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What Meal Did Your Mom Prepare Most Frequently When You Were a Child?

My mom often made roast chicken, but every time, she would make up the seasoning or marinade as she went along. So it came out differently all the time. On days when it was particularly tasty, we would always ask what she put in it, and she never remembered. I can't remember it ever turning out badly, though.

Jun 08, 2012
sta12quest in General Topics

Looking for Chicago Friday lunch dim sum with carts? Anyone?

Hi, everyone. I have family visiting Chicago from out of town, and they really want to do dim sum for lunch tomorrow (Friday). However, carts are a must! I love Phoenix for dim sum, but I think they only do carts on the weekends. Does anyone know a weekday dim sum place that does carts?

Thanks in advance!

Oct 06, 2011
sta12quest in Chicago Area