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Racine, Wisconsin

You gotta have pizza while in Racine. Great thin crust pizza. Everyone in that city has an opinion on it. I like DeRango's Pizza Palace on Douglass Ave.
The Yardarm down by the lake has good fish and a decent beer selection.

Nov 10, 2011
NYtaste in Great Lakes

Why is my bread crust not crusty?

What zamorski said.

Professional hearth ovens have vents in them that are opened after the steam has done it's job letting the dough expand as it is rising and turning into bread. Also the steam helps to gelatinize starches on the surface of the dough...something like that....anyway......opening the vents (or your oven door with a wooden spoon) with about 10'15 minutes left with help to "bake it out" ie...let the steam escape so the crust can set up in a dry environment.

Don't be afraid to get some bake on that bad boy. Color = flavor!

Oct 26, 2011
NYtaste in Home Cooking