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Recommendations on wineries for small bachelorette party Napa


I'm hosting a small (3 ppl) bachelorette party in Napa and was hoping for some recommedations on fun/picturesque wineries in the area. The bride has always wanted to go to Napa so I would like to hit some larger wineries as well as smaller.

Please send your favorites on down...

Thank you!

Rockridge/Oak/Berk Area-What is the best taco truck?

I'm putting an event together in my boss' backyard and will be renting a taco truck for the catering. Any suggestions or favorites?


Monterey/Carmel Dinner and Brunch

Getting out of the city for a weekend trip to monterey and carmel.

Any fun brunch places (endless mimosas always welcome) and a birthday dinner places ($$$) for the boy you would recommend?

Oct 20, 2011
lauraelyse83 in California

Catering and Delivery in Financial District

Tlaloc and Orale Orale are my go-to's in the financial.

Orale Orale
91 Drumm St, San Francisco, CA 94111