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Looking for fishmonger in NoVa

Have you tried America Seafood (it's behind the Lee Heights shopping center in Arlington)? I don't think I've seen anchovies there lately, but what he sells is usually good quality at a very good price.

Need A Relaxing Dinner On U St

We're going to the Hatian relief fundraiser at Local 16 on Friday for happy hour, and are looking for someplace for dinner in the neighborhood. It will be the end of the week, we'll be tired, and we're looking for someplace quiet and good.

The places that I like nearby are Cork (which doesn't take reservations except for pre-theater and will be mobbed then) and Marvin (which doesn't have any tables available when we'll be hungry). We're not picky about kind of cuisine, but want something where we'll feel taken care of.

Any suggestions for someplace tasty where we can get a reservation on a few days notice, or where we won't need one?

Sedona Overview, Please

We leave in two weeks, so your advice will be helpful.

Sep 13, 2007
esuper in Southwest

Sedona Overview, Please

We'll be spending several nights in Sedona, and we're looking for places for dinner. Usually, I find discussions on the board that compare most of the usual suspects in a city, but for Sedona all that I find are lots of references to someone liking/not liking a particular place as they passed through town.

So, how do the following compare: Cowboy Club, El Portal Sedona, Yavapai, Cafe Elote, Dahl&DeLuca, Restaurant on Oak Creek? Any others that I'm missing?

We prefer restaurants that give a sense of place and an experience that we won't find back home (in Washington, DC). In classic foodie fashion, the meal matters much more than the ambiance. Price doesn't matter, but let us know if it will exceed $150pp.

Sep 12, 2007
esuper in Southwest