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Looking for prepared blintzes W/O filling

Gleibler, where can I get your ready made crepes in the Monsey area?

Nov 14, 2012
jjthebig1 in Kosher

Prime Rib and Crock Pot

You can definitely cook a prime rib in a crock pot, but you got to be careful the meat is raised enough it doesn't poach in it's own juices. Before you add the rib, add 3 sliced large onions, big chops of carrots and celery and a whole garlic head cut in half. Place the meat on top of the vegetables. Add a little liquid (beef or chicken broth, or V8 veg juice) so it doesn't burn while the meat heats up.
I've cooked plenty of time prime ribs in a crock pot; everyone raved. You get the same results as cooking it covered in the oven. You won't get the outer crisp, but it's cleaner and easier.

Oct 10, 2011
jjthebig1 in Home Cooking