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Need dinner recs for three women, Columbia area down to west 80's

I'll second this recommendation.
I've been several times and have always had a positive experience. The food is good and the staff wonderful, they're gracious and let you take your time.
Their early prixe fixe is a great bargain.
It's a gem.

Apr 10, 2010
ohny in Manhattan

Abita in Manhattan?

I was just at the Fairway on 74th the other day and noticed that they had Abita...I believe it was the amber...stocked on the end cap just across from the express lane, on the top shelf. :-)

Sep 08, 2007
ohny in Manhattan

Most Polarizing Resturant

I'll add another vote for Otto being polarized.

Aug 13, 2007
ohny in Manhattan

graduation restaurant

Agree with RGR on Compass.
Also, there was a similar thread recently, focusing on the UWS...maybe this will be of some help too...

Congrats to the Graduate.

Apr 20, 2007
ohny in Manhattan

Graduation dinner on upper west side

I third the recemendation.
I also recently had a good meal at Compass. Really good duck breast - nice and moist. Only complaint was feeling a bit rushed - but after we communicated that we weren't in a hurry (aka weren't going to the theatre) they cooled their jets a bit.
Solid pre-fixe.

Apr 16, 2007
ohny in Manhattan

Megu Midtown Lunch Tomorrow

Oh yes. I'll second that. I had the kobe/foie gras meatballs at the other location too and really loved them.
One of the other things that is sticking out in my mind is their asparagus - it was nice and tender and crisp with a nice thin crunchy coating. I am an asparagus lover though...

Apr 09, 2007
ohny in Manhattan

Drinks / small bites for Group - around E 42nd ???

Looking for some help please, I can't seem to put my finger on the right place...

- For this Weds night around 6pm (right around the corner - last minute I know!)
- Around E. 42nd st. - hopefully with in walking distance North or South , East or West from say 3rd ave/Lex
- Group of around 20+
- situation where people can mingle not seated at tables per se - (nice restaurant bar type setting perhaps or a reserved section for the group? - NOT looking for a pub, more upscale please) (obvisoulys looking for solid food/drinks :-) )
- business function - but looking for somplace a bit upbeat / fun / lively - no stale /stiff places please
- Drinks and small bites / hor' dourves / tapas type of food - no real price restrictions - but reasonable
- open to cuisine - but not strict sushi place please - must have some cooked food for this group

Tried to be specific - Gosh -hopefully not too specific.

Any thoughts / help greatly appreciated.
Thanks Hounds!

Apr 09, 2007
ohny in Manhattan

restaurant near 9 ave and 48th???

I'll throw another "yes" to Basilica.
I've been twice, most recently last week, and I had good experiences on both occasions. On one visit I did the pre-fixe which was solid all around and a great value.

Mar 05, 2007
ohny in Manhattan

UWS -- looking for something new or over-looked

Thanks for the update nychowgirl...sounds like a decent place to check out.

Feb 14, 2007
ohny in Manhattan

UWS -- looking for something new or over-looked

While just south of where you mentioned...
There is a new place that just opened on Broadway at w. 68th or w 69th I think. Its called Barcibo Enoteca (or something to that affect). I'm not entirely sure, but it I think it is a wine bar with tasting plates?
Anyone tried this place yet or have word on it???

Feb 13, 2007
ohny in Manhattan

Kefi - review

Eager to check out the new incarnation of Onera, I stopped into Kefi on W. 79th the other night, to give it a taste. First impressions of the space are that it is comfortable and cozy feeling, quite nice. Sitting a table for two though felt a little too cozy, as the tables are placed very close to you neighbors and are really the size of a table for one…we are talking small.
The have a nicely priced selection of wines by the glass. A bonus.
So for the food…to start off, let’s talk bread. The bread, which comes in baguette like slices, sadly tasted as though it had been cut far in advance and had been sitting around far too long. This would be a very nice bread if only it were to be sliced closer to serving. The accompanying olive oil was pleasant and had a light fruity quality.
I ordered the broad noodles with braised rabbit. Unfortunately, the execution of this dish was lacking on my visit. It was overall too sweat and was missing the salted flavor notes from the cheese in the dish. While the little pieces of rabbit within the dish had nice flavor, the overall dish lacked. And sadly the portion was a little insulting. Yes it was reasonably priced, but I found the portion to be far too little.
Of the few bites of my companion’s roasted chicken dish I founded it to be fine, if not a little too acidic, but nothing to write home about.
Overall – I want to like this place, and think it isn’t far off the mark and has potential, but I’m not sold just yet…Maybe another visit will provide further enlightenment…we’ll see.

Feb 02, 2007
ohny in Manhattan

Business Dinner Midtown - Nice w/Good Wine List

I'll add another vote for Alto. Excellent food, lengthy wine list, and nice atmosphere. Good call.

Feb 02, 2007
ohny in Manhattan

Dinner near Symphony Space @96th and Bway?

it looks like Sipan is "closed for renovations"...time will tell as to what that really means...

Jan 24, 2007
ohny in Manhattan

Best Malaysian food in NYC?

can't comment on authenticity, but Sanur is very tasty. It certainly is a whole in the wall though.

Jan 19, 2007
ohny in Manhattan

Fairway Favorites?

They make their own pot pies that I think are great! Chicken, turkey, or salmon. Yum - great on a cold night.

Jan 17, 2007
ohny in Manhattan

Veritas: Overjoyed or overrated?

I had the pleasure of dinning there right before the holiday and had a great experience.
While the menu isn't very long, it seems well constructed and there wasn't a 'dud' from any of the orders on our table.
The stand out for me was the braised rabbit with mushroom over gnocchi, really great flavor, I'd highly recomend it.
The other hight note of the evening was a great dessert wine by the glass - Hungarian I believe, Tokai (no idea on the spelling?).
Pleasant service, and as you might expect, a very large wine list, or shall we say book, that they were helpfull in sorting through.

Jan 05, 2007
ohny in Manhattan

Times Square (specifically, 44th and Broadway), late at night, alone - where to eat?

I ate at Pigalle recently, and while I wanted to like the place, I was underwelmed...not bad...just very mediocre and some of the tiniest mussels I've ever had. Service was...well let's just say that when I dropped my fork and asked the waitess for a new one- she rolled her eyes as walking away...
Could have just been my luck that night, so only count it as one opinion...

Nov 02, 2006
ohny in Manhattan

Nice, inovative dinner Friday night - please an 80 year old from out of town - yet great vibe ?

Thanks to both of you for your replies...We ended up not eating in the city after all, but I appreciate your thougths. I haven't checked out Onera yet, sounds good, I think I'll add it to the list...

Sep 30, 2006
ohny in Manhattan

Nice, inovative dinner Friday night - please an 80 year old from out of town - yet great vibe ?

I'm looking for some help on suggestions for tomorrow (Friday) night.
Group of 5 (rangeing from mid 20's to a youthfull mid-80's)
Must be quiet (you can be youthfull in your 80's but doesn't mean you can still hear well)
Ability to get a reservation a plus.
Looking for someplace that is mid-priced, and has interesting food that has its own take on things. In otherwords someplace you can't get outside of the city. Prefer something that is maybe not standard american or steakhouse...really open to cuisine suggestions.
Not married to a location as some will be driving in.

Bonus question - Suggestions for a nice, classic new york place for a drink after dinner. Think someplace in the vein of the Oak Bar.

Thanks in advance Chowhounders!

Sep 28, 2006
ohny in Manhattan

neighborhood italian around 45th and 9th?

Basilica is near, on 9th and 46th I think. I had their pre-theatre prix-fix once and found it nice and quite a bargain. For just over 20 something dollars (when 2 people order) you get a bottle of their house wine to share and 3 courses each. Not sure if they still offer this, or what the time restrictions are, but it might be worth checking out.

Sep 21, 2006
ohny in Manhattan

Malaysian Restaurant in Chinatown?

I'll second the rec for New Indonesia and Malysia - a.ka. "Sanur". Sure, its a whole in the wall - but good eating. They have a great Roti Canai. :-)

Sep 08, 2006
ohny in Manhattan

Turkish fine dining?

I really enjoyed a meal at Turkish Kitchen. Excellent food and a very pleasant atmosphere.

Jun 29, 2006
ohny in Manhattan

babbo question, or how to get out of there for under $150 for 2

I did this game plan sans dessert and we were very pleased. Sharing the dishes, we had enough variety and enough food.

Jun 27, 2006
ohny in Manhattan

Thumbs Up to Lisca on UWS

I had a really nice experience last evening at Lisca. It’s an Italian place on Amsterdam between w.92/w.93rd. Nice environment and friendly staff.
The food -
I had the pappardelle with wild mushrooms, caramelized onions, and goat cheese. Really nice balance of flavor - tasted substantial and not overly heavy at the same time. The pasta was cook just right, al dente so it still had some firmness but was not underdone either. A well executed dish.
My dinning companion had the lasagna with veal ragu. I only had a small taste – but enough to know that it certainly had interesting and rich flavor. In the end both plates were completely empty – including the sauce that we each used our bread to get the last drop.
Each pasta was $14 to give you a price range on the place.
I had a good experience and I’ll go back without hesitation.

Jun 27, 2006
ohny in Manhattan

New York City restaurants serving top notch dim sum.

I recently had a good experience at Golden Unicorn as well.

Jun 26, 2006
ohny in Manhattan