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The Basics: How to Make Lentil Soup

This sounds really tasty, can't wait to make it. I'm curious as to how much soup the recipe makes? Did I miss that somewhere?

Mar 15, 2009
StripperingGourmet in Features

Take Your Lunch to Work: Beans

Beans rule in every way! Nutritious, versatile, easy and oh so tasty. This is a great article, I love the idea of having a main ingredient ready to go for the rest of the week. I would totally make a quick white bean spread and pack it with some prepared falafel and pita bread, throw in a couple slices of tomato and some lettuce, mmmmmmmmmm.

Mar 15, 2009
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Latkes (Potato Pancakes)

Made these with some alterations this morning. First, I had no Vitamin C so I just used lemon juice. My potatoes still turned pink but that doesn't bother me at all. It also left no tell tale lemon taste. Instead of processing all the shredded potato, I only processed half because I like crunchy potato things. They were very tasty, especially with applesauce. My only problem is they were incredibly greasy, almost unpleasantly so. I used about a 1/2 in of oil, maybe cut it down to 1/4 in? Any tips to avoid the greasiness? Also, I think I'm going to try these with all the potatoes shredded. Will report back.

Mar 10, 2009
StripperingGourmet in Recipes

Demonstration cooking "class" at home? (Seattle)

I second Culinary Communion!

Frozen Lambic Ice

Is it possible to make this without an ice cream maker? Will the results be the same?

Sounds delicious, I so wanna make this!

Jan 21, 2009
StripperingGourmet in Recipes


Don'n know if you've ever been but I know Lola on Virginia & Fourth will be open on New Years Day. They have a bad ass breakfast! Tom's Big Breakfast is one of my faves; potatoes, bacon, grilled octopus, lemony greek yogurt, and slightly bitter sauteed greens come together to create something quite unexpectedly delicious.

Um, BOKA will be open for breakfast, the restaurant at the new Four Seasons on 1st will be open for breakfast, Coldwater Bar & Grill . . . Oh! JUNO will be open and serving breakfast. I haven't tried that place yet, eager to. Icon Grill, Sazerac, and Tulios will be all be open and serving the morning noms as well.

Also, please no more all caps posting. It comes across as yelling in the tongue of the internets.

Downtown Lunch Seattle

Haven't read through all the reply posts yet but I think a good option would be Le Pichet. Not that far from Pike Place and it's overflowing with delicious Parisian classics.

Between Virginia & Stewart.

Toscano Bellevue

So, Newinwa, how was your experience there? What was the menu like? Service? Ambiance? Pricing? On a scale of 0 to 5 stars, where would it fall?

Lemon Digestif

Living in Washington State, unless you have a very special permit, you cannot purchase so-called "industrial alcohol" like Everclear 151. So, any suggestion to substitutes, please?

Dec 27, 2008
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Seattle Best Breakfast

Geraldine's in Columbia City does a mean corned beef hash! I love their bacon and they have a great raspberry jam on the tables from a place in Kirkland.

I've only been to Glo's on Capital Hill once but ever since I've been dreaming of that hot buttered coffee cake sprinkled with powdered sugar . . . .

Definitely not a hole in the wall but Lola on 4th has a great breakfast. Tom's Big Breakfast is especially tasty, I never thought octopus would be a good morning nom but it's surprisingly good!

Where to purchase suckling pig in SEA metro?

I second Bob's Meats. James does the best he can to get local and organic meat in whenever possible. I'll be hitting him up soon for a pig myself!

RACE YOU!!!! =)

where to buy demi glace in SEA?

DeLaurentis' at Pike at Place Market is a likely spot for it, seen it there before. Whole Foods, maybe?

Happy Hour Downtown Seattle

Union! On 1st and Union, great atmosphere, tasty bites, and some refreshing cocktails. Mmmm . . .

SEA: All Purpose Pizza & Ale

Living in Columbia City for 3 yrs, I've had incredibly limited delivery options; Pizza Hut or Domino's. I don't eat either of those establishment's products so that cuts my delivery list to zero.

Tonight I was feeling especially lazy, too lazy to wander out into my fabulously restaurant studded neighborhood. I've got Neapolitan pizza, Vietnamese, Tex-Mex, Jones BBQ, and many other great eats but I so didn't even want to leave my apartment at all. So this led to a frustrated search of the internet to see if there were any delivery options I had yet not discovered, if there was some closely guarded secret of a restaurant I had not yet been deemed worthy enough to be "in the know" about.It seemed hopeless and I truly wasn't expecting to find anything, settling into the sad reality that I would have to settle for tuna or stale cereal. And then . . . I found my pizza salvation!!!

I don't know how it managed to elude me for so long, but now I have All Purpose Pizza & Ale to be my white knight. I ordered a 16" Nooner (Granny Smith apple, gorgonzola, caramelized onions, garlic-olive oil sauce with CasCioppo Bros. sausage, yum!) which came on the thick, chewy sourdough crust this place is known/famous for. All for $26.82 (inlcudes tax, excluding gratuity), it's even comparably priced to the chains of convenience around here. There menu is extensive, with many original specialty pizzas plus a bulid your own option. They also serve starters, soup, salads, sandwiches, and even pasta dishes. It appears they are fond of local ingredients and handmade specialties. I am so happy I found this place!!

Now that AP Pizza is my new beacon in a once bleak delivery landscape, are there other delivery options I just haven't found out about yet? If you know about any, please, please do share! Zip code 98118, S Edmunds St. And if, like me, you thought your choices were do or die as far as delivery pizza, please try AP Pizza & Ale! Their store is up on Jackson and their delivery route is fairly wide (Leschi, Seward, Columbia City, and Rainier Valley).

Eat Even Smaller Fish

^^^^ Mmmmm, blubbery!

Sep 07, 2008
StripperingGourmet in Features

Roasted Rabbit Heads

What regional specialty are roasted rabbit heads? Vietnamese? Laotian? Chinese? If Chinese, what region? Knowing this would would make it easier for you to sniff out a spot that might serve something so delicous sounding. =) The ID has clusters of Asian communities, like Little Saigon.

SEA: Best restaurant for a party?

Sorry it took me so long to add some info! I have been without a computer or the internet for a good while. I'm thinking the party is going to be around 25-35 ppl so some space would be great.

SEA: Best restaurant for a party?

I'm planning a welcome home party for a close friend and would love to reserve a restaurant for this private event. I've been racking my brain for the perfect spot; I want something that will have areas where people can sit and congregate and interact but I also want the atmosphere to encourage mingling and lots of movement from here and there. And preferably downtown or possibly even Capital Hill. I'm leaning towards Tavolata or Cafe Presse or maybe Restaurant Zoe but I'm curious to see what other suggestions come up. A good bar is a must and as the party will be happening in August an outdoor area would be fantastic too but it's not really necessary.

Think hard; give me your best shot! LOL. =)


doctoring ramen soup

I do ramen with a Mexi twist. The key is chopping all the ingredients SUPER fine. Cilantro, jalapeno, onion, and tomato. Drop a couple teaspoons into a hot bowl of soup and voila! Mmmmm . . . delicious! =) My grandpa always made it for us like that. Every now and again I add just a squirt of lime juice.

Chicken Braised in White Wine & Mustard

Feb 08, 2008
StripperingGourmet in Recipes

Fresh cream without preservatives?

I second the PP Creamery.

Biscuits & Gravy in Seattle?

Gerladine's best menu is breakfast. I live just a block away and eat there regularly. There French toast is heavenly and I don't even like French toast. Oh, and the Bavarian Meats bacon . . . . . The only unfortunate part is the massive number of patrons on the weekends. I don't even bother on Saturday or Sunday. I hear their sister restaurant El Greco is great too but have yet to try it out.

Best Sunday Brunch (SEA)

I vote either Salty's on Alki or Library Bistro. Seattle Metropolitan mag voted Calcutta Grill, Salish Lodge, and Salty's for the best breakfast spread just a little bit ago. They had a whole special section on breakfast in Seattle, a place recommended for any occasion or mood. I was glad to see Cafe Presse won best omelet. =)

Can You Say That on the Food Network?

Yeah. Two top level execs at her magazine quit within a couple weeks of each other along with 10 other lower level editing employees sprinkled in there.
There was also a rumor that she threw a fit on the set of one of her Dunkin Donuts commercials. But that's unsubstantiated.
And her husband divorcing her is kinda old news, he was seeing other women and left her.

Feb 08, 2008
StripperingGourmet in Features

Can You Say That on the Food Network?

LOL. Careful, there's a reason everyone quit over at her magazine and got dumped by her husband. =)

Feb 06, 2008
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Disaster Strikes, Keep Drinking

No, the kid just fell down without hurting herself. It was the kid's mom (their guest) who broke her arm when she ran across the silicone laden floor to see what had happened.

Pretty entertaining stuff. I think I'd know immediately if my arm was broken but then again, maybe not so much after 3 bottles into a fabulous dinner. =)

Jan 20, 2008
StripperingGourmet in Features