fairlane Grill in Glenside..good pancakes

Jul 23, 2012
GBak504 in Philadelphia

need help finding a quiz night or quizno game near - sh norristown please

Earth Bread and Brewery has a quizzo on wed night 9p//

straight up Germantown ave through chestnut hill and into mt airy..

May 15, 2012
GBak504 in Philadelphia

Near Tower Theater, Upper Darby

Directly across the street (at least a few years back..) are Sabor Latino and Sol de Peru..both solid....

Mar 26, 2012
GBak504 in Philadelphia

Need a "Plan B" for Chestnut Hill area

does a good breakfast....though havent been there for dinner. has large bottled beer selection....

Jan 21, 2012
GBak504 in Philadelphia

Conshohocken’s 401 Diner

Sep 15, 2011
GBak504 in Philadelphia

Best Wings in Philly?

Monk's in CC...their 'Spanish Flies' wings. Large, crisp exterior, tasty sauce...and a burn that'll make the hair on your neck stand up..and lasts long after the wing is gone..

May 16, 2011
GBak504 in Philadelphia

would appreciate help re food shopping

I second the Assi plaza recommendation. Fish selection is large, and quite fine... not to mention all manner of cuts of meat.. large variety of veggies..etc..

May 05, 2011
GBak504 in Philadelphia

Madray's, then Barson's, then Hymie's Too, now Moe's...Lafayette Hill

Ok, had a lapse in judgement and went back bad could it be? Answer: worse. I officially downgrade this place to Dump. Filthy, poorly stocked, ineptly staffed. Many items out of stock, process...stale. Yep, stale...overheard waitress to a nearby table..."nope, you dont want that is been around. Nope, not that either". Pickle bar all in disarray, messy. Worst: could overhear staff talking, shall we say colorfully, about shall we say adult subjects, with adult language. Really? really. stay away.

Apr 21, 2011
GBak504 in Philadelphia

Sprechen zie Deutsch?

If you dont mind cooking it yourself...Reikers. There is also the old canstatter (sp?) in NE philly

Feb 20, 2011
GBak504 in Philadelphia

Madray's, then Barson's, then Hymie's Too, now Moe's...Lafayette Hill

Barson's and Hymie's are one and the same. (the Hymies on Montgomery is actually Barson Hymie's..) But no matter. The LH version, while an improvement over the former occupant, Izenbergs (a real dump then..) was only slightly less a dump with Hymies arrival. The promise of pickle bar and Hymies Montgomery ave fare...fell victim to staff that simply dont give a damn. THe latest incarnation..Moe's..keeps hymies menu...but really falls flat on food, feel, care, name it..

Feb 02, 2011
GBak504 in Philadelphia

monkfish liver in philly?

bluefin on germantown ave had it some months back as a special.. might be worth checking in..

Jan 19, 2011
GBak504 in Philadelphia


I would look for it at Bell's Market in the NE...

Jan 02, 2011
GBak504 in Philadelphia

Best Korean in the 'burbs? (i/s/o some really good bibimbap)

Assi Plaza food court...?

Sep 22, 2010
GBak504 in Philadelphia

Earth Bread Brewery just lost a customer

We've been to EBB many..many times...and my feelings are that this is perhaps an unfortunate incident and not the norm. We have been to EBB with toddler in tow and they have always been accommodating. The upstairs is usually full of families and kids. My thoughts....there are some new faces there...perhaps an unfortunate misunderstanding. Speak to the owners..but never to return? not so sure.

Aug 09, 2010
GBak504 in Philadelphia

Fried or BBq'd Chicken catering - East Oak Lane area?

Jun 16, 2010
GBak504 in Philadelphia

Looking for a new Friday night place in Mount Airy area

Second the Earth Bread. Very kid friendly. consistently good. Request seating upstairs..and ask for Omar. beer selections are very good and the wine selection is nice as well. Recommend the seed flatbread..and the wheatberry salad..

Jun 08, 2010
GBak504 in Philadelphia

Ramen Noodles in Philly?

not exactly philly..but you'll find ramen at the Assi Plaza in Blue Bell. 202 N to 63 then left...

May 11, 2010
GBak504 in Philadelphia

help near Conshohocken Marriott

Stonewell - Korean on ridge ave. Second the Lucky Dog and La Michoacana. I'd think twice about Stone Rone..nice..not great.

May 08, 2010
GBak504 in Philadelphia

Best Sushi in the Philly Burbs

Has anybody tried the Stonewell in Conshohocken. Been there for many years and consistently good.

Jan 19, 2010
GBak504 in Pennsylvania

Looking for Pampushky in Philly/Norristown

kyj bakery...chester..

or find a holiday bazaar at a ukie church

Nov 29, 2009
GBak504 in Pennsylvania

Jamon Iberico/Jamon Serrano in Philly the chesse vendor in the Ardmore Farmers market..

Nov 04, 2009
GBak504 in Pennsylvania

Where to find Elmo cupcakes in NW Philly or the burbs?

There's a baged goods area in the Market at Lafayette Hill... if memory serves thay have them there from time to time.

Nov 04, 2009
GBak504 in Pennsylvania

The Fresh Market in Horsham

I agree the prooduce, meat and fresh fish are superior. A fine selection of oils, spices, and prepared foods. Pricey however

Oct 27, 2009
GBak504 in Pennsylvania

Has anyone hosted a private party at From The Boot?

seems to me like you're getting hit pretty hard for a buffet event... i would ask what their per server fee is as a flat rate.

Oct 06, 2009
GBak504 in Pennsylvania

Where can I buy Black Currant Juice?

Bell's Market in NE Philly..many varieties and much cheaper than you would elsewhere..

Sep 07, 2009
GBak504 in Pennsylvania

Dinner in Jim Thorpe?

Hotel Switzerland (JT's Steak and Ale), Emerald inn, or Molly Maguire's pub should fit the casual bill... think beer and burger... tin ceilinged joints.. Had a really good burger at JT's a couple weeks ago..

Black Bread was/(is?) a pretty good upscale..though I have not been i nyears.. Another, Moya..relatively new..I have not been... though appeared cramped peering in when walking past....

all within a short distance of one another..

Aug 04, 2009
GBak504 in Pennsylvania

Holy Smoke BBQ Philly

Went for a repeat visit last night. Four words > Will not go again.

What a staggering fall from grace. In another post I praised the food and atmosphere...this one...let me just say this place took a nose dive. Prices raised, portion size dropped, and quality through the floor. After debating much of the day the wife and I decided on Holy Smoke based on prior experience..we should have read the signs when we stepped in...half the dining room closed off..mostly empty (7pm) and baely a whisper of a scent of smoke. Fast forward...we had the BBQ for 2 which last time was delicious and a spectacular value....this 'new' version..smaller..limp..tough ribs..scrawny chicken..marginal shrimp..and a nuked mac n cheese as well as hoppiin john sides. The next jab in the eye..corn bread 'still baking' for the entirety of our the end substituted with garlic bread....two halved kaisers smeared wih oil and garlic...and brought to a near burned finish. Final jab in the eye....$10 buck hike in price for the platter. Will not return.

As an aside.. On the ride home we were headed up Umbria and passed Phoebe's BBQ and stopped to pick up a take out menu. Flash forward 5 minutes and we were inside eating a pulled pork platter with greens and beans..and fresh..delcious corn bread (fresh corn in there!). That was around $10... Tell you what...two of these platters would run half what we wasted at Holy smokes...and easily crushes it out of the park vs the mediocre meal at Holy Smokes.

Jul 25, 2009
GBak504 in Pennsylvania

The Boot, Lafayette Hill

nothing inherently wrong with From the Boot other than perhaps the typically long wait for a table. Service, atmosphere, food...all good. Granted, not the greatest, but then again it does not claim to be. What it is is good, well prepared food, in a friendly neighborhood atmosphere. They're consistent, the food is fresh, tasty, and well prepared. Yes, sometimes they're heavy on the garlic atop the garlic knots, or heavy on the cream in their bolonegse, or the wait is intolerable. Solution...don't eat the knots..or tell em less garlic....go light on the cream...and bring not one bottle but two to help you ride out the wait. You'll feel better in no time. Their take out is good too, and welcome alternate to 'just pizza'. unrelenting crowds mean either lots of people dont know what good food tastes like...or, perhaps somethings being done right....definitely so as compared to scoogi's or sorrentos.

Jul 14, 2009
GBak504 in Pennsylvania

Barnacle Ben's, West Conshy

long long gone...I think the property was converted to office space....

Jun 26, 2009
GBak504 in Pennsylvania