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Crab House, Santa Clara Koreatown - good halibut!

I have gone to Crab House for years to have their live halibut sashimi (and accompanying fish stew) and raw blue crab. Apparently live whitefish sashimi is a done thing in Korea, but this is the only place I'm aware of in the bay area that does this. Really really good, and have been wanting to try the live octopus but it's imported from Korea and it's been out. The owners have said by beginning of October hopefully.

If in Barcelona


Renting in Europe I have always gone with the American chains and had no issues - Avis or Hertz. They have offices in most cities in Europe. Keep in mind that you will most likely get a manual transmission unless you specifically request otherwise. Cars with auto transmissions tend to be rare.

Good luck - however you decide to get there I think you will see it's worth it.

Jan 28, 2012
tintin_asterix in Spain/Portugal

If in Barcelona

Sensible, thank you for this recommendation. We just drove all over Spain, ate at Mugaritz, Asador Etxebarri, and all manner of wonderful restaurants, but Restaurant U was the highlight of our trip. We were driving down for lunch from San Sebastian, and securing a spot took quite a bit of effort as they were supposed to be closed that day, but we were so glad we persevered and managed to get lucky. Raimundo and his wife were absolutely fantastic hosts, and from the moment we arrived we were transported into a wonderful world where his vision of medieval/royal recipes was beautifully related and whetted our appetites. Every dish was more astonishing than the last, and the finish in the upstairs lounge for tea was a nice touch (I fell soundly asleep). We also went for the wine pairing, which was a bargain - our glasses were refilled every time they were empty, even between courses. I highly recommend this detour to the Penedes, which incidentally if you have time seems to be a real nice wine region.

Oct 26, 2011
tintin_asterix in Spain/Portugal