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Can Whole Foods Atone with Wellness Clubs?

Lessley, I imagine you eating a bowl of salad and tsk, tsking over the paleness of the lettuce (What idiot sells lettuce that isn't bright green! Who let the ignorant clown in the kitchen purchase this junk?)

By the the time I got to the 'keeping my eye on this curious program' line, I was rolling MY eyes!

It's a real hoot to read that Whole Foods has to 'atone' for anything. Thanks for the giggle.

Jan 19, 2012
mememe2 in Features

October weekend in the Hudson Valley

I don't think it's easy to get a reservation at the CIA's restaurants (I think they have three - I know they have two - one French cooking and one Modern American). But the dining experience we had there recently was really very romantic and special. We went to the French restaurant. I was not so impressed with some parts of a few dishes, but I loved all the dishes. We ordered everything from appetizers to wine to dessert and cheese plate. The service was good but it was apparent to me that some of the waiters were more nervous and eager to please so that they weren't as smooth and confident as you would expect in a high-end French restaurant. I guess that comes from being both haute cuisine and student run.

Everything was served under a silver cloche, for example. There was great care to constantly change our silverware with the changing courses. The restaurant is immaculate and the waiters wear the uniform black and white you find in posters of French caricatured waiters. They really make the effort to please, even to the point of sometimes hovering to make sure you are happy with what's on the table.

Bottom line: much much cheaper than a restaurant of similar quality, and that includes the excellent wine list!

Check with the CIA - they may have a cancellation .Otherwise, try the restaurants some other trip. Oh, and that campus - magical. Fountains, lights, stone facades. Organic gardens, local produce, etc.

Hamersley's want menu recommendations

I recently went to Hamersley's - my first time. The chicken does have a reputation and how good could it be? As other people have said, there's chicken and then there's chicken. Maybe the chicken at your local diner would give Hamersley's chicken a run for its money. My opinion: Hamersley's chicken is one of the better roasted chicken dishes I've had. I think one thing is that it has this reputation and so the kitchen definitely delivers on that. It probably IS as good as the same dish you ordered on that menu ten years ago. It's tender, it's moist, without being mush. It doesn't have a crispy skin - instead it has a layer of something crispy coating the very top of the chicken piece - bread? Dunno, but it's got a delicious flavor and lovely texture. I think I'd call it somewhat buttery. With some herbs helping that flavor.

If I got that same chicken tomorrow night if I dined there again, I'd think, 'Wow, I'm going to be coming here a lot for this particular dish...' just because it takes a lot of control to make a dish come out flavorful and tender every single time. So far, that is what I have heard about the chicken at Hamersley, so it's all good.

Oct 17, 2011
mememe2 in Greater Boston Area

Marblehead Breakfast

Pretty close to Marblehead but in Salem is the Salem Diner. It's quite near the Salem State campus and it's pure diner, breakfast stuff, simple, small and homey. Nice! Plopped right in the middle of the intersection there, practically, so it's a challenge to park in their little parking lot.

Salem Diner
70 Loring Ave, Salem, MA 01970

Oct 17, 2011
mememe2 in Greater Boston Area

Technique, Le Cordon Bleu, Cambridge

I went to the Cordon Bleu Website for the Boston (Cambridge) school and found the restaurant. It was very difficult to find a reservation! Can they possibly be that busy, given that someone posted here that the place was practically empty when they dined there? I finally got a reservation mid-December.

11 Market St, Mashpee, MA 02649

Oct 17, 2011
mememe2 in Greater Boston Area