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Where to find Pho Soup in Quebec City

Je déteste Thai Express, way too expensive vs food quality.

Thanks so much for your advice, I'll look it up!

Where to find Pho Soup in Quebec City

I'm a bit ashamed, because I live here and I don't know of any good place for Pho. I'm sure there are tons of places in Montreal, but any advice for Quebec City?


Quebec City - maple sugar and syrup?

There is a health store in Laurier Québec (large shopping mall in Ste-Foy) named Aliments de Santé Laurier, that sells all kind of maple produce. I bought very nice organic maple butter last year. I've never seen the real dark maple syrup though (I live here), that's interesting. Or maybe I just wasn't looking for it and never noticed... :)

I also second Le Marché du Vieux-Port. Although since we're not in season, I don't know if the price will be great.

**Oh, and for the record, that huge shopping mall is a 15-minute bus trip from the old city (#800 or #801).