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Phila CH looking for recommendations near Louisville Convention Center

In part on the basis of your recommendations here, we hit Milkwood, La Coop and Doc Crow's last week.

Milkwood was what we hoped for - tasty food with interesting flavor combos. They mostly worked. Heavy on the salt in some places, but I like salty. Out of 6 cocktails we tried, the Firth of Forth (with it's worcestershire and vanilla) was the only one that didn't work for us, but I appreciate that it may for others. The Milkwood and Dead Mule more than made up for it. Portions were quite large here - surprisingly so. Our late dinner of 3 starters and 2 entrees shared by 3 people left extra food.

La Coop was excellent. The kind of place that would be dangerous to have in the neighborhood - great food, care in prep/presentation, great service. I could see a weekly visit becoming a habit. The beignets were a highlight for me - clever and interestingly plated (the "powdered sugar"). Also a really nice drinks menu - lots of great choices in aperitifs, wines, beers, spirits. We availed ourselves.

Doc Crows is in a different category, but was also very good to us. We shared a big array of boubon taste pours with our bbq. I'm pretty picky about what I consider to be "good bbq" (though "some bbq" is almost always better than "no bbq). I'm from NC and was more than pleased with the quality of the pork here - shaggy pulled pork and memphis-style baby back ribs were both very good. Not the best ever, but solid. Sides were all excellent, as was the variety of whiskeys on offer.

We hoped to squeeze in a visit to Decca and/or Rye as well, couldn't fit them in. Hopefully there will be a next time.

All in all it left us with a very positive impression of the Louisville food scene. You guys are fortunate to have such a great set of options.

Thanks Etonian, and other posters in the KY/TN forum for sharing your experiences and recommendations.

Oct 14, 2014
punktown in Kentucky & Tennessee


Agree with the others - N&B is nothing special. Customshop, Bistro La Bon and Good Food are all good bets.

Aug 14, 2014
punktown in Southeast

CHARLOTTE: Where to find goose or duck eggs?

You can also find them at 7th street market. They had at least 3 dozen at the farm stand there the other day when I got 6.

May 13, 2014
punktown in Southeast

Great meals Charlotte airport <--> Asheville?

+1 on Red Bridges BBQ Lodge in Shelby.

Kyle Fletcher's BBQ is also good, and is also in the direction of Asheville. It is on NC 74 in Gastonia. So if you want to eat sooner after your flight it's a good choice. Doesn't have the atmosphere of Bridges, but it is good 'cue.

Feb 04, 2014
punktown in Southeast

Charlotte Vicinity - Local Cheese Makers?

Definitely go and have a chat with them. They are very knowledgeable and they carry a great variety, usually including a lot of NC cheeses.

Have a grilled cheese while you're there. Their sandwiches are great!

Jan 06, 2014
punktown in Southeast

Tupelo Honey - Charlotte

I ate here yesterday and everything was great. In 2 cocktails, 1 app and 3 entrees it was all very very good. There was one criticism on the trout dish - too many capers. But this was from an admitted caperhater who didn't read the description thoroughly. They still loved the dish (and I stole some bites with extra capers).

Everything was cooked perfectly.

Dec 21, 2013
punktown in Southeast

Raleigh North Carolina recs?

+1 on Bida Manda!

Oct 09, 2013
punktown in Southeast

Dining in Charlotte near the Convention Center?

There are lots of good places in walking distance. I'm sure others will have more ideas, but here are some choices, with an emphasis on local flavor and moderate prices:
Mert's for southern food
King's Kitchen also for southern food
Halcyon (probably over budget with drinks - but would be ok if you are tea-totaling)
Dandelion Market (not very local in flavor, but good)
There are also a couple of BBQ places downtown that are ok, but nothing to write home about.

If you hop on the train (which is right outside the convention center) you could add:
Greek Isles, at Bland st sta (With as many Greeks as we have in the area and running restaurants forever, this counts as local flavor)
300 East, about 2 blocks east of East/West sta
Liberty, about a block from East/West sta. Good for beer, and generally good food (although I've had two meh meals there lately)

Lunch options:
Green's Lunch, for local flavor (chili dogs). It's about a 10 minute walk.
7th St Market for pizza or a cheese sandwich. About 10-15 min away.
Price's Chicken Coop is also worth considering, but be ready to stand on the sidewalk to eat, since there are no tables. Great fried chicken. Between Bland and East/West sta's on Camden.

For cheap eats there is also a Bojangles' in the convention center. This is a fried chicken chain that started around here. They have biscuits all day. It's fast food so it can be hit or miss, but when their biscuits are good, they're very good. A chicken biscuit, a side and some sweet tea makes a pretty good lunch.

Sep 11, 2013
punktown in Southeast

Grady's, Dudley NC

Thanks for the report. I was just down in the neighborhood this weekend, and wanted to try Grady's for the first time, but our schedule didn't allow for it (since they're not open Sun/Mon).

We had Sunday dinner at Wilber's and Monday lunch at Skylight though, and both are still great.

Sep 03, 2013
punktown in Southeast

Need wedding venue/catering advice - Charlotte, NC

The Bechtler suggestion is a great one as far as setting - they have options that are all good if you like art. The roof at Foundation for the Carolinas suggested earlier is good too, but weather could be a concern.

If the dinner is on Thanksgiving day, you might try calling smaller restaurants that would consider hosting a private party. Not sure if Customshop or 5Church generally serve on the day, but they would be my top picks based on food alone.

For cheese you might also consider talking to Rachel at Orrman's.

Feb 18, 2013
punktown in Southeast

charlotte quick weekend eats?

+1 on Midwood. It's great and has been very consistent across several visits. Good pork, very flavorful ribs. The only consistency lapse I've witnessed was the brisket. I had it once when it was a bit dry and nothing special. A couple of other times it has been fantastic with a good mix of fat and lean. They also have very good sides.

Queen City Q was just ok for me on one visit. The pulled pork was pretty dry and tasted like it had been sitting around. Sides were very good. I plan to try them again in hope that it was a bad day.

I had better pork at City Smoke on a couple of visits, but it was still not as good as Midwood. Tasty pork, ok ribs, the brisket I got was either cooked too hot or not sliced to order or something - it was disappointingly dry and dense. But the pork was solid. Sides are pretty good. Advantage to QCQ on my limited experience with both.

Sauceman's is also pretty good, but not a walk from downtown (easy bus ride though). Small, friendly, and the pork was very good. Lots of flavor and outside brown. Ribs were a bit dry but tasty. Their white slaw is what a good slaw should be - fresh, bright, a good compliment to the 'cue. I've only been once, but I will definitely be going here again.

If I've got to choose one place for BBQ in Charlotte right now it would be Midwood.

Oct 10, 2012
punktown in Southeast

Help! Charlotte from Columbia (concert at Verizon Amphitheater)

VBGB would be a good pick for a good selection of craft beer (local and otherwise), good food and a casual setting. Maybe too casual for what you want? It's a really nice local version of a German beer garden. If you want a place to hang out, drink, and eat (as opposed to a restaurant for a table-service dinner) it would be a good choice.

Jun 20, 2012
punktown in Southeast

Lunch Between Charlotte Airport and Hickory

In from out of town? Lunch on the patio at the US National Whitewater Center might be nice, even if it's just to watch the rafts and kayaks go by. It's just a bit off the path.

Or Tony's Ice Cream in Gastonia - the food's not the focus, but it's ok. Good ice cream though, in many flavors made right there. It's a bit off 85 as well.

May 31, 2012
punktown in Southeast

Where to eat in Charlotte, NC this Tuesday - Saturday

Price's Chicken Coop for fried chicken (if the weather is nice, since there is no seating - just take away. You can take it to a nearby park, like Latta Park to eat if it's nice out). It's lunch place though, or very early dinner since they close at 6. Go eat the chicken. Seriously.

Harvest Moon Grille does a nice breakfast downtown.

Dinner places (from least to most expensive)
The Comet Grill - a neighborhood bar with the best fries in town, pimento cheese burgers, and live music, depending on the day. It's at the edge of the Dilworth historic district, so you could combine it with a walk through that hood if it's of interest.
Greek Isles - not exactly local food, but we have a big Greek American population, and this is a good place for Greek food.

May 28, 2012
punktown in Southeast

A less-crowded place for Mother's Day in Charlotte

Would a pub setting be ok? Big Ben is open all day. So is Liberty. 4 on a Sunday is going to greatly limit your choices.

May 03, 2012
punktown in Southeast

Looking for a stainless steel strainer to blanch vegies

You can get it, and cheap too.

Ikea makes several 3qt pots and pasta/steam inserts that fit them. "Stabil" is the product series for the inserts. Here's the small pasta insert:
They also have a 5l/5qt version, which is still a pretty nice size. Theirs is perforated steel, which I think is what you're hoping to find.

Jan 05, 2012
punktown in Cookware