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xmas eve restaurants?

My friend just called. They had to cancel a reservation for 5 at La Morra... so there is a table available at La Morra (not Asian, but is in Brookline)

Dec 23, 2007
cvb in Greater Boston Area

Chinese in HP/Dedham/West Roxbury

Looking to get take out Chinese for Christmas Eve. As a kid we always got Kings House... not even sure if that is still open! I saw recommendations for Spring Blossom and Bamboo but not sure if those get the thumbs up for take out.

The group is a fairly reserved group looking for very pretty standard Americanized Chinese take out preferably in the HP/Dedham/W Rox area.

Dec 20, 2007
cvb in Greater Boston Area

CF Donovans HP Update?

I searched for the status of CF Donovans opening in Hyde Park and the last I saw was they were scheduled for June.

Does anyone have any status? Just decided to take a HP'er out to dinner tonight and that seemed like a great option but I am afraid it is not yet open. Any other HP options I am missing?

Oct 04, 2007
cvb in Greater Boston Area

Need Great Rest. 10 mile radius of Needham

The wait at Delfino's shouldn't be a problem on a Thursday night. It is worth it. Give your cell phone number and go grab a drink.

May 04, 2007
cvb in Greater Boston Area

Sweet Tomatoes Coming to Needham?

I heard a rumor today that Sweet Tomatoes is going to move into the closed convenience store on Chestnut Street. (Next to McDonald's, across from Kosta's) Anyone else heard this? I tried googling it but I think its too new of a rumor.

Apr 25, 2007
cvb in Greater Boston Area

What do you bring to the (appetizer) table?

I am pretty fortunate that I have been invited to so many parties lately but I am bored with my go-to appetizer. I love to bring a plate of cherry tomatoes that I half and hold together with a little basil and fresh mozzarella. They are a nice burst of color on a table full of party foods. They are usually a hit but I am tired of making them.

What are your tried and true (and not too labor intensive) recipes to bring to a party?

Mar 29, 2007
cvb in Home Cooking

What if we made Chicken Cacciatore with boneless/skinless chicken breast?

I make mine using boneless/skinless thighs. My sister tried boneless/skinless breasts and was disappointed. (Not sure why).

The recipe I use calls for roasting the thighs first. I get raves whenever I make this. Its from Sweet Basil, a restaurant in Needham MA.

Mar 06, 2007
cvb in Home Cooking

Cafe Appollonia changing to Boston Brickhouse

Adam at Universalhub went over the weekend...

"(but I didn't see any of the promised Albanian holdovers from Cafe Apollonia; unless maybe I missed them in the menu)."

Feb 05, 2007
cvb in Greater Boston Area

New Restaurant in the Old Joy Luck location

Sweet Basil is open in the new space. Haven't been yet but I've driven by. Curious about the new Joy Luck place too.

Other Needham spots: The for the new restaurant is up at the former Indigo, but my memory is gone for the name of the new place going in there. I heard a rumor that it will be very pricey $40/50 plates.

Feb 01, 2007
cvb in Greater Boston Area

Cafe Appollonia changing to Boston Brickhouse

Tonight might be a good night to check it out.

At 7:30 p.m., Thursday evening, the restaurant plans to hold an open house with free samples of some of their new dishes.

Article about the change:

Jan 25, 2007
cvb in Greater Boston Area

Best Deal in Brookline/Brighton/Allston/Watertown

Meeting a friend tonight and we want good comforting food and lots of wine. We are both trying to stick to our New Years Resolution budgets so we want somewhere that we can sit and relax and not break the bank.

Any thoughts on somewhere with good food for budget prices but that also serve beer/wine?

Jan 24, 2007
cvb in Greater Boston Area

Sat night dinner along 128

If your friends are Cheesecake Factory fans (which I take as a non-adventurous group), I think Isabellas and Vintage might be a bit 'much' for them.

For 'safe' places, I'd say:

West on Centre in West Roxbury; Sit in the bar, great cocktails, nice room, I love the pizza with pesto. I had a dinner with a large group a few weeks ago. They were great, pacing perfect and I didn't see the bill and am still amazed how cheap the night was... I wonder if they comped us something.

Brickhouse Cafe in Dedham (across from McGolf): Red Sauce Italian food; decent prices

Jan 18, 2007
cvb in Greater Boston Area

Comella's, No "Mess", "No Mas"

Looks like it will open late January or February.

I heard it will be in the old Yankee Copy at 1844 Centre Street

Jan 05, 2007
cvb in Greater Boston Area

Private Dining Newton/Needham or MetroWest

Planning a holiday party for 15 in January. We are looking for a private room for dinner where we can linger for a few hours. We normally go into town and have enjoyed the rooms at Vox and Abe and Louie's. Trying to find something similar in Newton/Needham or somewhere off 128 (Metrowest?) Thanks for the help.

Dec 13, 2006
cvb in Greater Boston Area

Going for lunch on Sat in Chestnut Hill

I am not sure what your plans are but the BC football game is home tomorrow vs. Maryland at noon. Its going to be pretty trafficy at noon and then again at 3pm. I would choose a place with a parking lot or valet parking. Newton Center might be a good bet if you are able to avoid the area.

Nov 17, 2006
cvb in Greater Boston Area

Please Share Your Favorite Apple Crisp Recipe (No Oats) and a Question: Best Apples for Crisp & Pie?

I just wanted to say thanks for the suggestions here. My family had our Thanksgiving dinner this past weekend and I always make the pie. I usually stick with Cortlands or Empire and only used one type of apples. I read this before making my pie and used three different types of apples. I had never done that before and will never go back.

I used a mix of Cortlands, Empire and Braeburns. I hadn't had Braeburns before but saw them recommended here so I tossed them in. I usually make a ton of apples with sugar and cinnamon for the family to snack on. We did a little taste test and the Braeburns won. The next day when we had the pie, everyone commented that the mix of different apples was nice--gave it a good balance of flavors.
Thanks Chowhounds.

Nov 14, 2006
cvb in Home Cooking


Any truth to the rumor they are closing?

Nov 06, 2006
cvb in Greater Boston Area

Anyone tried Needham upscale restaurants lately?

I went to Fresca for lunch. DC got greek salad with chicken. It was a huge salad with a lot of feta. ($8-9?) I got the burger -- was a good burger not outstanding but good for the area. My complaint is the service. We were there for well over an hour just for a salad and a burger. Server took a while to get to us, we mentioned I was on lunch hour and wanted to order, he said he'd be right back... 10 minutes later he returned. It was another 20-5 mintues before we got our orders. It wasn't all that crowded and I didn't notice anyone picking up take out. It was just very sloooow.

I was one of the only fans of the old Greek place in Needham. I got a salad from there almost weekly. I'll probably call into Fresca for a salad and take it back to work with me but I probably won't be back for lunch hour.

Oct 11, 2006
cvb in Greater Boston Area

Wine in Supermarkets -pro vs. con

But your town still will not allow sale of wine after this law passes, isn't that correct? I work in a dry town and this law will do nothing to change the town ordinances. (I work in Needham and we have Trader Joe's. I mentioned to a resident of Needham how great it would be if this law were passed and TJs could sell wine. She pointed out that Needham would have to then change their law, and we didn't see that happening.)

I guess for me, my local wine store is great and no matter what I will still go there. The supermarkets are a horrorshow.

As far as wine in gas stations, I don't know why this bothers me. I obviously had never experienced it until I moved to TX. In MA, at the gas station there is a cooler full of single Cokes next to the register. In TX, they had a cooler full of beer. You would see the drivers, buy one beer (not a six pack) and walk back to their car. I know its pretty hard to get drunk from one beer but there is just so much wrong with that. I know, I know, this is not the norm but its the image in my head. I saw it happen repeatedly, not just once.

I do *not* believe selling wine in super markets will increase drunk driving or underage drinking. I think that whole campaign is ridiculous.

As far as competition, yes, it is good to a point but have you been to other part of the country where the ONLY store in town is Super Walmart. They squeeze out the competition. How many locally owned places are left?

[I just reread my post and I sound like such a whiner... I swear I am an openminded person... jeesh, I really haven't even decided how I am going to vote. I hate the ballot questions they never seem to fully explain an issue and then both sides start running dumb commercials using scare tactics.]

Oct 05, 2006
cvb in Wine

Wine in Supermarkets -pro vs. con

Here is the Globe article about pricing...

"Large package stores often beat the supermarket prices by anywhere from $1 to $5 a bottle. Smaller package stores were far less competitive, but still managed to match the prices of nearby supermarkets on some products."

Oct 05, 2006
cvb in Wine

Wine in Supermarkets -pro vs. con

I have lived both in TX and Boston. Everyone's comments here about going to a wine shop don't mesh with the current situation in MA. There are very few supermarkets that sell wine/beer here. We have liquor stores that sell most of the beer/wine. Some cities allow the sale of beer and wine but the supermarkets are only given three licenses for the entire state (I believe).

The liquor stores we have here are mostly locally owned. The 'chains' we have are Blanchards and Cappys which have a handful of stores. Best Cellars is a great wine store.

Personally, I believe selling wine in supermarkets will lead to the Walmart-ization of MA. We still have corner stores where you can talk to the owner behind the register. Most local wine shops have wine tastings on the weekend. You can taste the wines and discuss your likes/dislikes with the employees. I have discovered more favorites this way. I cannot imagine the bagger at Stop and Shop will be much help.

Another concern of mine with the law, and I admit I really haven't read too much into it, is the gas stations. Are the little stores at gas stations considered 'markets'? Will there be beer and wine at the gas stations? That part bothers me.

There was an article in the Globe recently showing that the prices of wines in supermarkets vs. liquor stores really is not much different. I know Gary's in West Roxbury is always the cheapest place for most brands -- even cheaper than Trader Joe's in some cases. I can't imagine the prices being much lower.

Oct 05, 2006
cvb in Wine

Delfina/Sophia's Grotto

Just a heads up this weekend is Roslindale Day weekend. There's a Harvest Fest tomorrow and parade on Sunday. Also this weekend is the BikeFest and they are going through Roslindale. So this weekend *might* be a little tight as far as parking goes. Nothing major but a possible road closed so you might need to circle the square an extra time.

But I agree with everyone else, Delfino's for food, Sophias for atmosphere. We usually put our name in for a table and then walk over to the wine shop for a free wine tasting. By the time we walk back our table is ready.
Roslindale Day:
BikeFest Route Map:

Sep 29, 2006
cvb in Greater Boston Area

Great spot in Boston to bring kids

I was thinking the same thing, MOS or the aquarium. And if you go to the library you can get free passes to the Museums. (Call ahead and then just pick them up... amazing deal).

Or Top of the Hub or Bay Tower Room for an app. Fun to check out the city and see the planes taking off.

Sep 29, 2006
cvb in Greater Boston Area

Atlantic Fish Company on Boylston

I just went on Monday night after a long absence. We loved it. We sat outside on a beautiful night. Service was very attentive. I had day boat halibut. Cornmeal crusted served with a large portion of lobster meat. Friends had day boat scallops (so huge and sweet) and the sea bass. The sea bass was the star, pan fried and served over lobster ravioli. I believe it was supposed to have spinach but they could not with the spinach recall.

I didn't order the wine, our waiter suggested a great Oregon pinot. Prices were in the $25-30 range for entrees. We had already had apps prior to dinner and were too full for dessert.

Sep 20, 2006
cvb in Greater Boston Area

Martini's in Norwood

We were going to get a panini to split but we sat at the low couches on the edge of the room and thought it would be awkward eating them there.

Honestly if the music were toned down, we probably would have enjoyed it more. We were hoping for a lounge-y vibe but we had to yell to each other to be heard over the music. I think when I am back in that part of town, I'll go to Napper Tandy's. The food is good and its a fun pub.

Sep 12, 2006
cvb in Greater Boston Area

Martini's in Norwood

Went on Friday night. We didn't have much chow, just split the Cheese Platter. I swear the menu stated it was baked brie but it was just a wedge of brie with boring crackers and some grapes. The rest of the menu consisted of some apps, grilled pizzas and paninis. We didn't see many people ordering food.

The drink menu was huge -- five pages of martinis -- but nothing new or inventive, lots of overly sweet-sounding drinks. We just sat down when the waitress came over. The menu was being passed around so I asked for a suggestion. I wanted something that didn't have any flavored vodka in it. This stumped our waitress who suggested a margarita. ?? Wound up just getting a vodka martini. I think it was $8, not terrible.

The acoustics in the room were terrible and they were blaring the music. It was fairly empty at 8 when we arrived, we asked them to turn the music down but were told that they "can't."

Sep 11, 2006
cvb in Greater Boston Area

Martini's in Norwood

Anyone been?

Sep 08, 2006
cvb in Greater Boston Area

Somerville Greek fest this weekend

I went to the Oktoberfest in Walpole with my sister and her kids. It was on the small side and is a family friendly event (not what I was expecting). The bands and dancing were fun.

As for the chow, it was good to me, but I ate after downing lots of cheap beer... so greasy food was great. I don't know much about German food so I am not an expert but everything seemed fresh and the prices were very reasonable. We sampled everything: sausages, kraut, potato pancakes, cakes and um, the beer.

The only other Oktoberfests I have been to have been big rowdy events, this event was more subdued but we had a really good time. The location was nice, its in the woods right behind Bubbling Brook.

Sep 08, 2006
cvb in Greater Boston Area

Kreme n Kone Dennisport -- Stick to the Fried Stuff?

Meeting friends tonight at Kreme n Kone in Dennisport for a end of summer dinner. Everyone raves about the fried seafood. Is that what I should stick to? Is their lobster roll any good?

(The location is fixed, so I can't pick another spot... just wondering specifically about Kreme n Kone.)

Sep 02, 2006
cvb in All New England Archive

Blue on Highland, new restaurant in Needham

If you notice it is open for lunch, see if you can spy the menu prices. Although what Needham needs is some lower priced lunch options.

My question about this place, do they have a liquor license?

Aug 30, 2006
cvb in Greater Boston Area