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Festival Acadiens et Creoles; Bayou Food Festival

My friend and I went down to Festival Acadiens this year and had a blast! This is a free festival in Girard Park in Lafayette, LA, and there is always good music, good food and good fun! I did a video blog of this day. We got to eat an Alligator po-boy and a mini king cake! Both Delicious! Here's the video:

Oct 24, 2011
LaneVids in New Orleans

Boudin Cookoff.........

I have been there, and it is pretty darn delicious. They were also at the Boudin Cook-off! I went and sampled a lot of different boudin from a lot of different places. I videoed it if you want to see my experience!

Oct 24, 2011
LaneVids in Central South

Boudin in Houston - for you Jaymes

I went to the Boudin Cook-off In Lafayette, LA (my hometown) this weekend, and I got to sample a lot of boudin from around the area. Before then, I never really liked boudin, but after tasting a boudin from different places, I really started to like some of it! I videoed my experience there. Jump to :37 seconds in!

Also Hebert's Speciality Meats is based out of Maurice, LA. They do have a restaurant in Tulsa, OK, which is just as good as the one in Maurice!

Oct 24, 2011
LaneVids in Houston