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Alternative New Haven Pizza

It looks like The Spot doesn't open until 4pm on Saturdays. Does that mean Pepe's might not be so crowded then? How about Sally's

Alternative New Haven Pizza

I'm planning a road trip with my girlfriend that takes us through New Haven. I've experienced the joy of Pepe's before, but she hasn't, so naturally I was going to take her. However, it looks like we won't have the time to wait on line for hours.

So here's my question: where can we find the best New Haven pizza that won't keep us in line this Saturday around noon?

We're coming from New York, so we're not just looking for good pizza, we're looking for specifically New Haven-style good pizza (whatever that is).

Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!

Best Ramen in NYC?

I'll confess that i can't speak to the Tokyo ramen scene because most of my experience in Japan is with the Kansai area. i make no claim there. but (and this could have been a unique experience) my noodles at setagaya clumped together. that should never happen. i could have just gotten a bad bowl, though.

if its to your taste that's great. but i'd caution anyone against assuming that its "authentic" just because its a chain in Japan. burger king just opened up in Japan and there are long lines to get into the few Tokyo locations because its talked about as "authentic" american burgers. better to decide for yourself.

by the way, thanks to everyone for all the info and opinions! i really appreciate it.

Sep 13, 2007
yabai umai in Manhattan

Best Ramen in NYC?

I'm on a quest for the best ramen shop in new york. there are a lot around these days, but so far none of the one's i've been to can hold a candle to the profoundly wonderful ramen i've had in Japan.

Setagaya was written up as "authentic", but it seemed to me like an overpriced attempt at presenting what Americans imagine ramen is like in Japan - a little fishy and accompanied by edamame. the best ramen i had in japan (sort of thought of there as chinese food) was meaty and accompanied by pork dumplings.
I think the best i've had so far was Ajisen on Mott st. in Chinatown, but the pork slices were a little too thick and dry.
I hear a lot about Momofukuya, but i'm always wary of hype. Any opinions on that?

Any recomendations? Thanks!

Sep 12, 2007
yabai umai in Manhattan