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Lunch between Nashville and Lebanon off of 40E

I am heading out to Lebanon and want to stop for lunch en route. Any good lunch place to go close to 40E? We would be taking it to go. Thanks in advance.

Good lunch eats between Nashville/Louisville close to I-65

Hi all-
I am driving from Nashville to Louisville on Sunday May 4 and am looking for a good lunch place. Can be a little off beaten path, but want something real local and real good. Thanks in advance.

Grocery store/market near Pittsfield/Killington

Stating in Pittsfield and planning to do some cooking. Looking for a good grocery store/market/farm stand in the area. Thanks!

Lunch place in White Plains area

I am looking for a good lunch place in the White Plains area that would be appropriate for a work meeting. I have never met these people, so I have no idea if they are foodies or what. Sushi, Italian, sandwich/salad places would probably be best. They are in upper central white plains, close to where 287 and 684 meet. I want to give a few options. Thanks in advance.

Lunch to go in Cobble Hill

I am visiting a friend in Cobble Hill who just had a baby. I am coming to visit and bringing my two sons 6 and 9. Any recommendations for a place to pick up a nice lunch? Good sandwiches, salads to go? Thanks

Feb 19, 2014
rubylewct in Outer Boroughs

Looking for place to buy grate for at home pig roast in Fairfield County

Hi Hounders-
For christmas I want to give my husband everything he needs to do a pig roast next summer. Have read an article which tells me to go to a local metal supply store or place where they make "oil can drums". Before I go crazy, has anyone made a similar expanded metal or metal grate-type sheet for a pig roast? Or can you recommend a place? Can't be galvanized metal. Also a place to buy a pig from? Anywhere from Hartford west.

Thanks in advance!

Puerto Rico - supermarkets and beachside bars

Hi hounders-
Am traveling with my extended family (16 people) to PR the week after Christmas. We are staying in a house in Palmas Del Mar. My brother is a trained chef and I cook a lot, so we will be doing a majority of the cooking. Are there any special supermarkets you suggest, or are they similar to US (I live in CT)? If there is a particular fish market you like, please recommend.

Also my husband and I are looking for a casual bar/resto (possibly beachside or water view) that would be okay with our (mostly) well behaved 6 and 9 year-old boys.

Thanks in advance!

Takeout in New paltz

Thanks all. We hit Village market in Gardiner which worked perfectly. Will def be back to new paltz as it looks like a great town!

Takeout in New paltz

Hi there-
We are visiting Robibero Family vineyards and want to bring a lunch there. ANy recommendations? Two adults and two kids, ages 6 and 9. Thanks much!

Fairfield County CT: where to buy passion fruit syrup

Hi all- I need to find passion fruit syrup to make hurricanes this weekend. I will be rootin over at Home Goods for the Torani stuff, but if anyone knows where to get some, please share.


Good eats near Weekapaug with kids

We are visiting Weekapaug over july 4th week. Looking for casual, fun, good local food for extended family which includes 6 and 8 year old. Can't be all deep fried goodness as some in group are healthy. Any recommendations??

Warehouse district with kids lunch

Thanks all. We walked by Cochon but it didn't look kid friendly enough for my crew. We decided to drive over to Domilise's and grabbed a shrimp po'boy. Woohoo!

May 05, 2013
rubylewct in New Orleans

Fairfield County foodie - looking for good source for po'boy quality bread

Hi all-
I am looking to surprise my new orleans born husband with a fabulous cochon de lait po'boy. I can make some mean pork, but finding a light soft french bread that rivals the po'boy bread you get in New Orleans has eluded me. Can anyone recommend a bakery/market/anywhere that has a bread similar to what you get in New Orleans? We were just there last week, and all we talked about was how we cant get the same type of bread up here. I know its all about the water, but I want make a try at it.

Any thoughts, chowhounders?? I am looking for something in the Fairfield county area but will venture farther if need be.

Warehouse district with kids lunch

I am taking my kids to the kids museum and am looking for a good local place in warehouse district. Not too expensive and we like local food. Any ideas?

May 01, 2013
rubylewct in New Orleans

latin markets in Fairfield County, CT - looking for hibiscus flowers

I am looking for dried hibiscus flowers to make a syrup for hibiscus martinis. I checked Whole Foods Darien and they only had hibiscus tea in single teabags. Also checked the international section in Stop n Shop in Norwalk - no dice. Anybody have a latin market they can recommend? My recipe tells me to look at Whole Foods or latin markets.
Thanks in advance!

Decently priced fun restos in New Orleans June 1-2 for 10 year anniversary

My husband and I are spending this weekend in new Orleans for our 10 year anniversary. We are being joined by another couple. We are looking for decently priced ($20/entree) resto choices. What do we like? Everything but formal French or Italian. We have been here many times (my husband grew up on the north shore and lived here for many years) and our friends are from Baton Rouge. So we have eaten many Cajun and creole meals, and eaten at all of the classics (commanders, Antoine's, etc.). Won't turn up our nose at something a little different. I like low down and funky but it isn't a requirement. We like a good drink but can go upscale also. Location can be varied as we have a car and know the area. Just looking for something new, or local, or a real favorite. Dinner will probably be followed by live music so it can be light.
Thanks in advance!

May 29, 2012
rubylewct in New Orleans

Atlanta for one day - lunch in Buckhead area

Hi there-
I am visiting Atlanta for business and have tomorrow (Friday afternoon) to myself. I am looking for a place for lunch in the Buckhead area. I am staying at the Grand Hyatt in Buckhead, so somewhere not too far, as I have no car, and have never been to the city. I like asian, spanish, italian - pretty much anything but heavy french. And I am visiting from the Northeast, so if there is anywhere to sit outside even better. Relaxed is better than not. Moderately priced is good. Festive is even better. Can you help a Chohound-er out?

Feb 09, 2012
rubylewct in Atlanta

Where to find cinchona bark in fairfield county

I am trying my hand at making my own tonic and I need to buy cinchona/cinchona bark. Anyone know where I can find some in Fairfield County? I am in New Canaan.

Fun, decently priced restaurant for a Monday night

rg 818 I am staying at the Loews Philly. Matyson looks like a good place to take my boss. I am going to try to make a reservation there the next night. Thanks!

Oct 05, 2011
rubylewct in Philadelphia

Fun, decently priced restaurant for a Monday night

I am visiting Philly for a conference in October. Three co-workers (and friends) and I have one night before the boss comes into town. We want to go out for a dinner at a place with good food and a fun atmosphere. We are from the NYC area, but we all have small kids and don't get out a lot. Nothing too expensive - we'll hit the high end place the following night with our boss. We like all foods - Italian, asian, spanish, cuban, mexican, etc.

After living in NYC for 10 years, I love the idea of a BYO so if there are any good reccos, have at it. My question is, if you are visiting from out of town, are there liquor stores everywhere to pick up a bottle? I wont be hauling one with me on Amtrak.

We are staying in Center City and would love a place to walk to, but dont mind cabbing for a good meal.

Also, any funky/interesting bars/dives/lounge recommendations are appreciated. Would love to see Martha Graham Cracker but I dont think she performs that night. Did I mention we dont get out much?

Oct 05, 2011
rubylewct in Philadelphia