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The Venetian Restaurant, Torrington, CT last week

I also grew up in Torrington and moved away.
Whenever we visit the old homestead we always stop at the best restaurant in Torrington ; The Venetian and like you I hope the place never changes.
We are partial to their lasagna and sauces that taste so great.

Oct 28, 2013
jackiew in Southern New England

Ithaca and restaurant by the road

We love this place after football games.
The only problem is that they open at 5pm and the games usually get out earlier.
The menu is great, the portions large, and the prices reasonable and the player piano makes it all happen well.

My Lake Placid fine dining experiences

David has been rude and arrogant for years but they still keep him employed.
Most regulars have come to accept this.
The food is outstanding; David is just part of the "ambiance" of the place(LOL).

Brewster,New York . advices please

Thanks GIONY and winecountrygal.
I think we'll head to Armonk like you suggested.

Brewster,New York . advices please

We've eaten at "The Arch" in Brewster which is really excellent and we're looking for another upscale really nice place to go out for dinner when we're down near there in two weeks.
Anyone have any suggestions?
We like the usual steak,chicken,and american fare but food done "differently" and very-well presented.
By "differently" I mean like with great sauces that really bring say,chicken,to life(LOL).
Anyone gone to the Le Chateau inn South Salem?
How is it in your opinion?
Any help you hounders can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Help w/ Western Mass itinerary

We like Haven in Lenox for breakfast.
Joe's in Lee is an institution for good basic breakfast.
Masny choices for gret dinner.
Che Nous in Lee is outstanding and our favorite place to go to.
Brava,as mentioned below inanother post,is very good also.
Zinc is one of the worst places we've eaten at in the area.
)Punch in "Nighlife in the Berkshire into your computer for listings of nightlife with bands playing in the area.)
Food,at Zinc, is mediocre at best,service is surley to say the least yet people advise others to go there(I have no idea why).

Nov 14, 2012
jackiew in Southern New England

Balliwick's, Littleton NH

Sorry to be getting back so late to you.
I don't check this site all that often.
Beal House and Baliwck prices are about the same imo.

Nov 14, 2012
jackiew in Northern New England

The Prince and The Pauper, Woodstock, VT

Wow-your review is a shocker.
We never miss going to P&P when we are in Woodstock(about 5 times a year).
We've never had a bad meal there,the service,at the bar where we always eat,,is always top-notch,and the staff is very friendly.
I hope you took the time to talk to the owner,who is always there,to tell him about your poblems there.
We've seen and talked to him and he strikes us as the kind of person who would have "made it right" for you.

Nov 14, 2012
jackiew in Northern New England

lake placid thanksgiving 2011

Where you going to eat this year in Placid for Thanksgiving?
We're staying home and eating at a local buffet for the first time in 8 years.
The buffets in Placid are getting "old"for us.
Mirror Lake is too expensive,High Peaks is too sparse,which leaves the Holiday Inn as th best choice,imo,of the three.
We were up last month and had dinner at Veranda which was it's usual "excellent".
Their food is outstanding and the service was impeccable as always.
We also hit Interlaken Inn Tap room for their bar men which is really wonderful as well.
We'll be up there over the Winter ,on and off ' and will be trying some of the new places listed in town.
Jackie---Catnip's better-half.

Woodstock, VT suggestions

We never miss the Prince and the Pauper when up for Dartmouth football games.
Best bar around and outstanding bartenders.
We eat at the bar and I'd give you some eating suggestions but everything on the menu is wonderful,especially the appetizers.
Some nights we just eat our way through the appetizers.
For fun afterthe game we head to bentley's.
A loud,fun crowd and lots of chatter with interesting people.
The menu is more of a bar menu if you're bar-sitters like our gang is .
Great burgers,meatloaf, and their specials are usually different and wonderful.
This is the place you want to wind up the night;theyserve late,and the location is perfectly downtown Woodstock.

Oct 30, 2012
jackiew in Northern New England

Dot's Bakery,Round Pond,Maine

We have them make us a blueberry pie every time we go there(which is once a year during the Fall).
Best blueberry pie we've ever had.
Not cheap mind you ($18)but worth every penny.
The turnovers were great also as were the blueberry muffins.
The folks who run Dot's are wonderful too;you feel like you've known them all your life when you got Dot's
They're friendly,helpful with suggstions for the area,ect....and on top of all this your get great pies and muffins and coffee.

Oct 30, 2012
jackiew in Northern New England

Balliwick's, Littleton NH

We had a find lunch(the usual burgers)there a few weeks ago but the best meal we had was at the Beal House just down the road.
We sat at the bar and had the best waitress we've had in years.
She tended the bar and 4 tables and you never saw her flinch or miss a beat.
The stuffed trout was devine,my wife's meatloaf was so different and wonderful from any meatloaf we've ever cooked.
We went back the next night just soI could have the meatloaf!
The home-made corned beef hash at the Littleton Diner is not to be missed either.
Have fun!

Oct 30, 2012
jackiew in Northern New England

Dot's Bakery,Round Pond,Maine

Thank You LeRique!!!!
Will eat to our heart's content next week up there!!!

Aug 30, 2012
jackiew in Northern New England

Dot's Bakery,Round Pond,Maine

Anyone been to Dot's Bakery this year?
Heading up that way in a few weeks and I was wondering if they are still in business and as great as they were last year.

Aug 26, 2012
jackiew in Northern New England

Is Brotherhood winery worth stopping? Any Farmer's markets or farm stands too?

Try the Prospero Winery in Thornewood,NewYork.
Their red table wine is one of the best we've ever had.
They will give you a a tasting in their tasting room.

Hemingway's in Killington. What's up?

Hemingway's closed several years ago.

Jul 24, 2012
jackiew in Northern New England

lake placid thanksgiving 2011

Tried to reply to vineouspleasure's post but unable to get connected so here goes:
We had thought Crowne Plaza was better than High Peaks resort last year.
We did just about everyting on the table but the turkey(LOL.
Salads were good as were the shrimp and scallop plates.
Everything else above average but ,like you said,nothing stood out.
Had breakfast the next day at Steak and seafood which was really good.
Their hash was about the best we've had in Lake Placid and there was plenty of it in their large serving plate.
Dinner the next night withfreinds at their home so no report for dinners but we did stop off for cocktails at Interlaken Inn,like we said we'd do,and they had several martini specialties and while there we did hit their dessert menu for some pre-dinner goodies that were fantastic.
Also did Brown Dog Cafe'-which is getting some really good reviews here and we had a great meal there as well.
Breakfast on the way out was at Ruth's Restaurant;a Lake Placid staple for harty breakfasts and reasonable prices with good portions.
They did not disappoint.
Wanted to try Chair 6 but the last few times we tried the place they were not open at 7am when the sign on the door said that they would be open.
We waited around for a while and left with many other people who were standing outside as well.
Must be hard to get to work on time(LOL).

Seeking destination restaurant in Southern Vermont

We've eaten at the bar at the Price and Pauper two times inthe last 3 weeks and the food,service,and ambiance(of the bartender) were outstanding.
We think this is one of the very best reataurants in Woodstock or in the area for that matter.
Prices were reasonable,food was outstanding,and the service was great!

Nov 23, 2011
jackiew in Northern New England

lake placid thanksgiving 2011

Thanks for the name of the bistro.
We will take a look over Thanksgiving.
We were at the Cowboy the last time up and we just ate appetizers and had cocktails.
The appetizers were all very good and fairly reasonable from what we saw.
The main dining room atthe Interlaken is expensive but very good.
We prefer the tavern menu(also very good and much less filling and less expensive)in the newly redecorated bar.
We're there Friday 11/25 when the bar opens.
No reservations nsecessary but you want to get there early as the place fills fast in the tavern area and being a holiday weekend I wouldguess the place would fill even faster.
See you up there.

lake placid thanksgiving 2011

We've been to the Eat n' Meet restaurant in Saranac Lake.
Small,local place with really good food and we've gone to Nona Fina Restaurant as well which is really good Italian.
The Nona owners also own Little italy which is exceptional as well and they have really good pizza.
I've checked out all your old "Lake Placid Thanksgivings" over the years.
What's the name of the french bistro in Saranac Lake?
I can't seem to find it .
We'll also be doing the Interlaken Inn Tavern as well.
The Interlaken redid the whole bar area and they have a bar menu which is really inexpensive and unique with Lobster mac and Cheese through burgers whith special sauces a really super fondue.
Of course we'll be doing breakfast and mufffins at Blueberry Bakery next to the theatre.
Reinhard is still making some of the best pastries in the area and next door is Adk. Steak and Seafood with their really outstanding beers and ales made right on their premeisis.
Several folks we've talked to tell us that the Brown Dog Cafe on Main Steeet is really worth a visit as well but with only a few days there and so many good places to eat we haven't had the opportunity to try the place yet.
Caribbean Cowby,now called just "Cowboy" has moved to a new location up the road from where they used to be.
See you around town!
Jackie(catnip's better half)

Brown Dog Cafe
3495 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, NY 14217

lake placid thanksgiving 2011

We're at the Crown Plaza buffet at 3pm.
No more High Peaks since Jim Luce left and the buffet isn't as good.
Husband(catnip)dropped Chowhounds,but I,wife,love it!
Thought about Wilderness Inn (supposedly a good meal but not a buffet)but calls there got me no answer and nothing on their website.
Adirondack Steak and Seafood has a turkey dinner with all the turkey you can eat but the buffet is more of what we like.
Hope to see you at the Crown Buffet!!!!
Friends of ours liked the Crown Buffet but thought that the Mirror Lake Buffet way too expensive for what you get to eat.
$64 is,imo,a rip-off!!!
I mean,how much food can you eat for $64?

Crown Buffet
7325 Niagara Falls Blvd, Niagara Falls, NY 14304