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Thanksgiving in Palm Springs

My family and I are traveling to Palm Springs for the week of Thanksgiving. We have two small children--a three year old and a baby. They do pretty well in restaurants but obviously we only take them to places where they are welcome and we are pretty diligent about manners. Plus we take them outside if they get fussy.

We are looking for someplace to eat for Thanksgiving dinner in Palm Springs. We are happy with a traditional menu or a more innovative Thanksgiving menu, fixed or ala carte are both fine. Does anyone have recommendations?

Also, we are hoping for recommendations on where we should go throughout the rest of the week we are there too. We are looking for good spots for breakfast, lunch and dinner while we are there.

Nov 14, 2014
EBeater in California

Chef's Table or Private Room in Denver

How many people?

Best restaurants in Denver right now are:
* Old major
* Squeaky bean
* The populist

The next tier but also great are:
* Acorn
* Beast and Bottle

All of the above have fantastic cocktails and great wine lists too.
Frank Bonnano's restaurants (Luca d'italia, Mizuna) are wonderful too.

I have only done two chef's table/private room meals in Denver: Beatrice and Woodsley and CafeBar. Both were really solid but not as good as the list above. Enjoy!

Aug 28, 2014
EBeater in Mountain States

Denver Lunch Recs

Enjoy the beautiful weekend in Denver!

My current favorite middle/lower price point lunch spots:
* Salt and Grinder
* Pinche tacos

Higher price point:
* Squeaky bean
* Old Major (weekend only)
* The Populist

Aug 28, 2014
EBeater in Mountain States

Denver Airport, where would you eat?

A new restaurant just opened at Denver International called Root Down. I haven't been to the version at DIA, but it is a version of a restaurant we have in town and Root Down in the city is a lovely local place. It is very Denver and the food is solid. I think it is in the Southwest Terminal. Elways is in the United Terminal and it is solid too though less interesting than Root Down.

Jul 24, 2014
EBeater in Mountain States

Denver downtown spot for group dinner

Try Euclid Hall too.

May 12, 2013
EBeater in Mountain States

Help! Dinner for 35-40 in Downtown Denver

I'd try Euclid Hall.

Mar 12, 2013
EBeater in Mountain States

Looking for good, cheap(ish) eats near Capitol Hill, Denver

Too late for your last trip, but for next time, try pinche tacos on colfax. It is fantastic, cheap, and interesting--and they have brunch too.

We like Jelly for breakfast. It is solid--not necessarily stellar, but generally good.

May 16, 2012
EBeater in Mountain States

Denver, The Big List

I think that pinche tacos is much better than el diablo.

May 15, 2012
EBeater in Mountain States

parkside - meh?

Wow, Tom! What an awesome offer--thanks so much! We'll drop a line next time we're in town and would be happy to return your offer in New Orleans, Denver, etc.

May 14, 2012
EBeater in Austin

parkside - meh?

Tokyo: If you read my post, I am definitely not dismissing Austin's food scene from one appetizer, nor am I being pretentious.

Troy said this better than I will (thanks!) but I was just trying to reconcile great reviews for a restaurant (parkside) on this board with the bad dish we had there. I have no problem sending a dish back if there is something wrong with it, but it is futile to send something back at a restaurant that is not good enough to improve on a mediocre dish. In the case of the gnocchi, the texture would have warranted sending it back, but the individual elements of the dish were all solidly mediocre so it felt futile to send it back and not worth the gamble to wait 90 minutes for a restaurant that served a poor quality gnocchi, which is, in your words, easy enough to make at home.

But I got my answer from you all so thank you: don't order Italian in Austin--which i won't next time!

Glad to hear that Austin is hitting its stride as a food town (barley swine and the food trucks certainly suggested that!) We're excited to eat there again next time we visit. And dino: yes, skipping the foie was a tactical error on my part.

How is Justine's?

May 14, 2012
EBeater in Austin

parkside - meh?

Storefront eats: what a fascinating perspective on Austin's food scene. It makes perfect sense that, being "younger" than other cities, it lacks some maturity culinarily. Thanks for the tip on Austin Italian, too; lesson learned.

Our meal at Barley Swine was superb. It was difficult to even pick a favorite dish because 4 of 6 were incredible--interesting, creative, with near-perfect execution and wonderful flavors. The other two dishes were very good too.

My only regret is that I couldn't have the dessert with foie gras--I had already promised myself to Amy's and I think I might have missed something spectacular.

Tonight, as we left dinner, my husband commented that this meal was better than the tasting menu at Joel Robechon. I have to argue that you can't beat Robechon's execution, however, the innovative flavors, smart ingredient combinations and very strong execution make barley swine extremely noteworthy.

Is there anything else as good or better than barley swine in Austin? We're leaving tomorrow but would love to make a list for next trip. It sounds like Uchiko is a must. Anything else on the level of Uchiko or Barley swine?

May 12, 2012
EBeater in Austin

parkside - meh?

My husband and I are in Austin for the weekend enjoying one of our favorite towns and our fave hotel (the San Jose). We attempted to eat at parkside last night. We didn't get it together to make reservations so we put our name down and settled in at the bar for a 90 minute wait. [Context: we're Denverites now but lived in New Orleans and Philly previously as well as NY and Chicago, so having lived in great foodie towns, we are used to great restaurants.]

We decided to get an appetizer while we waited and ordered gnocchi. Honestly, it was barely mediocre. It was so soft that it could barely be speared with a fork and the flavors were totally uninspired. The Parmesan on the gnocchi was not high quality and it was pretty boring. I was shocked at how poorly executed the gnocchi was though--cooked wrong, wrong, wrong. We decided that an appetizer that bad probably didn't bode well for the rest of the meal and we skipped the 90 minute wait and hit up some amazing food trucks and had a fantastic meal.

As we left parkside (before the food trucks resuscitated our evening culinarily), my husband asked me if "perhaps Austin just isn't a great food town?" I vehemently defended Austin as a fantastic food town, but the rave reviews for parkside on this board shook my confidence. What gives?? Was it just the once-in-a-blue-moon, crappy execution? A weak link on their menu? Is it generally slipping? I'd love any insight to reconcile our experience with the reviews on the board.

Hopefully we'll have better luck tonight at barley swine!

May 12, 2012
EBeater in Austin

Where to eat in Vail (with a baby)?

Thanks for the info Claire! We are in Vail now but were ambivalent to try a higher end restaurant because of the baby. It is good to know that we'll likely be welcome in the off-season and we'll take your advice and make some calls to find someplace for this evening. We wouldn't dream of bringing our baby to one of the higher end places during high season :-).

Oct 23, 2011
EBeater in Mountain States

Where to eat in Vail (with a baby)?

We are spending a weekend in Vail and looking for casual, great food. The one catch is that we are traveling with our 2 month-old baby.

What are the best restaurants in Vail where we could comfortably bring a baby? We need recommedations for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and are looking for all casual places (can be at various price points).

Oct 22, 2011
EBeater in Mountain States