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Non-RW Recommendations Needed

Thank you. These are all great places at which I have dined many times. I think my mind went blank after I called three places I wanted to go only to be told that they have "special" menus during restuarant week.

Non-RW Recommendations Needed

RW is a great idea. I encourage it. But I hate it. Service is often rushed, best items are often off the menu, ... It is not the same. So ... my question ... what is the best non-RW restaurant? [Price, value are not factors here].

What is your favorite DC foodie restaurant?

Dino's has a great food but should not be confused with or associated with the level of dining at Citronelle, Komi, Cityzen, etc.

What is your favorite DC foodie restaurant?

I have tried Adour. Very disappointing. Not in the same class with the others. Having the chef in the kitchen (not just in the advertsing) makes all the difference.

Best DC area restaurant

There can be no definitive list in order. Jaydreb certainly listed five of the very best. One could also make a 10 best but at some point it becomes personal preference.

Palena or Komi?

Do them both. They are quite different. I like the more casual atmosehre of Komi and I think the dozen or more amuse bouche are the biggest attraction for me. They are innovative, fun, and delicious. The main courses are great but not the stars here. Palena is a bit more formal and the attractions are the main courses. You won't go wrong at either place.

Quality Greek Restaurant in NoVa, DC, Baltimore?

Try Taverna Cretekou on King Street in Old Town Alexandria,VA and Mourayo on Connecticut Avenue just above Dupont Circle. The latter specializes in Greek seafood. I highly recommend both.


I agree. My third and fourth choices !


The two best in the DC area: Hook (Georgetown) and Black Salt (NW of Gerogetown).

Black Cod?!?

I see it at Harris Teeter (Arlington) all the time. Sometimes at Whole Foods. Usually at Black Salt fish market. Often called sablefish in restaurants (sounds more appealing?). You shouldn't have much trouble finding it.

Looking for Excellent DC Restaurant

Are you planning to bring his wine? No other guidance, e.g. price, location, cuisine ?

Bebo - Bad Experience

I too have many fond memories of the food and service at Galileo. It is hard for me to fathom a chef as talented as Donna to apparantly not care any more. The service at Bebo is some of the worst in the DC area; does he not listen or is no one willing to tell him?

Indigo Landing?

It's run by a Government contractor; a firm that specializes in cafeterias etc. That says it all. It's ok, just nothing special; if you keep yopur expectations low, you will be satisfied but not pleased. It is good for a nice summer day on the patio. It is better than Del Merie [unless you are a frickles fan, which I am not]. Of the three that you mention, Bazin's is definitely the best; a real chef and neither as crowded or as noisy as IL, and better service.

Restaurants near Folger theater?

Isn't Montemarte still there ? I haven't been there in a year or so but it was a good choice for French bistro food. Lately after the Folger I have going to Beck as it is open all afternoon --- the Folger usually gets out 4:30ish and many nearby restaurants don't open until 5:30.

PS: The play is vey good.


It's good food but not special. D'Acqua tries to carve out a unique niche (Italian seafood). If you want seafood go to Black Salt, Hook, Pesce, ... If you want Itailian go to Tosca, Obleisk, .....

Casa Oaxaca-Adams Morgan

Casa Oaxaca has been open for six months at least. I've been there a number of times and it is the best Mexican food in the DC area. The owners also have Guajillo [sp?] in Arlington which is my second favorite.

Where to get your Knife professionally sharpened?

There are several good tips here, e.g., Dave Arnold, but after initial trepidation I found that sharpening my knives myself using a stone is pretty easy. I have both traditional knifes and Japanese knives. I bought a sharpening stone from Korin in NYC ( and a how-to-do-it video from them. I was surprised how easy it is. No grinder is ever going to do as good a job.

Where to get your Knife professionally sharpened?

Yes but they just use grinders. Would you really let someone who does lawnmower blades anywhere near your expensive knives?!

Bebo - Bad Experience

Same night we were there. Horrible service [see above] but a huge crowd still trying to get in. Perhaps Chef Donna thinks there is nothing wrong as long as there is a line at the door. The place desperatley needs an expereinced manager for the front of the house.

BEST seafood in DC & nice atmosphere

I've eaten there too buts underwhelmed. I put it in the same category as Sea Catch, Oceanaire, McCormick & Schmicks, Market Inn, Legal Seafood, Johnny's Half Shell [used to good in Dupont Circle] and host of other "ok but nothing special" safood restaurants.

BEST seafood in DC & nice atmosphere

Black Salt Tasting Room, Hook, Black Salt regular dining room. The tasting room is quiet; the other two are quite noisy and crowded. I also like Hank's Oyster bar; no reservations, quite casual, crowded, noisy; not in the same class as the other three but good food. Finally, Pesce in Dupont Circle is always enjoyable for me. I wouldn't bother with anywhere else, including Kinkead's which is living on past reputation.

Bebo - Bad Experience

My experiences at Bebo have been mixed, to say the least. The first time we visited, we ate at the bar. The food was amazing, the service was great. We couldn't wait to return. When we next went, the teen-age hostess was so rude that we walked out without eating. The third time, we sat at a booth, the good was great, and the service very good. Then we went there last night. A nightmare. The host had no record of our reservation [although he was the one who took it over the phone that morning]. When we were finally seated, we discovered that the couple next to us had the same problem. When we sat down, there was no silverware. When they brought bread, we had to ask for bread plates. We ordered [wine, salad, pizza]. The first thing to arrive was the pizza. We sent it back saying we wnated our salad [and wine] first. A few minutes later another waiter tried to deliver the pizza again. We sent it back. The wine and salad finally arrived [with tableware]. Don't bother with the ceasar salad. A failed attempt at trendy presentation. Then the pizza arrived, After a miserable time trying to cut it, it was obvious that they had simply put our pizza under a heat lamp for 20 minutes. Horribly disappointing. However, with plenty of time before the theatre, we pressed on. We ordered the olive oil cake for dessert. After 10 minutes, the waiter returned to say they didn't have it. We ordered chocolate gelato. After another 10 minute wait for someone to scoop ice cream into a dish it arrived. Five minutes later we received our spoons. When the bill arrived, it contained a $20 charge for orichette that we did not order.

The meal wsa a disaster. I might try the bar again, but not the dining room. The couple at the next table had similar problems [that I won't recount]. The Chef is talented but he definitely needs someone experienced to run the front of the house.


I get the feeling that the upstairs with the bar and music is more "hip." I have only eaten downstairs when there was nothing going on upstairs. In any event, I stopped being "hip" in the 60's; I no longer worry about it. I think the only drawback, sometimes, is the neighborhood at night.


Yes, it is that good. My favorite vegetarian restaurant.

Thai Square: What's on the Thai Language Menu?

I've been there a zillion times but didn't know there was a Thai language menu. Of course I can't read Thai anyway ..... If the waitress offered that information, why not just ask her what the dishes are?

Citronelle vs. Vidalia

All excellent choices; I was just sticking with the seafood theme.

Citronelle vs. Vidalia

We so often agree, but not on this one. Kinkead's is a Washington institution but longevity doesn't make up for seafood dishes conceived 20 years ago and unimproved since. I agree the 20-something crowd at Hook gives it an atmosphere I don't care for but I just eat early and avoid the crowd. The food is still great. My GF prefers Hook, I prefer BS.

Chef's Table at Brasserie Beck?

It's just food of fthe regular menu but in a noisy and very busy location. Definitely not an inviting concept. You are far better off just reserving a regular table for 8 and treating it like the very good Brasserie that it is rather than as a fine dining destination (which it is not).

Omakase or Kaiseki Chefs Tasting Menu

The kaiseki meal at Makoto is one of my favorite meals. I highly recommend it. It is about $50 per person, but you can upgrade the sashimi course (which I usually do). I have had the tasting (omakase) meal at Sushi Ko and enjoyed it very much but not as much as Makoto. I have eaten at Sushi Taro and been underwhelmed so I have never bothered to try the the tasting menu. Of th ethree, Makoto is the easy winner, to my taste.

Citronelle vs. Vidalia

Black Salt and Hook are both far better sea food resturants than Kinkeads. I would keep Vidalia and switch out Kinkeads [the weakest of the four] for Citronelle. If you are also considering switching out Vidalia, I'd recommend Komi.