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The End of "Ethnic"

I'll have a danish, please. Butter as well.

Jun 05, 2012
zoemoire in Features

Easy Slow Cooker Pulled Pork

OK, but what is a great bbq sauce recipe for this ? Thanx. Mine was not so great. But the pork turned out ok.

May 17, 2012
zoemoire in Recipes

Chicken Pot Pie

CREAMED CHICKEN: You'll notice that the "creamed chicken" is in blue print, rather than black. Click on it, you will then find the "creamed chicken" recipe.

I agree with the crust comments. Make your own. Brown the bottom crust first in the oven - to prevent the soggies.

Dec 22, 2011
zoemoire in Recipes

The Great Honey Swindle

Buy local. We have Hector's Honey Farm. Nice.

Nov 14, 2011
zoemoire in Features