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Replacing 15 year old Weber Genesis Silver - what to get?

We did go with the Weber Summit 670. So happy with the size! Was able to cook portobello burgers, beef hamburgers and salmon burgers (in a cast iron pan) all at the same time. Tried out a rotisserie chicken this past weekend, and it came out perfect - just like one from a grocery store. Only been a week, but happy with the purchase! Thanks for all of the help!

Replacing 15 year old Weber Genesis Silver - what to get?

We are not interested in an egg, but appreciate the input. We really like the ease of a gas grill. If we're looking for wood smoke taste, we already have a smoker.

Based on comments here and on some research, we are leaning towards the Weber Summit and will check it out this weekend to see which size would work best for our family.

Thank you, Chowhounds, for your help!

Replacing 15 year old Weber Genesis Silver - what to get?

Interesting thought, but my husband already has an electric Cookshack smoker for smoking meats.

Replacing 15 year old Weber Genesis Silver - what to get?

Yes, we are looking for the rotisserie option also. We don't need the side burner, however. Are we doomed to getting one if we want a stand alone grill with cart versus a drop-in? Any other brands to look at other than Weber? I've seen Bull and Broil King mentioned in reviews, but never heard of them before... We saw Lynx (and Lynx Sedona) at an appliance store yesterday.

Replacing 15 year old Weber Genesis Silver - what to get?

Thank you for clarifying. Yes, I guess the term would be front to back vs side to side. I am happy to hear that the newer models' burners are side to side.

Replacing 15 year old Weber Genesis Silver - what to get?

Our Weber has served us well, but we think it's lived a full life and time to move on. Loved our grill, but thing that drove me crazy is that the burners are horizontal rather than vertical. Hard to do indirect cooking when the space you have off is only 6 in. wide. Current grill is only approx 24"x18", so looking to upgrade to 30" or 36" wide. Any suggestions? Husband looking at Lynx-Sedona or Weber Summit, but I'm hoping to find great quality without paying through the nose.

Belated Mother's Day Lunch in Boston

Thanks for ideas. We've taken her to L'Espalier a couple of times for tea, but never lunch. Sister suggested Bristol Lounge or Stephanie's on Newbury, but was looking for other options.

Unfortunately, looks like Myers and Chang and Coppa are both closed for lunch on Saturdays.

Belated Mother's Day Lunch in Boston

A Saturday

Belated Mother's Day Lunch in Boston

My sister & I are taking my mom for lunch to celebrate Mother's Day belatedly, and looking for suggestions of where to eat in Boston. Thinking Back Bay / South End area so we can walk and shop afterwards. Any new places to try? Good places with outdoor seating? Thanks for the help in advance!

Mid-May Maine vacation: recs please!

Earth at Hidden Pond just outside of Kennebunk is rustic and beautiful! Owned by Boston chef Ken Oringer - out of the way location, locally sourced, seasonal food (herb and veggie garden just outside the doors) as well as drinks.

Duckfat in Portland is great for lunch - great sandwiches and milkshakes. Fries cooked in duck fat are delicious.

Definitely recommend Primo too up in Rockland - we've gone there twice and never been disappointed.

Seaport or Theatre District Recommendations for dinner?

Thanks for the recs. I made a reservation at Row 34 just in case the other day, but last time we were in Boston we ate at ICOB in the Fenway, and not sure if it's going to be the same vibe / food.

Seaport or Theatre District Recommendations for dinner?

Staying in the Seaport District overnight and seeing a show at the Opera House July 4th weekend. Any recommendations for restaurants in either of the areas? My favorite "theatre district" restaurant, Erbaluce, is booked. Open to any cuisine, but it's a date night so hoping for nice atmosphere where we can actually talk. Thanks!!

Vegetarian-friendly restaurant in Portsmouth?

Second Street Food. My vegan friends have been there a couple of times, and they highly suggest going there, vegetarian or not.

steakhouse times square


Jun 30, 2013
lmwmcintyre in Manhattan

Restaurant recommendations for families in Florence, Rome?

Hi all! Husband & I heading to Florence (6 days) and Rome (2 days) in November with our 2 boys, ages 7 & 9. They're pretty good when it comes to trying food, so wondering if you have recommendations of places to eat for families?

Oct 23, 2011
lmwmcintyre in Italy