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Large Group Dinner - Need Location Reccos

Thanks to everyone for their comments and recommendations. We've settled on Cibo Wine Bar on King West. They have several private rooms available and have 3 family-style menus at $45, $55 and $65pp. There is no minimum charge, but there is no also BYOB option.
We've selected the $45pp menu and selected some of the more modestly priced wines.
I will report back on the experience.

Thanks again ChowHounders!

Apple Picking

I second Chudleigh's. We were there this weekend and picked Honey Crisps, Galas and Empires. All delicious.
And the kids had lots of fun in the petting zoo, in the hay maze, on the slides and on the pony rides.

Large Group Dinner - Need Location Reccos

Ideal price range would be $50-$60pp

Large Group Dinner - Need Location Reccos

T.O. Chowhounders,
I am trying to plan a dinner for 20 friends in early November. I am looking for recommendations from CH community as my list of needs / wants is fairly long and specific.
The venue I'm looking for has:

- Really good food (North American, Italian, Mediterranean, Asian)
- A private space that we could use for socializing.
- Somewhat upscale
- The ability to BYOB (we're happy to pay corkage)
- The option to have a set menu created (nice to have not need to have)
- Is located in midtown or downtown (east end or west end are ok)

If you have had an experience at a place that fits the description above, please let me know.


Romantic Weekend in NYC - How am I doing?

My wife and I (early/mid 30's) are planning a romantic long weekend in NYC around Memorial Day - May 23 to 26. We've both been to New York many times. We enjoy fine dining, though I'd say we are far from being "foodies". We love a great room, fun atmosphere and amazing food and are not afraid to pay for the pleasure now and then.
I've put together a food itinerary and I would love to know everyone's thoughts on what if anything I should change.
Also, I'd love to know if anyone has recommendations on bars/lounges that we can mix in to this itinerary that are particularly fun. We're staying at the Standard in the Meat Packing District.

I've got reservations at all of the below.

Thursday - Arrive late afternoon.

Dinner - Buddakan (This is the weakest food option I know. But it has sentimental value for us.)


Dinner - Jean Georges


Brunch - Stanton Social
Dinner - 15 East (we love sushi!)


Lunch - Per Se

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

Apr 25, 2013
JonnyB74 in Manhattan

Best fine dining in Toronto...on a Sunday

Hello fellow chowhounders,
I've got a problem and I'm hoping you can help me out. Here's the situation:
My father-in-law is a serious foodie. He travels the world constantly and seek out the finest restaurants in every city he visits. In particular he loves french food. He is coming to TO and my wife and I asked to take him to dinner. His only request was "I want to go to the best restaurant in the city". The only problem is that the only night he's available to go out with us a Sunday night.
I've tried a bunch of the usual suspects (George, Splendido, Canoe etc) and everyone seems to be closed on Sundays.
Can I get your opinion on the best fine dining in the city on a Sunday?

88 Harbord Street, Toronto, ON M5S 1G5, CA

Toronto Wedding Caterer - Food Dudes?

The Food Dudes catered my wedding in September of 2010. It was a cocktail reception at The Design Exchange. The Food Dudes did an unbelievable job. The food was outstanding. They did a combination of pass-around apps, a pasta bar and a mixed salad bar. Everyone in attendance raved about the food.
For our wedding anniversary last month and in conjunction with my wife's birthday, we hired the Food Dudes again to cater an intimate dinner party for 10 in our house. They prepared a bunch of the same food we had at our wedding and it was just as delicious. Particular highlights: French onion soup dumpling with cave gruyere cheese, Black sesame seed crusted ahi tuna spoon with mango and avocado remoulade, crisp nori, Beer and mustard seed poached jumbo shrimp with an avocado puree, 24 hour braised brisket on jalapeno corn fritter with horseradish aioli.
On top of their amazing food, the Dudes are just the nicest and most professional people I've had to work with. I've been in the film business for over 15 years and have had just about every caterer in the city working on my shoots. The Dudes are the tops in my book.